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    This page contains 900 anecdotal reports of both success and failure with helminthic therapy using mainly the human hookworm, Necator americanus (NA), but also the human whipworm, Trichuris trichiura (TT/TTO), the ova of the pig whipworm, Trichuris suis (TSO), and the cysticercoids of the rat tapeworm, Hymenolepis diminuta (HDC). Most of these reports have been collected from social media, in particular from the Helminthic Therapy Support group.

    The Helminthic therapy personal stories is my fave bit of the wiki! Reading THOUSANDS of testimonials. This in itself will raise your vibe 🌟🙌🥳. [1]

    There are many thousands of people already self-treating with helminths, and approximately 75% of these are estimated to experience an improvement in their health. [2] This overall response rate is particularly impressive given that most people who use this therapy have already tried every other treatment that is available for their condition.

    The fact that many of these individuals have taken the time to report their experience is also amazing, for two reasons. Firstly, because many people are keen to hide the fact that they are hosting “worms” and some are not even prepared to divulge this fact to close family members so never report their experience. Secondly, the majority of those who get well as a result of using helminthic therapy can’t wait to resume the life that their illness had put on hold, so they very quickly lose interest in relating their stories online.

    I am doing fantastic so my level of activity on forums has waned. [3]

    While there are a few failures listed among the reports below (identified by a frown emoji: ☹️), the individuals who reported these did not always follow best practice and, in some cases, had terminated the treatment before any improvements could have been expected. Since it is known that, for a few people, remission may not be achieved for up to 2 years following the first inoculation with helminths, the treatment cannot be assumed to have failed until that point.

    Where people have described their success with several conditions in a single report, this has been duplicated so that it appears in each of the appropriate sections on this page.

    See the Terminology page for a list of abbreviations.

    The best way to approach this page is to use the search function on your device to search the entire page for each of the conditions you are interested in.
    The testimonials presented below are from individuals stating what results THEY have experienced personally. They and the editors of this page are not making any medical claims and are not saying that helminthic therapy will cure or even help the problems that you have. What worked for others may not work for you. Please see our Disclaimer.

    Detailed stories

    Illustrated stories


    See this separate page.

    Family successes

    The first three reports are more detailed than the quotes that follow.

    • “I can't believe it's been almost a year since we got inoculated with hookworm. My only regret is that personally I didn't start hosting hookworm twenty years ago (or more!) Our entire family is so much better off. It's amazing to see my son run up to school from the end of the block on his own when at the beginning of the school year, he was almost paralyzed by panic attacks from PANDAS, a disease for which there is basically no treatment or cure aside from antibiotic administration until adulthood. My daughter had her best and most challenging school year ever and has made a best friend. My husband, too, only wishes he had gotten hookworm over a decade ago because of how much more productive and happier he is.” (Reported in a private discussion, Jun 2012)
    • “I put my whole family on helminths. When my son was 2 he was diagnosed with a rare type of autoimmune Nephrotic Syndrome. He is also IgE allergic to 8 foods and IgG allergic to about 12 more. He suffers from terrible eczema and he is on lots of medication including Cyclosporine for his kidneys. When he was around 9, he was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, and they wanted to put him on Remicade infusion. I couldn’t take it anymore and went looking for alternatives. When I heard about helminths I had no doubt that I wanted this. My other son has food sensitivities and gets cyclical headaches every month with vomiting, and my husband has suffered with Crohn’s since his teens. Me, I’ve always felt healthy enough.
    "My children both got 5 hookworms and my husband and I got 20 each. Let me tell you that the Bounce my husband and I felt was AMAZING!
    "Long story short, my husband is “cured” of Crohns. His symptoms and inflammation are gone and he feels and looks younger. My autoimmune kid is also cured of his Crohns!!! No Remicade!!! His severe allergies turned to sensitivities. We still struggle with his kidneys but I believe he’s doing better overall due to hookworms. I lost weight that I’d struggled with for years, and it turns out it was just inflammation.” [4]
    • “We all used to take Allegra and Claritin. We are completely free of allergy meds now, 3 of us.” [5]

    Share your own story

    If you are willing to help others by recording a detailed account of your own experience with helminthic therapy - whether good or bad - we offer a list of questions as a guide to some of the details that readers are likely to find helpful. You can find this list on the following page.

    Expressions of regret for having delayed treatment

    Many people have commented that they wish they had tried helminthic therapy sooner than they did. A few of these comments are presented below.

    • “I only regret not doing it two years ago when I first heard of helminthic therapy and I thought it was just crazy.” [6]
    • "I regret all the years of quality living I lost because I wasn’t hosting hookworms." [7]
    • “I was 19 years old when diagnosed with pancolitis. I have tried everything with minimal if any relief from my symptoms. I'm 6 weeks in hosting human hookworm (NA) and I can't tell you how much i wish I had done this sooner.” [8]
    • “I wish I hadn't waited so long. I've tried diet, I've seen several functional medicine doctors (and followed their protocols), and I've seen some of the best rheumatologists (and ophthalmologists) in Virginia, at Duke in North Carolina, and at Johns Hopkins in Maryland. None of them could offer me anything, really. I never thought I would purposefully inoculate myself with a helminth, but for the first time, I am actually excited at the prospect of getting better.” [9]
    • “I can't believe it's been almost a year since we got inoculated with hookworm. My only regret is that I didn't start hosting hookworm twenty years ago (or more!) Our entire family is so much better off.”
    • “I spent ungodly amounts of money over the past several years working with elite functional medicine docs. And I eventually came to the conclusion it wasn’t going to work for me… Now I’m 7 months in with NA and I’ve had no blood or symptoms of Colitis for 3 months… After all the time and money, I wish I just started Helminthic therapy 6 years ago and only changed my diet. The functional medicine tests and supplements didn’t help me one bit.” [10]
    • “My son also has pancolitis and we are 7 months into helminth therapy. We have had a very smooth journey on TTO with really no side effects or worsening of symptoms, we are getting blood results back today and heading for a colonoscopy soon so will be able to see how things are going. My only regret is that we didn’t start sooner.” [11]
    • “Even tho I'm just in the beginning phase of HT... I really wish that I had started a while ago... or found out about it sooner.” [12]
    • “A classmate of mine mentioned this therapy to me (four years ago). Because he wasn’t a really credible source of information otherwise (and I didn’t know my mental symptoms were likely autoimmune), I dismissed the idea. I wish I had looked into it sooner.” [13]
    • “I’m so glad I'm on this journey, and wish I hadn't waited so long.” (Link expired.)
    • “I delayed a long time, in fact someone I told about HT tried it long before I did and then talked me into trying it myself. I'm very grateful to him for doing that, sharing his experience and enthusiasm was very helpful for me… If we're talking hypothetical time machines I'd go back not just to when I first heard about HT, I'd go back to when I was an infant or toddler and give myself worms.” [14]
    • “I really wish I had done this way back when I first heard about it. I waited for the western medicine folks to fix me, and it just didn't happen. In the meantime, I got sicker and sicker. If I could go back and get hookworms five years ago, I would.” [15]
    • “I think I joined this group a couple years ago but ignored it, didn't follow, didn't read. I regret that. 2 years was not a huge percentage of my life, but it could have saved my body some trauma. Probably right now I would be feeling the full effects of worm therapy!” [16]
    • “My only regret is I didn't start sooner.” [17]
    • “I wish I hadn’t waited so long, and would urge anyone considering it to go ahead and try.” [18]
    • “I’ve been using NA and TTO (for 2½ years) for Crohns Colitis. My only regret is not trying it sooner. Easily the most effective therapy I’ve tried.” [19]
    • "I read about helminth therapy years ago, and I'm really sorry I categorized it as a "last resort" back then. Every time I think of what it's done for our health, I am amazed, and humbled. Such a little thing can have such huge relief in the long term." [20]
    • "I wish I had given NA to him 5 years ago. He's doing so great on them. Helminths have literally saved his life." [21]
    • "Like many, I do wish I found this therapy earlier and tried it earlier. The results are astounding for me and by far the most impactful thing I’ve done." [22]
    • "I had actually been in pain since my 20s but it was only in my 50s that it became unbearable and I was finally diagnosed. I had juvenile rheumatoid arthritis as a child but that cleared up... or so I thought.. I just wish I had known earlier and started in my 20s to avoid all those years of discomfort." [23]
    • "I wish I had found helminth therapy 20 years earlier. If I had, my life would have been less focused on my illness and hospital appointments and more on enjoyment, but I’m making up for it now. NA literally saved my life." [24]

    Expression of regret for terminating treatment

    When people who are hosting helminths develop new symptoms, or an old or existing condition flares, their worms are often the first factor to fall under suspicion. In most cases where this leads to termination of a colony of human helminths, this step is later regretted when the actual cause of the symptoms is discovered and the self-treater experiences a return of the disease symptoms that their worms had been controlling. The individual will then also face a prolonged wait for a new colony to mature and reestablish immune balance.

    Also see the following page.

    In some cases, a misguided doctor may insist that a therapeutic helminth colony is terminated before they prescribe immunosuppressive treatment. Doctors are aware of drug manufacturers’ advice that, before patients are given immunosuppressant drugs - for example dupilumab (Dupixent) - any helminth infection should be terminated. This advice is to prevent immunosuppression by the drug from supporting the proliferation of pathogenic helminths, so does not apply to NA, TTO or TSO because these species cannot proliferate within a host. It is, however, advisable for anyone using HDCs to stop taking this species while on immunosuppressants. [25]

    Whichever of the above reasons prompts termination of a colony of therapeutic helminths, the result is invariably regret for this action.

    When I first got sick they (hookworms) helped me... but then my rheumatologist wanted them gone while I started azathioprine and steroids... I should have never done it because the day after they disappeared I have horrible widespread pain, a massive tooth infection, started vomiting from the azathioprine (worms were protecting) and now I have pancreatitis from that death med, a horrible goo coming out of my vagina, a chest infection, a yellow tongue and liver enzymes through the roof... I regret listening to my idiot rheumatologist... and since my mast cells are so bad I have not been able to tolerate getting them back. Which I am furious about as I have gotten so much sicker. [26] [27]
    When the antiparasitic wiped them out I was plunged into hell.... I wish I had never taken it and just continued on with Helminthic Therapy instead. (Edited from two comments: [28] [29].)

    Thumbnail stories

    • Comments marked with a frown emoji ☹️ indicate a failure.
    • The number in square brackets following a quote provides a link to the original post from which the thumbnail was taken.
    • Not all health problems have their own sub-section. For example, there is no section for hay fever, which appears under “Allergy”, so it's best to use the search function on your device to search the entire page for the condition(s) you are interested in.

