Four family members with gut issues are all delighted with their worms

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    Helminths have changed the life of my entire family in the most positive way, and we are all beyond grateful!

    A few worms succeed where several drugs had failed

    I am 45 years old and have been living with Crohn’s for the past 15 years. Before finding out about helminths, I was struggling acutely on a daily basis. I exercised, ate healthily and tried so hard not to take pharmaceutical drugs, but the pain was so bad that I was willing to try anything. So I tried everything from pentasa to asacol to entocort and prednisone, and eventually even gave myself humira shots, but none of these drugs helped. A surgeon wanted to cut out part of my intestine, but said it would only be a temporary fix because the disease would come back. So I decided to look into other options, which brought me to helminths over a decade ago, and I’ve been on NA ever since, with a truly remarkable outcome.

    I get an itch and rash for 3-5 days after inoculating with NA, but it’s totally worth the minor discomfort, and I noticed a difference within about 6 months, eventually getting off all drugs. After a year, I had no stomach pain AT ALL!!!!! So this therapy has changed my life, and I cannot express how grateful I am for finding it. I appreciate every day now because I am pain free, and helminths are the reason why!

    After seeing the results, relatives get in on the action

    My mother also has Crohn’s, but, since she’d had a piece of her intestine removed because of this, she thought she was too far gone for helminthic therapy to work. But she gave it a try and she too has felt a huge amount of relief on NA.

    My brother has ulcerative colitis and, after seeing the difference that helminths have made to our mother and myself, he’s decided to try TSO.

    While our youngest son (aged 15) has not been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, he has had stomach issues since he was a few months old. He has a small piece of a chromosome missing and was born with a few anomalies, one being a rotation of his small intestine. He had surgery to correct this at 9 months old and had subsequent obstructions from scar tissue in the years following. Even though he eats healthily and takes very good supplements, he has frequent stomach aches, so we’ve also started him on TSO.

    By Dina, January 2022.
    (Originally received via email, with further details taken from posts on Facebook.)

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