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    The editors who work on this site are all volunteers, and members of the Helminthic Therapy Support Group on Facebook or one of its satellite groups.

    This site was created by John Scott in January 2017. In addition to devoting a huge amount of time (and love) to gathering and organizing data and presenting it on this site, he bore the financial burden himself during the first three years. In December 2020 we had to go up a level in hosting due to the ever-increasing amount of data on the site and the increasing amount of traffic it receives. This hosting upgrade incurred a substantial cost increase.

    It's important...

    This is the world’s largest information database documenting the science, management, experience and results of helminthic therapy. It is valued highly by researchers, clinicians and patients alike.

    Template:quoteI am a clinician in the US and I have done lots of searching through the Wiki... Excellent resource btw! I realize you are not a clinician, but you have certainly gained a level of experience and expertise that many doctors etc do not have in this realm.Template:quote

    Template:quoteThe wiki is incredibly well structured, detailed and maintained. Once you start reading it, all comes together.Template:quote

    Template:quoteThank you so much for your tenacity in collecting and organizing helminth information and helping others. The helminthic researchers and users are fortunate to have you do all this work.Template:quote

    Template:quoteReally very impressed! It really is brilliant that you have for the first time produced a comprehensive site on helminthic therapy.Template:quote

    Template:quoteIt's a great resource. I got more info through the wiki then I have for months of searching pubmed and other resources.Template:quote

    It's helpful...

    The wiki is great! So organized, easy to navigate and search. It's really wonderful. Your work has been immense in the spreading of helminth therapy knowledge.
    Thank you for this resource you have created. it's an incredible thing that’s helping to change a lot of lives.
    The wiki is truly an invaluable resource.
    The Wiki is so good and detailed and to be honest leaves no questions unanswered. 😊
    I have spent about 4 hours on your site so far. I don't know if I will do HT, but nonetheless I am grateful for all your work. I am particularly impressed by the objectivity, which must require a conscious balancing because you are of course in favor of HT and must have years of experience in the subject. This experience is of immeasurable benefit to us, users and potential users… Thank you again for all your work, and for the high quality of that work. You are making a big, important difference in the world.
    I must absolutely say - your Helminth Wiki website is an incredible wealth of information. Absolutely incredible.
    Thank you for hosting such a fantastically informative site!
    I really appreciate that the information you provide is always measured and backed by fact. I would never have tried HT otherwise.
    Thank you for creating this. It will be easier to point people in the right direction. The incredible work you do is appreciated, it is so important.
    I am amazed by the amount of work you have done on this Wiki page. Really, I have to tell you that what you have done is quite remarkable - a real labor of love. Thank you for trying so hard to get the word out.
    I really appreciate all your work in collecting so much information - it has made a big difference for me.
    I'm still working my way through the wonderful Wiki you've put all your knowledge (and probably the wisdom of your co-fellows) in. That's very impressive and inspiring.
    I am so grateful for the new wiki website you put up. You are doing a huge service and helping many people. Probably even helping to save lives. No, I know it.
    I think the wiki is an awesome resource. It's been invaluable to me for trying worms.
    Thousands of people have hope of a better life as a consequence of information that is given here.
    I must say, the wiki is incredibly well curated and referenced. The best resource a person undergoing this could hope for. [1]
    I have been reading the wiki. It is a great achievement and a fantastic source of information. Well done.
    Just wanted to thank you for maintaining the helminthic therapy wiki. Thank you especially for keeping things focused on both studies and anecdotes, and generally keeping things evidence based.
    Heartfelt thanks to all involved in the Wiki pages - an incredible resource for those of us starting out.
    Thank you for a fantastic and informative website!
    Your wiki site is truly a thing of beauty and I’m looking forward to getting more intimately acquainted with it.
    You have enabled an amazing change in my life. ❤