    Absence seizures

    • “My daughter... has inflammation related autism... (TSO) reduced absent seizures.” [30]


    • “One more positive change I have noticed is I no longer get acne on my back, something I thought I would grow out of after my teens. But no they persisted, but since I've been hosting my new friends (hookworms) my skin has been very healthy and clear. NO MORE ZITS!” (Link expired)
    • "My acne has cleared up." (Link expired)
    • And it was still much less frequent over 2 years later. (Link expired)
    • “I've had no negative side effects and strangely my long-term moderate acne (over 20 years) has cleared up almost entirely in the past two weeks.” (Link expired)
    • “I can report that prior to my using hookworm I experienced, into my forties, red zit-like bumps on my back, without heads, that would persist for weeks, and made removing my shirt in public something I dreaded. These disappeared along with my allergies and asthma post hookworm.” (Link expired)
    • “Since starting 3 NA three months ago the only benefit so far (for our 14 year-old son) is his acne. Which is a big deal. His face was starting to scar from the acne. His skin has greatly improved.” [31]
    • "I’ve been doing HT (TTO for 6 months and NA for 3 months) and I definitely notice a reduction in my acne. Not completely gone yet but my skin definitely looks better." [32]

    Actinic keratosis

    • “A friend of mine has precancerous skin conditions on his head. They have been very crusty and large and have been there for years. After 120 days with six Na, these lesions on his head have stopped crusting up, have a smooth appearance and are shrinking.” [33] (There are photos at this link.)

    Addison’s disease / Primary adrenal insufficiency / Hypocortisolism

    • “For myself and a friend with Addison’s, HDC has been very helpful.” (Link expired)
    • “Before hw, I had pain in my kidney area after any stress - sometimes quite debilitating levels… My adrenal autoantibodies were somewhat high - just within the range of official (Addison’s) diagnosis. And my cortisol levels were crazy - super high in the middle of the night and low during the day (which I'm told is typical as the adrenals start to fail.) I started an Autoimmmune Protocol diet a few months before starting HT, and I believe that helped. But I still had symptoms - in particular the pain over my kidneys anytime I was startled or stressed - until about 1.5 years into hw treatment. Had my adrenal autoantibodies tested about 20 months after starting HT, and they were at zero. And my cortisol levels are normal now. So I think diet helped… but I give most of the credit to my little hw buddies.” [34] [35]


    • "... since hosting my helminths... the pain from my adhesions has been considerably less." (Link expired)
    • “Because of adhesions, I used to have a lot of cramping and often loose stools. That has, astonishingly, completely normalised. There are many adhesions (as a result of a Cesarean section). The most severe ones appear to be on my right colon, a little higher than my appendix. In some MRIs it looked like there might be an invagination caused by the adhesions, which comes and goes. That is also the area where it hurts all the time, so it makes sense to me.” [36] [37]

    Adrenal fatigue

    • “According to my doctor my adrenal fatigue was related to fibromyalgia. After 9 months and 45 HWs later I have stopped taking hydrocort, stopped with all sleeping medications, and am getting ready to stop the cortisol supplement. I am waking up with more energy, going to sleep naturally, and not crashing during the day. I credit the HWs with this improvement after suffering for more than 6 years and trying many different treatments with no improvement. I also suffer from many other issues and my energy levels are still low but this improvement for me is huge.” (Reported to the Helminthic Therapy Support group. Post now deleted.)

    Aging / ageing

    • “I’m a year into NA treatment. And I truly appear to be physically aging backwards. I barely recognize myself in pictures from a year ago… my skin, hair, and nails have changed. I’m more well nourished & my outside reflects that.” [38] [39]

    Alcohol intolerance

    • “... after hosting HWs for 9 months I too can also drink alcohol which I could not do previously. Beer is good again.” [40]
    • “I can now drink alcohol without becoming intoxicated after 3 sips of wine. It was lovely to be able to drink a full glass of wine.” [41]
    • “I find that I am MUCH less likely to be hungover after drinking the night before while hosting worms.” [42]
    • “I can tolerate beer better with HW” [43]
    • “I shared a bottle of wine with my husband (after 4 doses of 2500 TSO) for the first time in 8 years. I did not feel like death the next day. Amazing!” [44]


    Also see Food allergy, Food intolerance and Rhinitis.

    The first three reports are more detailed than the quotes that follow.

    • "... probably 1/4 of my coworkers are experiencing some degree of seasonal allergy troubles. And I have experienced almost nothing. I've sneezed a few times and that is it. What really did it for me was that I would normally be wiped out this time of year, but all weekend I was out and about doing all kinds of stuff with plenty of energy. This is such a radical difference over what had been a declining condition that I really can't be skeptical anymore. I never thought I would use language this absolute to describe the results of this therapy. I have no choice but to say "I have been cured." (Link expired)
    • "... a dramatic improvement..." (Link expired)
    • "... my hay fever and allergies are 100 percent gone!" (Link expired)
    • "He is playing baseball this summer. An impossibility before since he is allergic to grasses, trees and flowers." (Link expired)
    • "... its been just over three years since receiving hookworm therapy and... my MS and allergies are still in complete remission!" (Link expired)
    • “Before helminths, I had a latex allergy and allergies to all the immunochemically similar foods (bananas, avocados, melons, etc.)... However, now I don't really worry about latex or bananas at all.” (Link expired)
    • "Now, at nearly two years since I began helminthic therapy I am nasally more normal than at any time in my life." [45]
    • * "... I increased my infestation level until my asthma and hay fever were cured." [46]
    • "... free of asthma and allergies for the first time in twelve years." (Link expired)
    • "But the big thing I’ve noticed is … I haven’t had hay fever so far this year. By this time last year I’d visited a doctor about my puffy eyes and fatigue. For the last couple of years I’ve had episodes in which my eyes swell up at the same time I’m hit with a hay fever attack. I lost a few days work as I essentially lay down and slept through the episodes… Anyway, this year, nothing. No hay fever… no puffy eyes..." [47]
    • "(My son) started HT for asthma/allergies. (He) has been at a camp this week and has spent the large majority of the time outdoors, playing games etc. in a grassy field. He was covered with grass last night and said, "Mom, I don't itch!" [48]
    • ☹️ "... over a 2 year period I have had two doses a total of 85. Unfortunately I did not benefit at all from the doses. I did have a significant response at the site of infestation. Huge raised red lump and blisters on both of the 35 & 50 doses." (Link expired)
    • "Since my teenage years I have suffered with hay fever, dog allergy and a constantly blocked and running nose and sneezing fits. Now I can BREATH! My allergic issues have not completely disappeared but improved massively. Hookworm and kefir have made a huge difference. It has worked for me and I would recommend that anyone looking to alleviate allergic conditions give it a go and give it time." [49]
    • "I'm a gal who has been allergic to the world since I was born (I was born with a head-to-toe body rash) and today I'm allergic to animals, pollens, dust, corn, wheat, fish, chocolate, bee stings, and maybe lactose. I had my first dose of worms on 4 November 2012 and my second dose at the beginning of this month. I have been eating things lately that would have made my skin explode, even just a month ago. It is very early but my asthma is vastly improved and so is my skin. I even ate a bit of corn yesterday and woke up with regular eyes, not swollen. Oh I ate gluten this weekend. Bread. Unimaginable! I've been so afraid of everything because of my violent reactions. It's like the world is becoming a more friendly place for me. I could get used to this fast. Think of all of the things I have yet to explore, and to eat." (Reported in a private message, Feb 2013)
    • "I've also seen marked improvements in my allergies. While I still have symptoms they are 100% better than they were. Before the worms, I always had a stuffed or runny nose. People were always asking if I had a cold. Since my first dose, I've seldom had a stuffy nose. It's so great to be able to breathe! I seem to be less reactive to other allergy and asthma triggers as well." [50]
    • "This spring, i had a good top off of hookworm… so they were fired up and ready to go when the allergens filled the air. i marveled at how well i was breathing. in years past my asthma and sinus allergies have been so bad i had to stay indoors huddled next to an air filter. not anymore. worms are great medicine." [51]
    • "Almost a full year since inoculation (I've had 4 total), I can say with certainty now that helminthic therapy has been a life-changing success for me… I used to have allergies year round and couldn't breathe properly (which meant poor sleep). Nowadays I don't even remember the last time my nose was too stuffy to sleep well (I haven't taken any antihistamines in a while), and my family has mentioned that they don't hear me snoring anymore… I have never experienced a single side effect (other than the skin rash) from any of my inoculations, so I was always worried that it wasn't working out. The improvements have been so gradual and slow that I didn't notice them, so it's good that I didn't give up despite the road bumps along the way." [52]
    • "Also as a nice plus of this treatment I saw my spring allergies that I have been dealing with for 7 years since I moved into my new home completely gone…" [53]
    • "My pollen and cat allergies improved 90% with HW" [54]
    • “Another fantastic thing that these little guys did for me was my allergies are basically gone.. Before the parasites I could not be around cats for more then 10 min and my breathing would get so bad I would need my inhaler and sometimes I have had to go to the hospital for my breathing.. I have been doing experiments with my neighbors cats and I have been able to be their for 5 hours! So I'm hoping with more Hookworms things will only get better. Now I do not need inhalers or anything.. They are truly a miracle for me..” (Link expired)
    • “So I've gotten a total of... 5 inoculations. Every 6 months or so I do it. I didnt feel any relief until 8-10 months into the therapy. I almost lost hope. The improvement was very gradual. I still have very minor congestion, and sometimes my eyes do itch, but it doesnt come close to the misery I felt before this therapy. I would say that my allergies are about 75% in remission. Foods I couldnt eat before now don't bother me. Including: almonds, all fruits, and a few other things I forgot I was allergic to. I still do feel a SLIGHT reaction from fruits. But I can eat a whole apple and only get some tingling now. Strawberries dont make my insides feel like exploding. All in all it has been a major blessing for me. I highly recommend it.” [55]
    • ☹️ "My husband infected with 20 hookworms, then 20 a year later. Depression for him, which he's never had, began in year 2. The worms didn't help his walnut allergy. He became increasingly depressed and started on an antidepressant which helped a little. In April, he killed them and immediately felt better and quit the antidepressant." (Reported in a private discussion, Aug 2012)
    • “I've always been one of those snufflers that have a constantly runny nose which turned into proper allergic eye scratching wheezy misery when exposed to all the usual triggers - dust, pollen, pets etc… (After inoculating with hookworms) my nose has totally dried up - I'm no longer a mouth breather! This years pollen season has been a breeze. I haven't once reached for the usual steroid nasal spray or antihistamines. All in all it's been a huge success for me…” [56]
    • “I inoculated with my first dose of HW in September 2013. My third dose was in around April 2014. Sometime in July 2014 , 98% of my allergic reactions (hives on body –urtacaria- as well as swelling in my face - angioedema) went away. So I stopped taking the daily antihistimines I had been taking. Since then I have had only infrequent and mild break-outs… This is a big relief for me, as my face was swelling up and I was getting hives daily and weekly for two years… and now they seem to be in remission.” [57]
    • “In the last few months, HDC have apparently stopped my 'seasonal' allergies, which were getting bad enough that I'd wake up daily with a sore tonsil on the side I slept, and developed a chronic case of bronchitis.” [58]
    • “I've been taking it (HDC) for 3-4 months and I've barely sneezed so far this allergy season (usually peaks late May to mid June for me).” [59]
    • “I’ve had severe hay fever ever since I can remember (I'm now mid-40s) and a few years ago I heard about a hookworm therapy trial taking place at Nottingham University, in the UK, for people with hay fever or asthma. I managed to get myself on the trial and ended up being 'infected' with 10 hookworms… and when the next summer came I was amazed to see the results: I felt myself starting to get hay fever and then it just stopped before the craziness kicked in. I kept feeling myself starting to react and then, before the reaction could go into overdrive, the symptoms just stopped. I was utterly amazed and managed to actually enjoy the whole summer for the first time I could ever remember.” (Link expired)
    • “I'm getting very excited about my dust mite allergy daughter. In the last 6 weeks+ she has been showing tiny progressive signs of improvement. She started forgetting to take one of her daily allergy medications - there seemed to be no increase in allergy activity... two weeks later she began forgetting to take her nasal spray... no negative impact!! This is coming from a kid who would beg me to let her have extra doses of everything because nothing was working. She was miserable a couple of months ago, now it looks like the miraculous is happening right under our noses. I'm sure this last dose (of hookworms) will finish the job that is well started.” [60]
    • “I had a lifelong allergy to cat dander (among other substances), and after 145 HW, that's gone.” [61]
    • “For the last 2 weeks my son has been able to stroke and even hug the dogs without getting a severe allergic reaction… I’m finding it hard to comprehend actually that my son is able to hug and stroke the dogs - without washing his hands and still not get - swelling eyes, wheezing and rashes - by just hosting 5 hookworms!! Plus he hasn’t needed to use anti-histamines for weeks now. Wow! If he does over-do it with the dogs - like sitting stroking the dogs watching TV + hugging and kissing them (which was unheard of pre HW's) then he does sneeze and rub his eyes - but not the severe reaction he used to get... he is very happy! We were actually in a situation where I was considering having to get rid of the dogs, it was that bad - which was an unbearable thought for all of us especially my son - he said NO WAY!!” [62]
    • “The first time i took just 30 hdc, my pollen and dust mite allergies--which manifested daily at all times of year as histamine reactions--disappeared pretty much for good. This is technically scientifically impossible, but its true.” [63]
    • “The big improvement has been in my allergies. I hardly noticed them this summer. I had an occasional sneeze but not the constant sneezing, with itchy, watery eyes. Also, I got stung by a wasp which would have required administration of epinephrine and an ER visit in the past. I barely got a mark. I needed no medication.” [64]
    • ☹️ “I have tried hookworm. They didn't work for me and I have just started HDC.” [65]
    • “Two years ago, one of our 12 y/o twins suffered a sudden onset of extreme and debilitating allergies to dust mite and cat dander. Associated asthmatic episodes, severe vocal chord dysfunction, chronic and debilitating hay fever, that was barely touched by prednisone, various antihistamines, nasonex etc... Her condition initially hospitalised her - at times for up to a week, where they would struggle to stabilise her with pred, nebs and antihistamines - once back at home and on a host of drugs she still couldn't go to school full time… Then came 2 doses of Necator americanus (NA), first 10 and then 20… Today, she regularly rides her bike 14 kms to school, even in cold weather. Rarely looks hay feverish - though sometimes has a few days of struggle. She plays saxophone (something she would never have contemplated starting 2 years ago!) and is hardly recognisable in comparison to the person who had to fight so hard for air 2 years ago. Her recovery has been nothing short of miraculous and the only thing that it can be attributed to is the NA…” [66]
    • “… after 3 inoculations totaling 85 NA (25/25/35 at 6 month intervals) I am allergy and asthma free for the first time in about 20 years! … No horrible allergies and asthma that usually end up with bronchitis and once even pneumonia. I am so happy! The third inoculation was the tipping point. I did not see any signs of relief before that.” [67]
    • "I've been on 30 HDC per month (for the last 9 months) and it has made an astounding difference for my allergies, and chronic sinusitis & rhinitis!! This is the first year in MANY that I haven't had to get a steroid (Kenelog) shot for my springtime allergies, and I haven't been absolutely miserable - at all!" [68]
    • “My hay fever used to be so bad I would wake up gasping for breath in the middle of the night for months every spring - while I was taking a daily OTC allergy med. It was frightening. After inoculation (with NA), I breathe freely every spring with no allergy medication whatsoever. This result has lasted 3 years.” [69]
    • “I have my eyes back! it has been 17 months since my dose (25 NA) and my eyes look normal again. I am not suffering from seasonal allergies anymore and my intensely swollen eyes (for years) look like they used to. I am also able to eat more food without issues now.” [70]
    • “I am almost exactly 6 months post first time inoculation with NA (treating asthma, eczema, dust mite and multiple other allergies, IBS and the auto-immune skin blistering condition, pemphigus). I am nearly completely symptom free for the first time in years. No more sandpaper dry eyes, dry mouth, incessant post nasal drip, constant cough, joint pain and bone tiredness. My energy is up, better than it has been in 10 years. I can breathe again. I'm off the inhalers, off the drops, off the pills. I went into this with guarded expectations. This is better than I could have dreamed of.” [71]
    • “Today, seven months after innoculating with 7 NA, my severe allergies and eczema are finally in a manageable state. It's full on Spring where I am and I realized I forgot to take my allergy meds today! I Even went outside and enjoyed the maple blooms and I'm allergic to them!! I can finally say I think the worm treatment has changed my life. I'm amazed and grateful.” [72]
    • “I've had mine (NA) for over 7 years w/ periodic boosters along the way. My allergies (to pets) are gone.” [73]
    • “I purchased 25 NA for my asthma, hay fever, and eczema. NOTHING doctors have given me has helped my itching eyes, save steroid drops which I only get when eyes infected. It's year-round, relentless, crazy-making. I dreaded spring. I would cry thinking about what more my eyes would go through with the pollen counts. But the change in my symptoms is remarkable. I have not taken one allergy pill this season yet, and I barely have to use eye drops. Not saying my eyes don't have a slight itch every once in a while, but I can stop myself instantly. Before I would rub and scratch them raw. I am simply over the moon. My mom and sister have never seen me so unconcerned about my health.... 62 years of terrible suffering, and this is the first time I feel what normal might feel like.” [74]
    • “Before: Allergies to virtually everything that blows, asthma that required two different handheld inhalers several times a day, prednisone daily, ibuprofen max dose daily just to feel relatively fair. Now, 2-1/2 years later: No inhalers needed at all except very rarely (once or twice a year for the past two years), no prednisone, no Allegra, ibuprofen only rarely. I would say my allergy and asthma symptoms are 90% relieved since starting HWT.” [75]
    • “My daughter (age 16) suffers from terrible allergies. She is allergic to all grasses, most trees, dogs , cats and dust mites. She gets asthmatic symptoms and needs an inhaler. We live in an area that has mild climate year round. So constant blooming of something. We tried allergy shots for 2+ years with no symptomatic relief. Also the pharma meds we’re starting not to work too. Eight weeks ago she inoculated with 5NA. She is at this time much relieved. I would estimate by about 70% or more. She has a clear nose and has not needed her inhaler for over a month. Last night she spent the night at a friends house who had a cat. She was fine. In my opinion this can be a real option for people with allergies.” [76]
    • “I use HT for arthritis but my terrible allergies magically disappeared. Bonus!” [77]
    • “I have severe pollen allergies and associated oral allergy syndrome. I've been doing helminth therapy with Necator americanus (human hookworm) for 2 years and it's completely resolved all my allergies, so long as I maintain a population of them in my gut.” [78]
    • “I didn't get any benefit for my Oral Allergy Syndrome but hay fever was eliminated.” [79]
    • “I’m 17 and when Mum suggesting inoculating to me I was very VERY hesitant because the whole idea sounded super gross, but really it’s absolutely no dramas and it’s helped my allergies beyond belief. I cannot recommend helminths highly enough.” [80]
    • “I had doses of NA in July and October last year, and one in May this year, trying to resolve my extreme hay fever (2 months each year indoors). This year, my hay-fever was the mildest ever; just an occasional sneeze but no need to hide indoors. Cutting grass no longer bothers me at all. I love this new state of health and did not actually expect results so soon.” [81]
    • “I am using NA for very bad pollen and sawdust allergies, as well as multiple chemical sensitivity. I can say that, being a very heavy year for allergies, I am able to live my daily life whereas previous years I would be so fatigued I spent over 14+ hours in bed a day. My sinuses seem to be clearer, and my allergy symptoms are way less.” [82]
    • “About a year ago I started off with 5 NA, then went to 15 and now have about 30. I used to be highly allergic to cats. I could tell someone had cats simply by my itchy eyes as soon as I entered their house. That has disappeared. My sister has 2 cats and my last visit was uneventful.” [83]
    • ☹️ "When I used NA a few years ago for my allergies I was hoping that they'd cure me and I could be free of this crap once and for all… After two years, there was no improvement, so I was pretty disappointed." [84]
    • "I have been taking 30 HDC every 3 weeks since February (i.e., 5 months) and have had NO HAY FEVER for the entire season. I have also barely reacted to a single insect bite, just a single one on my arm, in all that time. Bite hives have been ruining summers for me until now." [85]
    • "I had no allergies (except black hair dye) until soon after the birth of my second child. Weird! I developed what seemed like chronic severe hayfever which I tolerated for 3 years for lack of a better option. Then suddenly one morning I woke to a swollen painful red face which after a week had me in A&E with a full body rash. Every time I had one of these flares Dr's prescribed prednisone and corticosteroids neither of which worked and they actually admitted it seemed to be making it worse. After seeing a naturopath and cutting out Dairy/gluten/sugar/walnuts/almonds I finally got some relief. I started the worms around this time too, after seeing the documentary on 'Sunday'. I have had 3 doses of NA - 3, 5 and 10. I'm sure it's working because around 3 months (after each dose) my sinuses stuff up again. I keep to the strict diet and haven't had a proper flare up all year!" [86]
    • "I started my first dose of 5 NA 5 weeks ago (and) I've had great improvement in severe allergy symptoms (rhinitis, plugged ears, itchy throat, asthma and eczema) while landscaping outdoors." [87]
    • "I'm taking 40 HDC/week, and while it hasnt removed my nasal allergies completely, it has greatly reduced the medicine I need. I'm off flonase, nasacort and zyrtec. Now I only take 2 sprays of azelastine daily + one allegra." [88]


    • “I’ve even been able to wear my glasses for several hours today, which is a huge improvement, as I normally have dreadful allodynia with them and can only stand to wear them a few minutes at a time.” (Reported 18 weeks after inoculating with 5 NA and then adding 10-12 more at 12 weeks.) [89]


    See Helminthic therapy and hair growth: Alopecia.


    See Dementia.


    The first report is more detailed than the quotes that follow.

    • "Several months into the TSO therapy, my son, for the first time in his life, accidently ate a pecan cookie. Pecans are the nuts that he is most allergic to, both by blood test score and by our experience with him. He had absolutely no reaction of any kind." [90]
    • "Our 5yo daughter has anaphylaxis to peanut, egg and milk and also salicylate intolerance. Since starting low dose helminths in August 2012 we are now seeing a good reduction in her salicylate intolerance, she is eating a lot more foods that are high in salicylates, also her stomach aches have gone and so has her eczema. We tried many different alternative therapies and nothing has worked until now. We are very pleased." (Reported to a closed group, Mar 2013)
    • "I was stung by a wasp last fall and had no reaction. In the past, I would have needed at least an epi pen. So this therapy may have saved my life!" [91]
    • “(Our son) hasn’t had an anaphylactic episode in over two years. He is 8yo and he has had about seven anaphylactic episodes, so two years without one is stunning. We are over here living a basically normal life. His progress compared to other children who have his disease (EoE, IgE-mediated allergies and all the symptoms of MCAS) is unheard of, and I credit it to the helminths. He missed more than half of kindergarten and first grade, but only missed five days of school in second grade.” [92]


    • "I did not have any angioedema during HT. My coughing seems slightly better in the 9 weeks following treatment, but it is not gone." (Reported by a subject with hereditary angioedema.) (Link expired)
    • “I'm hosting about 100 HW ... My (facial) angioedema is mostly gone. I'm off all meds but it took 6-7 months.” [93]

    Ankylosing spondylitis

    The first two reports are more detailed than the quotes that follow.

    • The following two quotes are about the same individual.
    • “A local rheumatologist diagnosed a rare autoimmune disease called ankylosing spondylitis, sometimes called bamboo spine. Wittlake’s vertebrae were fusing together. His immune system was malfunctioning and attacking his spine. He was told that once the whole spine was fused, walking would turn into shuffling, and there was no cure… In February of last year, Wittlake infected himself with parasites (hookworms)… By fall, he was walking erect. By December, he was snowboarding pain-free on Mount Bachelor.” [94]
    • “My husband was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis 2.5 years ago after more than a decade of misdiagnoses. 1.5 years ago he took 20 hookworm and has since taken 2 more doses (each about 6 months apart). After the initial dose, he began noticing improvement in his symptoms after 6-8 months. After a year, his symptoms were completely gone with the disease seemingly in remission. It has been truly life changing for us as he was a long time professional snowboarder and the disease was completely robbing him of this important part of his life... not to mention the toll chronic pain can take on your mental health. A year ago, he could hardly walk from the bed to the bathroom some days, and now he is active, mobile, and snowboarding pain free for the first time in many years.” [95]
    • “43 y/o female with ankylosing spondylitis, raynauds syndrome, low thyroid function, mild sjogrens… AS symptoms have become negligible for the most part (after 2 doses of 25 NA) and I am AS medication free. Fatigue greatly diminished, mostly absent. Sleep quality improved beyond recognition. Plantar fasciitis 80% resolved, schrogrens symptoms at least 50% reduced, thyroid medication no longer required, depression completely resolved. Interminable, incessant, constant grinding pain gone for most of the day, only bothers me for a few hours here and there, a couple of days a week. Raynauds symptoms rarely show themselves… I am better than I have been since I was diagnosed with AS 25 years ago. A truly remarkable increase in quality of life.” [96]
    • “I have had Ankylosing Spondylitis for thirty-eight years. Twenty-four years ago I also developed A.S. related inflammatory bowel disease. My main battle at this stage of the disease appears to be centered in my gastrointestinal system… I've tried everything from the sulfa drugs to enbrel and humira and everything in between. I have been on anti-TNF drugs on and off for the past 17 years but they do not cure you, they simply keep you dependent on the drug which has a myriad of side effects… Three years ago I read about Helminthic therapy and decided to give it a go. It's been a long journey of ups and downs, disappointments and successes. What I have learned is that 1) you have to be patient and 2) what works for one person, may not work for another… I’ve come to realize that I have a very strong immune system and it works in earnest to kick the helminths out of my body… I need to inoculate every other month with 10-15 HW… For me personally, I seem to have greater success with NA than TTO… the NA help reduce bowel urgency, food intolerances, insomnia, depression, and gut pain. They just seem to calm things down.” [97]
    • This individual posted a further report 18 months later, after establishing an improved dosing regimen. “I’m inoculating with 6 hookworm every two weeks. I get a great bounce for a few days!” [98]
    • “I am 40 and have been dealing with the classic symptoms of AS for 5 years: puffy hinges at left base of spine, transient stiffness in either Achilles, sausage digits, golf ball sized Baker cyst behind left knee which has bursted 2x. When flares hit knee explodes like a balloon and I'm on elbow crutches or worse unable to even move in bed, but after 5 NA 12 weeks ago I have essentially seen nearly all pain and stiffness subside. My knee actually has some definition to it and it seems the cyst is slowly deflating- this is my barometer. I am in disbelief that I have been going for runs for the first time in 2 years and sprints for the first time in 5!” [99]
    • The same individual posted a year after first hosting NA: “My experience after a year of HW is that my NA has been absolutely critical to my functionality and pain mitigation - the big bumps are taken out of the road! Went mountaineering for the first time in 6 years last weekend - impossible in my prior condition!” [100]
    • “The biggest improvement I have found (5 months into using NA for ankylosing spondylitis) is in my sleep habits. I take one celecoxib 200mg tablet to sleep at nights where even with the medication I still struggled to get a full nights sleep, often waking up at 4.30am. Now I can last the night without discomfort. Also, notably, I’ve had less down periods with my AS, in that I’ve had less bouts of sciatica, and flare ups are rare. It’s still a work in progress as I still have a constant level of soreness in my neck and lower back but it’s manageable. Not only that I don’t have to take medication during the day. Activities such as golf I’m still able to play but do have a degree of stiffness the next day.” [101]
    • “Thank you helminth therapy! I am a 41 time marathon finisher including one ultra marathon, completed dozens of triathlons including a Half Ironman and completed several other shorter running races... then ankylosing spondylitis hit in 2017. I was unable to walk without crutches for extended periods of time. I started with NA in January of 2020 and added TSO in July of 2020, and it took me about a year to start noticing a difference. I wouldn't say I'm completely symptom-free but I'm so much better. This latest race would not have been possible even just 1 year ago. Today, I completed a 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike and a short run. If there's hope for me, there's at least hope for everybody else too!” (Edited from three posts: [102] [103] [104])
    • Two year update (November 2022)… "I’m happy to report I've been virtually symptom-free from ankylosing spondylitis for over 2 years, during which I've completed many runs of double digit distances (10+ miles!), several triathlons and I've even been been able to play ice hockey again." [105]
    • “I took NA for widespread pain/soreness/stiffness from AS. After inoculation both times I experienced increased chronic fatigue and low energy that lasted for weeks. Now it’s passed and I have great energy. Normal bowel movements. Asthma disappeared. Pollen allergies disappeared. Strange headaches that were chronic are gone! Sleep is great. Sexual function is even boosted. (A year later) in April 2022, I inoculated with 7 NA after a big break from inoculating, and the transition that happened in my gut was kind of severe. 4 or 5 weeks in I got crazy loud gurgling belly for over a week among other bad reactions. I think my gut biome was transformed. Then I just started feeling better. Then better, and more better. Inoculated some more NA early October (and) after 8 long years, I’m gaining muscle. Not fatigued. I feel that the NA brought my body back into balance. I don’t eat carbs or sugar but that wasn’t curing me. I needed the helminth therapy to do the job that nothing else could do. It just took 2.5 years to make the difference with chronic widespread inflammation." [106] [107]


    Also see Helminthic therapy and neuropsychiatric function.

    • "My symptoms of anxiety continue to get gradually better." (Link expired)
    • "... the hookworms... kicked in about 24 weeks after inoculation, which ended my 15 month nightmare with the anxiety." (Link expired)
    • "I thought i am getting crazy... visited a psychologist ... they even made a CT scan. But with the right diet and helminthic therapy... i am much more balanced now. (Link expired)
    • “One of the best benefits now is relief from anxiety and muscular tension. I’m waking up feeling rested, with a very relaxed back and legs, and am drowsy enough to take naps, which creates a virtuous cycle.” [108]
    • "My worms have seemingly completely zapped my anxiety. It takes a lot for me to feel anxious and it's a huge relief after having anxiety and panic attacks starting in early childhood… They have also dramatically reduced my daughter's anxiety. It was always bad, from infancy, but … she's had the best school year ever, socially. She's ten thousand times better, a completely unanticipated improvement. Our school psychologist said it was like she was a different kid." (Reported in a private discussion, Mar 2012)
    • "My younger son also had severe anxiety issues which evaporated after HW. He was on medication in fact for 2 years for it but hasn't been on it in years now." (Reported to the Facebook Helminthic Therapy Support Group [109], Mar 2012)
    • "He felt much less anxiety and much more social than he would normally. (I have noticed this effect as well and wonder now how much anxiety and a desire not to be social is related to inflammation…)" [110]
    • "My anxiety is still significantly reduced from pre-inoculation. Things just do not bother me the way that they did. I really feel as though my anxiety just completely vanished with the first inoculation. It is a great feeling after dealing with a lot of anxiety my entire life." [111]
    • “This therapy can be fantastic for anxiety reduction and we've seen it in every member of our family. My poor little girl had rampaging anxiety and nothing made it better. She had so much pain all the time that she was constantly anticipating more pain and very defensive. She couldn't stand to listen to a story with anything scary (she didn't want to listen to Mr. Rogers telling the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, that's how bad it was). Then she got hookworm. Her anxiety vaporized completely, possibly for the first time in her entire life. She completely changed. Last year, she read all of the Harry Potter books and watched all the movies -- that's how much lower her anxiety and pain are now.” [112]
    • “I noticed the relaxed feeling with HW as well. They gave me an overall good feeling and relieved debilitating anxiety that kept me from doing things that I love doing and from seeing friends.” [113]
    • “The HW also had a fairly dramatic effect on my anxiety levels." (Reported to a closed group, Aug 2013)
    • “I inoculated with hookworm hoping that it would help my chronic sinus issues. I still can't believe how much better my sinuses are. But I wasn't expecting any changes in personality, so they came as a shock. My lifelong battle with depression and anxiety seems to be over. And I'm also smarter again (like when I was a kid).” [114]
    • “After hosting hookworm I no longer have bouts of depression and anxiety.” [115]
    • “My depression and anxiety and brain fog have disappeared on NA.” [116]
    • “I can attest to a huge improvement in my anxiety and depression within just a few weeks of my first NA dose (off all meds now) but I'd say I still have some mild residual symptoms.” [117]
    • “His anxiety is almost completely gone and the OCD is still there but not as profound. He is back at school after missing most of last year due to anxiety/school refusal. I highly recommend trying HDC's. It really has been the treatment that has brought our (12 year old) son back.” [118]
    • ☹️ “I have anxiety and depression and have not really noticed any differences.” [119]
    • “Within 24 hours of taking HDC I feel much calmer. That feeling lasts a few days, before it lets up a bit, but I still continue feeling calmer than usual up to 30 days after dosing, when their effects completely wear off… If I could regularly dose, say, weekly, I probably would see my anxiety completely resolved.” (Link expired)
    • “Now 5 months in, I have seen the most dramatic change in anxiety symptoms. Also brain fog has just slipped away… So I do feel hookworm has been instrumental in bringing down the symptoms of anxiety to where it is now.” [120]
    • “Wormy update after 3 months: I am now on 50 HDC. I see just mild improvement in food allergies, but I feel calm, no anxiety! Anxiety was always a big issue for me and the antidepressants were not helping enough. Now I feel much better so that I can exercise every day.” [121]
    • “In 2013 I was diagnosed with anxiety resulting in extended time off work and medication. I first tried HDC in 2016 after exhausting every other avenue outside of medication that I could think of. I found instant relief from my anxiety symptoms and I still take them every 2 or 3 weeks to help keep my anxiety at bay.” (Received via email, Feb 2020.)
    • “I’ve had autoimmune disease, allergies, anxiety and digestion issues for 4 years. After having a severe panic attack at work, I saw a doctor and a naturopath, and have tried allopathic and natural medicines as well as dietary changes. I was skeptical, but after reading the extensive research and about the therapeutic effects of helminths, I tried it for myself and it worked. After being on HDC for 1 month (10 fresh HDCs every 2 weeks), my allergies disappeared and I had no side effects. Other symptoms improved 70%. It was a huge relief for me, dramatically reducing my anxiety and making a significant difference to my gut health and digestion in the first 3 months. This is faster and more effective than anything else I have ever tried. My family were skeptical and assumed it would be unsafe, but even they could notice the difference!” (Received via email, Feb 2020.)
    • “I’m micro-dosing with (TSO). I notice that my anxiety peeks up for several days when it’s time to take them again. And an hour after taking them, I feel this calmness that’s difficult to describe. For someone with chronic anxiety it’s lovely.” [122]
    • “My daughter's anxiety was much reduced (by TSO). She has inflammation related autism. When she was anxious she would go into obsessions for hours, so the effect was pretty obvious.” [123]
    • "The two things that really helped with my anxiety and depression were magnesium and hookworms. The mg got me out of the black depths where I was hardly functional, and the hookworms improved my symptoms several notches beyond just functional." [124]
    • "It was quite fast. For example the first day of TSO, it was regulating my anxiety & insomnia." [125]
    • "I haven’t experienced any anxiety symptoms since starting in 2018 (six years ago). I usually dose 3 x 25 NA each year. Coeliac with UC in remission. [126]

    Appetite, loss of

    • "I began to experience real hunger for the first time at 43 days, and my friend reported feeling the first pangs of hunger at 60 days." (Link expired)
    • "Day 19: I'm having a lot of cravings suddenly and am more hungry than usual." (Reported in a private discussion by someone with severe food intolerance, May 2012)
    • “I am still in a state of shock because I haven't gone this long in 23 years with having a long period where I actually crave and enjoy my food. I pray this miracle continues!” (Reported in a private communication, Nov 2014)
    • “I have noticed an increase in appetite when I use them (HDC) and have noticed the same increase in appetite in my son since he started using them.” [127]


    (Also known as cardiac arrhythmia, heart arrhythmia and dysrhythmia.)

    • "... among plenty of other symptoms, I had arrhythmia, pretty worrying at the time, but never got a diagnosis / they didn’t find what caused the issue. This is one of the first symptoms that NA helped clear for me. Later on I realised the arrhythmia was caused by mould toxicity." [128]


    (Not to be confused with arthritis.)

    • "My mom, who is 81, came down with giant cell arteritis and they had her on prednisone and biologic infusions. I’ve been providing her with doses of about 5 NA every 12 weeks for about a year now, and it appears that helminthic therapy is having a positive effect on her health and autoimmune condition because she has had no more flare ups of the arteritis. She is completely off the prednisone (she was on a high dose of 60mg a day), and her doctor is getting close to stopping the biologic infusions." (Edited from posts in this thread.)


    Also see Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) and Psoriatic arthritis (PsA).

    This first report is more detailed than the quotes that follow.

    • Two reports from someone with Crohn's-related arthritis.
      • “Amazing! Symptom free and drug free after 33 years of illness! WOW!” (Link expired)
      • “I attribute the remission of arthritis to hookworm. It took two years for the arthritis to pretty much disappear. I get achy joints now and again but nothing severe anymore.” [129]
    • “I had knee pain for 20 years after quitting running, accompanied by a 24/7 warm feeling on the surface around both knees. After my third inoculation of helminths, the warmth went away. I believe it was some form of immune response to the damage in my knees, or perhaps a type of arthritis. Anyway, it's gone...” [130]
    • "I was diagnosed last summer with seronegative arthritis (just raging constant pain in my hands and feet) with big family history of ankylosing spondylitis and psoriatic arthritis. Was miserable taking prednisone 10-20mg daily, methotrexate, and enbrel for the last 7 months. Started hookworms Feb 8 and now down to 6mg prednisone and off methotrexate. Feeling amazing and still tapering the steroids with no issues. This is miraculous stuff." [131]
    • “I received my first dose of NA in June 2016 for widespread food and inhalant allergies and arthritis (osteoarthritis since childhood). 10 months later noticed that I was less stiff when getting out of the car. High sensitive C (a measure of inflammation) went down from 11 (very high) to 8 (still very high but progress). Just received new results at the 22 month mark, and my levels are down to 3.99. Although this is still high (it should be 2 or lower), it is the lowest I have seen in my adult life.” [132]
    • “I am about four months along treating UC with Human Whipworm TTO. I experienced an unexpected, but welcome benefit within two weeks of my first dose (50 ova). I had suffered a broken shoulder 12 years ago that was never set properly, so I had a lot of soreness and stiffness in that joint since that time. The second week after starting TT all my joints starting popping profusely for a couple days then settled down, it was then I noticed the pain in my shoulder was easing. Today my shoulder no longer hurts before bed, the pain, stiffness, inflammation is almost nonexistant. I could not fully extend that arm with the broken shoulder over my head before, now I can actually extend it over my shoulder and place my arm behind my head. I never expected this range of motion would ever be possible again after the shoulder injury. I can say TT worked a miracle on my joint pain. (I have dosed a total of 300 TTO to date).” [133]
    • "I have found an enormous benefit of adding TSO (1250 ova every 2 weeks) to NA for arthritis." [134]

    Aspirin-induced asthma / Samter's triad / Samter's syndrome

    (Also known as aspirin-exacerbated respiratory disease (AERD) and Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs-exacerbated respiratory disease (N-ERD))

    • The following two reports are by the same person, two years apart.
      • "My father… has something called Samter's syndrome which includes nasal polyps, chronic rhinitis, and aspirin sensitivity. For 20-25 years, he had little senses of taste or smell, from polyps on his sinus nerve, and had multiple surgeries to remove them. Starting about 6 months after getting HW (by then, he had about 50, I think), the polyps went away, never to return. He's had his taste and smell all the time, acutely, for now a good 3½ years." (Reported in a private discussion, Mar 2012)
      • “Now he is getting the same efficacy from HDC.” [135]
    • "Wow this is amazing! I was diagnosed with Samters Triad / Aspirin Exaccerbated Respiratory Disease (AERD) in Oct 2014. Samters Triad is salicylate intolerance, nasal polyps and asthma… I decided to give HW a go in Jul 2015. My initial dose was 25. After 3 months I noticed I could get away with the odd glass of wine without an anti-histamine. In Oct I took a further 40 HW. Then suddenly about 10 days ago (mid January 2016) my nose cleared, and my energy levels escalated. I started cutting back my asthma medication and have taken nothing at all for 4 days now with no symptoms!” [136]
    • “I have AERD (Samter's Triad). Asthma, nasal polyps, and aspirin sensitivity. I've taken incredible amounts of prednisone to control the polyps and have had two surgeries to remove them over the last ten years… Started worms a few years ago. Initially HDC, which worked well and would provide relief for weeks. Made the move to NA and have had similar success there, it just lasts longer. I see improvement with as little as 30 NA, but get better control with 60-70. I currently take: Singular 10mg, Advair (250/50) as needed, and Pulmicort off label usage. With worms, I'm able to not take prednisone or aspirin… The worms make a night and day difference. Without them I would be in a bad place.” [137]


    • "To be able to just breath without thinking about it is fantastic. No more asthma!" (Link expired)
    • "By all measures my asthma and upper respiratory complaints are gone." [138]
    • "... I increased my infestation level until my asthma and hay fever were cured." (Link expired)
    • "...my breathing does seem to be somewhat easier. Mildly impaired breathing never was something I even thought about as a symptom until after I noticed the before and after treatment difference." (Link expired)
    • "... no short breath, no attacks, nothing that makes me aware of my breathing. Stoked!" (Link expired)
    • "My five year slide into asthma hell is over… the difference in my life is night and day." (Link expired)
    • "By week 13... there was significant improvement compared to my pre-hookworm condition." (Link expired)
    • "... the difference in my life is night and day. I am walking regularly, and cutting firewood, and playing ball with my son, and feeling like I can make it through the day without medical inhalation." (Link expired)
    • The following two reports are by the same blogger, almost two years apart.
      • “It’s now been a bit more than 6 months since my initial inoculation, and I'm now the proud mom of (a family of) hookworms and the results I have seen have been amazing! … I stopped taking one of my asthma medicines completely, and I only have had to use my rescue inhaler about once every 2 weeks or so. BW (before worms) I was taking my rescue inhaler at least once a day. I would have to refill it every month. I have the same one now that I refilled in June (3 months ago).” [139]
      • "For the larger part of my 30 years here on earth I’ve struggled to breathe every single day. I didn’t know any different. I puffed on my “rescue” inhaler a few times and went on with my day… I was guaranteed at least one ER visit a year for my asthma. To have two years go by without one was awesome… I realized just how much things have changed since I brought my little worm babies home two years ago… It's so great to be able to breathe!" [140]
    • "Over the course of the year (with hookworms), almost unnoticed while I was getting the side effects, my problems diminished immensely. The fatigue is much reduced, I've lost that 'tired but wired' feeling that stopped me relaxing properly, and I've started to sleep better. I get less stressed by ordinary events, and almost never use my inhalers any more. The condition of my skin, nails & hair has improved greatly." (Reported in a private discussion, Feb 2013) (See this note about colony size.)
    • "(Helminthic therapy) has really reduced my allergy and asthma "flare-ups". Over the past few months, I haven't had an asthma attack without my inhaler and I can actually do more cardio workouts than I used to do. IT IS GREAT!" (Reported, after only one dose of hookworms, in a private message, Mar 2013)
    • The following two reports are by the same individual, written at 6 and 18 months.
      • “I'm at month 6 with 75 HW. Today I went for a hike, uphill, at 8,500-9,000 ft., at a peak tree pollen and allergy time in our area, and I didn't wheeze at all. In fact, I "forgot" my inhaler in the car and didn't even need it. This is significant for me and I hope it gives encouragement to others.” [141]
      • “18-month update… Last week, just about 40 days past my most recent inoculation… I noticed that I had NO ASTHMA SYMPTOMS at all, for the first time. I was not needing my inhaler, nor wheezing at night. I could breathe through the seasonally heaviest pollen index… I'm truly able now to see how much better I feel than I did 18 months ago. Not only with the asthma, but overall.” [142]
    • “I dose 20 NA at about 3 month intervals and currently enjoy 100% remission of asthma symptoms. No asthma meds at all. I can jog, I can swim 1000 yds without stopping or feeling any distress” (Link expired)
    • "I started HDC about 9 months ago for multiple problems and just realized the other day that I can’t remember when I last used my inhaler. I can’t remember!! There was a time when asthma ruled my life, and I went to the emergency room once a week until I found out what triggered it (ragweed). But (since hosting helminths) I don't have to stop a hike and immediately head home if I accidentally let it touch my ankle. I cannot tell you what a difference this has made in my life…" [143] [144]
    • “Prior to beginning to host NA about two and a half years ago, my lifelong asthma had slowly but steadily worsened throughout my life. Prior to HW therapy, my daily medication routine for allergies and asthma consisted of a long-acting beta agonist/steroid inhaler twice daily, rescue inhaler several times a day, albuterol breathing treatments on especially bad days, Allegra daily, nasal steroid spray several times a day, and prednisone for very bad days. Even on that regimen, wheezing, shortness of breath, fatigue and anxiety were pretty much normal for me. I typically came down with bronchitis and sinus infections several times a year, even while on all those regular meds. Most every day of the year, I felt quite literally as if I could just collapse and die. Somehow I just kept going. If it weren't for my beautiful wife and kids, I think I would have probably just given up on life, the allergies and asthma made me feel so pitiful. My whole body, but especially my head and sinuses, ached most days. I generally took 800 mg of ibuprofen two or three times a day just to feel a little bit less miserable physically. Since about three months after I began hosting NA, I now will rarely ever need any of my inhalers or breathing treatments, I very rarely ever need any ibuprofen or Tylenol for headaches or body aches. I would estimate my allergy and asthma symptoms to be 95% gone as a result of hookworm therapy. I no longer need asthma or allergy meds on a regular basis. Only rarely do I have any wheezing or shortness of breath now. Allergy symptoms are minor, when they (rarely) occur now.” [145]
    • “My mother developed severe adult-onset asthma 3 years ago. She also has heart disease and most of the asthma meds were toxic to the heart. The regular coughing also put her at risk of Afib and subsequent heart attack. Rock and a hard place! Out of desperation, she inoculated with 35 NA and within 3 weeks her symptoms were gone. Like, completely. All meds discontinued. Did not have to re-inoculate until this fall.” [146]
    • “I love my helminths! No more asthma. I can run and climb mountains. So close to dying so many times, but no more! Best thing I have ever done for myself! Gave me my life, hope and vitality back.” [147] [148]
    • And a 5 year update: "For more than 5 years now I have been asthma free - love my little wormy friends." [149]
    • "My allergy and asthma symptoms continued to improve and I stopped all asthma medication which was my primary goal. My life was very different for a year or so with improved gut health and fewer arthritis pains. I would tell people “I used to have asthma”. I then neglected to dose anymore (due to) two traumatic years in which many things were neglected. I then had a return of symptoms (so) began to host again with doses of 3,3 four months apart and, after a few delivery problems, dosed with another 3 , 5, 10 approximately 4 months apart, and I am now feeling the previous positive effects." [150]
    • "I have asthma and have been on antihistamines, all with horrid side effects. And I've been on so many different steroids. The last one made me suicidally depressed and that was the final straw for me. I learned to deal with my asthma without meds, but used food, vitamins, minerals, and caffeine to keep it tolerable. Then I found out about helminths. I read and read before I tried them. I've been taking them for 1.5 years every 12-15 weeks and am so happy with my results. I started with a very small dose of 3 and this took only about 6 weeks to help with my asthma. Now I'm up to 4 each dose. My food allergies and asthma are worlds better. I can go to new places without my asthma kicking in and making me sick afterwards. I'm also not on any medications." (Edited from two posts: [151] [152])
    • "I came down with asthma at age 64 after a life of triathlons, marathons and 12 yr as a soccer ref. WTF? I used NA and the asthma went into remission." [153]

    Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD, ADD)

    • “My adult son with ADD tried them (NA) and was able to cut his stimulants in half.” [154]


    Also see Helminthic therapy and autism and Table 2 in this paper.

    • The following five reports, written over a period of 6 years, all relate to the same child.
      • "Since then Alex has made nothing short of stunning progress. I mean WOW." (Link expired)
      • "... there's no question that he and the other children who received hookworm all improved cognitively and in motor skills... Most of the younger children, the less impaired, also improved, sometimes dramatically, in expressive language" (Link expired)
      • "My older son is 16 and autistic. I started with TSO 3 years ago and within 12 weeks or so, began to see positive results in terms of digestive symptoms, mood, and eventually cognition." (Link expired)
      • “… I officially declare hookworms to be rockin’... this experiment has been a success ... But, if you’ll forgive the phrase, I have a gut feeling that we’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg so far.” (Posted on a since deleted website.)
      • “We started the HDC in August (and) I have gotten similar results with the HDC as the TSO: he has no GI symptoms now and, except for a migraine condition that I am still working on, is almost continually very happy and social. I am going to be experimenting with much higher doses of HDC to see if we can improve the migraines more.” [155]
    • The following two reports are about the same teenager.
      • “There’re no words to describe it. It’s like giving me my son back... Or in many ways, like giving me a son that I didn’t ever have.” [156]
      • “...we began treating my son with TSO. After 10 weeks he completely lost all symptoms of agitation, agression, self abusive behavior (including head smashing and hand biting), perseveration, behavioral inflexibility, compulsivity, impulsivity, repeated questioning, “stimming” and hypersensitivity to external stimuli. He continues to take TSO every two weeks and the symptoms have been gone now for 15 months. [157] and watch video
    • "The teachers were telling us it was a definite possibility that he would never actually be able to write and that he would need assistive technology for life… We've been struggling to teach him to read for two years now… Well, in the last month (following inoculation), he's had major developmental leaps... and is now actually reading, has progressed about 12 months in the last month as far as his fine motor skills go. He's reading and writing now, actually reading at or above grade level." (Reported in a private discussion, 2011)
    • "(Our son) has started playing imaginatively with toys for the first time in his life. He has started pretend playing appropriately with all kinds of different toys - cars, superhero action figures, dinosaurs, .... It's something we tried working on with him for years in his behavioral therapy and eventually gave up. I can't say for sure it's because of the helminths, but I can't think of any other reason for the sudden change. It's such a great feeling to see him doing this finally." (Reported in a private message, Nov 2012)
    • The following three reports are by the same very happy parent.
      • “... had to share this as its independent confirmation of what we've been seeing at home. Today I had a meeting at school to discuss my 6yo's special needs educational plan and was overjoyed when I was told without any prompting he had "a complete turnaround a few months ago after parents evening" and that he has been paying attention, sitting still and being kind to the other children. Guess what therapy we started in the week following that parents evening.” (Link expired)
      • “For us, the benefits of giving my autistic 6yo HDC include vastly reduced risk to everyday dangers. I used to have to physically restrain him near roads as he had little control over impulses. We had more than one near miss when he bolted away into the path of unsuspecting cars! He now has sufficient control over impulses that he would not do that.” [158]
      • “He's 7 now and continues to do really well, much calmer than he used to be. I'm so very proud of him today because he willingly went to an all-day holiday science camp in an unfamiliar location and where he knew nobody and he bounced out like any neurotypical kid and asked to go again.” [159], [160] and [161].
    • “I am now pretty confident that TSO are a big success for my autistic boy (5 yo). The change has been amazing. He has a very long way to go, but the effect of TSO is very noticeable - for us, his therapists, his preschool. After years of really hard work and nothing helping, this is almost like magic... He is finally developing socially… We are so glad we plucked up the courage to try helminths.” (Link expired)
    • ☹️ “First I tried TSO with my autism children and then I tried HDC. Was 8 months in total but I didn't see any results.” [162]
    • “I wanted to report my experience so far giving my 15 year old son with significant autism TSO. I just gave him the second dose. From what I read it is supposed to be too soon to see results, but all I can say is WOW! We live in Austin and this is high allergy season. In addition to being on a year round allergy protocol (pills, sprays, naturals, etc), we had to give him headache medicine round the clock for allergy-induced migraines. He has had nothing for two weeks and is the happiest I have seen him in a long time. He has more energy, is more willing to try new foods and experiences, and just plain feels good. I am amazed because we have tried so many things to get his inflammation down and this is the one thing that has made a huge difference. I’m really excited to see what other changes we might see, but if this is it, it will have been worth it.” [163]
    • "We use it with our 12yr old pandas, ASD, adhd & itch, and it has been a game changer for us! We are at 9 months & we started low & slow then worked our way up. We still have a long journey ahead of us, however this was one of the best interventions we have done so far." [164]

    Autoimmune hepatitis

    • "I began to notice the crippling symptoms of my autoimmune diseases (MCTD/lupus, Fibromyalgia, Raynauds, and Autoimmune hepatitis) fading about 1 month after my second dose … I Feel Normal … I see possibilities and hope where I once saw nothing but blackness and despair." [165]

    Autoimmune kidney disease

    Also see IgA nephropathy and Kidney pathology

    • Three reports by the same person.
      • "I am currently on immunosuppressant drugs for an autoimmune kidney disease (which I have been on for 6 years), and the first time I ever saw actual improvement in my condition was when I got my worms (the drugs only slowed the progress of the disease - they never made my kidney function actually improve)” [166]
      • “5 weeks post my first inoculation with hw, my kidney function has increased another 5%, for a total of a TEN PERCENT increase so far (now at 27%)! Prior to hw infection, my function was at 17% and dropping fast. I did not anticipate to have such wonderful results so soon." [167]
        A further update at 8 months reported a setback after minor surgery and a course of antibiotics had put this individual’s worms out of action temporarily. Nevertheless...
      • “The incredible part of the story is that within a few days of my worms waking up, my kidney function dramatically improved… and… is still improving. In the month since my worms woke up - my kidney function (egfr) went from working at 10% capacity (kidney failure) to now being at 35%. I love my worms. And I am never going on antibiotics again.” [168]


    • "I have been balanitis free for 2 months. I have been on NA for 1.5 years. I still put some coconut oil to help, but my glans looks normal and I can have sexual activities without worrying to much." [169]

    Barrett's Oesophagus

    • "Two years ago I was diagnosed with Barrett's Esophagus. I had a endoscopy 2 weeks ago which showed no Barrett's." (Link expired)

    Bipolar disorder

    • “(Before treatment), in my 30’s, I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. In my 50’s, I was diagnosed as bipolar. Since the beginning of self-treatment (with HDC), my symptoms have subsided. My wellbeing has improved 100%.” [170]
    • “(After treatment, I have) less anxiety and am able to think clearer. The helminths (HDC) seemed to help in areas that were positive but unexpected.” [171]
    • “When I get angry I used to (before helminth therapy) have thoughts of killing the person that made me angry or maybe just hurting them severely, but now (after therapy with HDC) I am not angry often, or depressed.” [172]


    • “I’m finding at week 11 (after a dose of NA) I'm suddenly able to pass gas, rather than holding it trapped in my gut for days on end, and this has resulted in a much happier vagus nerve!” [173]

    Body temperature, poor control of

    • "This is awesome! I am so excited that I feel warm. I normally have unusually low body temp and am always freezing my ass off. I'm thinking this is progress." (Reported in a private discussion, Sept 2012)

    "Brain fog"

    • "When my wife was under the grip of allergies and food intolerances ... we called her potato head, something that, when you are playing duplicate bridge, is most unhelpful. Fortunately, all this temporary foggy mind has lifted now as is clear by our bridge results..." (Link expired)
    • "... i was suffering brain fog... this has all definitely improved. (Link expired)
    • "I've been doing helminths for a couple of years now, and have finally got the dose right. They have cleared up my head fog considerably, and in fact I just had a three week stretch in which I was completely symptom free. Which was amazing, and I'm very grateful." [174]
    • “I have ... not had the terrible sleepiness and brain fog I normally get.” [175]
    • “... brain fog is greatly improved, and i have more energy.” (Link expired)
    • “I self-infected 25 hookworm (and) began to experience symptom relief (after) about 2.75-3.0 months… Brain fog/etc has completely cleared up in a very non-druggy way. It's hard to describe but supplements which 'clear up brain fog' were obviously just getting me 'high'. In contrast, hookworms have cleared up brain fog just by removing the brain fog and making me normal again.” [176]
    • “My depression and anxiety and brain fog have disappeared on NA.” [177]
    • “HDC has had a positive effect on my energy, brain fog, and sleep… It's hard to quantify one’s energy but for months prior to hdc I had a regular mid-afternoon crash and I don’t have those anymore. Also I’ve been prescribed adderall to cope with work and since starting hdc I’ve reduced my dose by ½ and for 2 days immediately after dosing with hdc even that’s too much… I am thrilled with the benefits I’ve had so far. I was seriously looking into applying for long term disability at work and now I can handle it ok again.” [178]
    • “I’d previously required max doses of two antidepressants plus stimulants to improve my lupus brain fog and stay functional. Exactly three months after each NA inoculation, I needed to cut down my stimulants because I'd suddenly be overstimulated and jittery, to the point where I've now stopped them. By the fourth dose, I was able to wean completely off both the antidepressants, when previously I couldn't tolerate a dose reduction for a week. I've been symptom-free except after I had to take helminth-unfriendly antibiotics for Lyme disease. Then my symptoms came back a month later, only to improve again three months after I reinoculated with NA. My psychiatrist has been impressed enough to share my results with other clients. There's a lot of evidence now that depression and other mental illnesses are caused at least in part by inflammation, and I chalk it up to that, but it was a completely unexpected benefit.” [179]


    • "I have bronchiectasis - primarily a complication of whooping cough as a child. Started (HT 3 months ago) and my coughing has improved out of this world. Had 2nd dose this week and, whether its psychosomatic or not, the improvement in my lungs is amazing!! [180]


    • “So far I have taken 35 HW and 300 human WW. My chronic bronchitis seems to be gone, and my asthma as well, and I was able to drop my prednisone from 20mg to 12mg for my ulcerative colitis.” (Link expired)


    • “I bruise very easily, but now (after hosting NA for 6 months and TSO for 3 months) I don't bruise even when I've taken a bump. This has been very noticeable for me.” [181] [182]
    • “I was extremely itchy from 2-3 days (following surgery), and went back to have that checked out. The doc said itchiness is healing and was shocked that I had that so early. He was also shocked that I had no pain, no bruising and clearly quick healing.” [183]


    Also see Helminthic therapy and cancer.

    • "Originally my doctor wanted to try these guys (NA) as an experiment to see if they help with reducing my cancer. We also found out these guys help the genetic condition that caused my cancer (FAP) which mimics an autoimmune disease. There are few studies that prove that elevated eosinophils actually help kill colorectal cancer cells. Six months into it, I'm cancer free." [184]


    • "Yes. I do think hookworm has helped dealing with candida. Just from the perspective that I haven't had to go on antibiotics, which was an all the time occurrence before, with my bad sinuses." (Reported in a private discussion, 2011.)
    • “… i've noticed reduced candida symptoms since doing HT, such as improved skin, no more colitis, but you're probably correct that rather than killing off the candida, it's dampening how my immune system overreacts to the yeast.” [185]
    • “I suffer from candida and am not sure that hookworms have changed that but they seem to have dampened my body's reactions to the candida. I have less burning and itching down below and in my eyes, feel stronger and more vital, my mouth is less raw, my stomach more stable and I can tolerate more foods, etc.” [186]

    Car sickness

    • "... my car sickness seems to be cured." (Link expired)
      And this was still in remission 2-3 years later. (Link expired)

    Coeliac / celiac disease

    Also see Non-coeliac / celiac gluten sensitivity (NCGS) and Gluten ataxia.

    These first two reports are more detailed than the quotes that follow.

    • “(My husband) had celiac disease (confirmed via endoscopy/biopsy) and was on a starch free diet for ankylosing spondylitis... but now he has a completely unrestricted diet for the first time and has not noticed any ill effects from the gluten or starch... its awesome!” [187], [188]
    • “I am a 30yo female diagnosed with celiac disease 15 years ago. I have experienced chronic diarrhea and iron deficiency anemia although I eat a gluten free diet (as confirmed by continued lab work). I inoculated with two doses of 15NA 1.5yrs ago. My ferritin before inoculation was 22 (highest I'd ever had is 32). Six months later my ferritin elevated to 56! Additionally stools became much more firm and increased in diameter (previously pencil thin). I did not attempt to eat gluten, but I did start eating at restaurants where cross contamination was more likely (pizza restaurants, and restaurants with shared cooking spaces) and did not get sick. Whether this was due to psychological or physiological effects I'm not sure, but I'm very pleased.” (Via private communication.)
    • “I have Celiac Disease. My first dose was 30hw when I was 18 in 2009. I re-upped in January 2016 of this year with 30hw and then again 30 more 3 months later… I have an extremely sensitive system and my Celiac Disease is very active. I have sensitivity below 20ppm and symptoms after ingesting gluten include brain fog, short-lived but intense depression (4-8 hours), memory loss, clumsiness, headache, bloating, facial rash, abdominal pain, severe diarrhea. I suffered greatly before hook worms and found that post-inoculation, my response time to gluten changed from 6 hours to 12-18 hours with greatly reduced symptoms. It's the difference between missing a couple days of work vs. being able to manage. I still don't eat out at restaurants unless I Nima test the food or it is a 100% gluten free facility. I don't eat at friends house or have any gluten in my household. The two years where the hook worms probably died and I didn't re-up were horrific - my sickness felt twice as bad as it used to be because I knew my baseline wellness could be so much higher.” [189]
    • “I first inoculated (6 months ago) with 25 NA. I started HT not to eat gluten again but to know I was not doing as much damage to my body if I should accidentally get a small amount while out. I also didn’t think that being gluten free was helping as much as it should. Since being diagnosed I have eaten super healthy… But despite this, I was sick at least every few weeks, which has been happening my whole life… Well it’s now been 5 months since I’ve been ill. Not so much as a sniffle. My glands aren’t swollen. I saw a functional medicine doctor recently… He ran a lot of tests and when they came back he said that I am the healthiest coeliac he has ever seen… My blood results were all in the normal range besides the Absolute Eosinophils which were 1078 (no surprise).” [190]
    The following update was posted 2 years later.
    “I have had NA for 3 years. Until recently I didn’t bother trying to reintroduce gluten as I was happy with a GF diet. But 3 weeks ago I started eating a piece of pasta a day. I’m up to 12 pieces daily and I’m not reacting at all. Usually that would have me incredibly ill, vomiting, diarrhea and tons of inflammation…” (Link expired)
    • “I took 20 worms (NA) about three months to help treat my celiacs disease. A week ago, I started to eat one piece of candy each day that contained a bit of barley. Usually that would have triggered a horrible reaction, but nothing but a little light cramping and swelling for an hour or two after ensued. Each day, the amount and time spent cramping and swelling went down. A week later, I decided to do the real test - eat a full slice of pizza. Normally, this would have caused me to be absolutely and completely sick for at least a week. No reaction. I tried a couple crackers the next day - no reaction. Then a chocolate bar with wheat wafers - no reaction. So there you have it! While I will still be sticking to a gluten free diet, the worms are a reassuring safety net for if I ever do consume gluten by accident, or if I would like to treat myself once in a blue moon. And strangely enough, ever since I have been slowly introducing the gluten, my bowels and stomach have been great! Better than before to be honest.” [191] [192]
    • “I was diagnosed (celiac) almost exactly 5 years ago and sadly saw little improvement over that time. I progressively became sensitive to more and more foods, first dairy, then soy, and just recently I lost eggs. My symptoms are mostly neurological; brain fog, personality changes, memory loss, unbelievable depression and anxiety, peripheral nerve damage, and my eyesight has taken a hit as well… Week 8 now (after inoculating with 5 NA) and all I can say is "wow". The last few days have seen a huge improvement in my energy levels and mood. I find myself smiling constantly! The brain fog has started to lift, I can have much better conversations and my memory is improving too. I don't feel like a zombie anymore!” [193] [194]
    • “Test results are back! 6 months in and I have been consuming a small amount of gluten. Coeliac markers came back virtually exactly the same as my strict gluten era. 😁 My GP was very impressed with my results!!!” [195]
    • “My experience so far with 10NA 7 months old and 25NA now 3 months, great results with possible cross contamination. I no longer ask questions when eating out about food preparation, I'm still eating gluten-free but no longer worry about if there is cross contamination. Some of my favourite Chinese sauces I used to cook with before Celiac disease have now appeared back into my cupboard and I have no hesitation using them.” [196]
    • “My gluten reaction was extreme even to tiny amounts of gluten. The second last time I was glutened it was from an antihistamine capsule. The branded version was GF but the generic wasn't. I was on the toilet for 2-3 hours with my system's obvious goal of emptying my entire GI tract ASAP... I inoculated myself with NA hookworm larvae on July 30th, 2018. I finally got the courage to try a tiny amount of gluten 4 days ago (Dec 20th, 2018). I didn't have a reaction so the next day I tripled the dose, and then tripled it again. Still nothing. I was so encouraged I had an entire whole wheat English muffin. No reaction to that either. That day I ended up eating 4! And I was totally fine. So far as I'm concerned I'm now on an unrestricted diet.” [197] [198]
    • “I inoculated with 10 NA a year and a half ago and had about 14 months of amazing relief. I have celiac and am incredibly sensitive to cross contamination. I used to have severe gastrointestinal issues after getting glutened and would be knocked out physically for a couple days. I then would have body pain and lethargy for at least a week. With 10 NA, I had zero gastro symptoms when glutened. I just got really tired (and) I could push through if needed, particularly for work. But if I was able to sleep, I would sleep for 4 hours or so, then have a few hours of grogginess. A bit of a queasy stomach, but barely. This felt miraculous to me compared to before. I never intentionally tried gluten, but I know of a few instances where I took chances and was cross-contaminated. I ate out several times, which I could never do previously. Huge quality of life improvement.” [199] [200]
    • ☹️ “I have had loose bowels, diarrhoea and chronic fatigue all my adult life. I was diagnosed with coeliac disease in July 2016 but experienced no improvement with a gluten free diet. I dosed with 25 hookworm larvae in October 2016, then 40 in Jun 2017 and 12 in Jan 2018. I had reactions each time, all in line with what you'd expect from the wiki. I definitely (still had hookworms at) 24 months, as I continued testing for a fair while after dosing. I didn't experience any improvement in my symptoms in the short or long term. I have found that the only way to improve my health is by targeting the symptoms (loperamide, amitriptyline, cholestyramine, clay, calcium carbonate) and reducing my fibre intake to almost zero.” [201]
    • “I had an accidental brush with gluten on the weekend just passed. For the first time in almost 10 years I had no immediate reaction; moreover no dread of being ill for the next few weeks and then some. Now that’s a hugely triumphant moment for me. So very happy with my life, feeling blessed. I am diagnosed Coeliac. I’ve also had lymphocytic colitis and gastritis over the past 5 years, all confirmed through biopsy by my gastroenterologist. Helminthic therapy was recommended to me after my last bout of gastritis after all other avenues had been thoroughly exhausted. I started with just 2 HDC, and now (at 7 months) I take 10 HDCs fortnightly.” [202]
    • “I have celiac. If I get even a tiny amount, I’m in severe pain, knock out within minutes and stay asleep for hours. The pain in my joints lasts for months. I’ve been terrified to try even after several years of NA. I accidentally got some in a chocolate bar that had been safe before, but I didn’t reread the ingredients before eating. I only had slight stiffness and it only lasted a few days. Definite difference!” [203]
    • “I have had 2 or 3 previous endoscopies with confirmed celiac, plus positive lab tests. The last endoscopy, (carried out after starting helminthic therapy [with TSO]) the pathologist suggested my previous dx's were in error. I don't believe it. Anyway, now I can eat gluten without issues.” [204]
    • “I have (had) celiac and after ~18 months (with NA) I could eat gluten again. I don’t even really pay attention to my diet anymore.” [205]
    • “I went gluten free in the early 80's and most of my gut symptoms resolved soon after. My doctor believed I had celiac disease based upon history but I was not interested in eating enough wheat to get a true diagnosis. Gluten free can be difficult when eating out and I periodically got ambushed. If these cross contamination exposures happened very often, symptoms came back. However, I have had helminths (NA) for about a decade, and a couple big exposures in the last few years did not cause symptoms. A guest staying with us had regular bread in a package that looked a lot like my gluten free bread. I ate several pieces this bread and had no problems. I also discovered that my favorite mexican restaurant's green chile sauce was not thickened with cornstarch but actually thickened with flour. I probably ate this sauce every month and maybe more often. And, where I used to have problems from cross contamination, I don't have them now when I actually eat wheat. That said, I'm not interested in experimenting.” [206]
    • "I had my celiac disease go into full remission from hosting 25 Necator americanus. Gluten reactivity was sky-high, but now I’m free to eat anything I like, and I rarely even burp. Both my fridge and freezer are stuffed with gluten and my favorite bed-time snack is mini shredded wheat. It's all a dream come true for this former highly reactive celiac. It's rare now that I have a meal without some gluten in it. No reactions at all, and bowel movement frequency has decreased. Only 1-2 perfectly formed bowel movements per day now. Things couldn't be going better. My meat-triggered ulcerative colitis is also entirely absent." (Edited from two posts: [207], [208])
    • "I have a celiac diagnosis. I now can eat gluten. I still mainly eat gluten-free, but I no longer worry about eating gluten. No reaction. Been doing NA for a couple of years." [209]
    • "I have been treating coeliac disease with NA for over 4 years now for cross contamination purposes. When I eat out I just order GF and don’t worry what it’s cooked with or in." [210]

    Chemical sensitivity

    See Multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS).

    Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)

    See ME/CFS. Also see Fatigue.

    Chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (CIPD)

    • “… the infection of 50-80 necator americanus helminths did not help appreciably with the cidp. I have since increased my infection of hw's to about one per pound of weight which is approximately 190 - 200 helminths. I weigh approximately 203 pounds… having the higher infection has seemed to help my cidp.” [211] (See this note about colony size.)

    Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

    • "I have had lifelong asthma, eczema and allergies. You name it, I’m allergic to it - trees and grass pollens, dust, molds, and fish. For the most part, medicines kept me under check. Yet over the years, the medications became progressively stronger and, at one point, a doctor told me that I had deteriorated to COPD. While helminth therapy has not been the complete cure I was hoping it might be, it has markedly improved all my conditions. Percentage wise, the improvement is probably around 75%." (Edited from this article.)
    • "A friend with stage 4 COPD has been doing NA for 9 months, 4 doses: 5, 8, 10, 10. No issues with lungs at all, no exacerbation or symptoms. The last pulmonary function test shows stable. This is supposed to be impossible as it is a progressive condition." [212]

    Cognition, poor

    • “Like my son, who had gigantic cognitive leaps within weeks of inoculation, after I bumped up to about sixty hookworms, I am finding myself capable of doing things I have never been able to do in my entire life. The whole way that I see the world has literally changed it seems overnight. I can see people in a way I never did before (or it's been so many years that I just do not remember.) Every day has been fantastic for about eight weeks now.” (Reported in a private discussion, Dec 2012)
    • “After hosting hookworm... I find that my ability to reason has improved, more like when I was young. This was surprising, to say the least.” [213]


    See Microscopic colitis, Lymphocytic colitis, Pancolitis, Ulcerative colitis and Ulcerative proctitis.


    See Helminthic therapy and bowel function: Constipation.

    Cracked heels

    • "Within weeks of starting TSO, my cracked heels just disappeared and turned all soft and normal! I always thought it was because I go barefoot so much, but apparently not." [214]
    • "My cracked heals have healed 80%, which is remarkable! I don't wear shoes most of the time, but the transformation is huge. One heel looks almost perfect again, and the other one is obviously a ton better…" (Link expired)
    • "This week I realized mine (cracked heels) are much reduced. They were so, so bad and coming off in pieces." [215]

    Cramps (abdominal)

    • “Used to have cramps every 3-4 weeks (needed Vicodin for pain), now it happens much less frequently (2-3 months) and not as severe (much less Vicodin needed)” (Link expired)

    Crohn's disease

    Also see Helminthic therapy and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

    The first six reports are more detailed than the quotes that follow.

    • "... it seems to have worked...my doctor is pretty optimistic about it actually." (Link expired)
    • The following three reports are by, or about, the same person, written over nine months.
      • "... what can i say? life's a party!" (Link expired)
      • "... she feels good, good energy, good color, very little pain or discomfort. She sleeps well and has a very good quality of life." (Link expired)
      • “One year ago I was ill and hospitalized. I could have died if I kept going the way I was going. My dad and I researched hookworm for 6 months and decided to go for it. I am living a normal life now. Living each day happy and healthy... I honestly believe the worms saved my life..." (Link expired)
    • "I feel like I have my life back... I continue to experience a gradual improvement in all of my crohns symptoms, but am relieved to see the lab work backs us my observations." (Link expired)
    • The following three reports are by the same person, over twenty months.
      • "Pain and discomfort are almost nil. No urgency at all. Best of all today had a solid bm... it is a real joy to see this definite improvement." (Link expired)
      • "Gut wise i feel better than i have in many years, including when i was strictly on SCD for 2 years." (Link expired)
      • "My health is the best it has been for many years... Feeling really good and thankful..." (Link expired)
    • "... my blood work shows that I am ‘healthy’. As my family dr. said, ‘You are like a normal person.’ That's something I have never heard!” (Link expired)
    • "... symptoms stopped when I took the TSO and subsequently the Whipworm... Plus now I am tapering off my Imuran without any worsening of my condition." (Link expired)
    • "... my allergies to the following foods have disappeared: avocado, cherries, plums, peaches, almonds... and am now in remission from severe Crohn's disease." (Link expired)
    • "... the change is nothing short of spectacular and has really transformed my life." (Link expired)
    • "I saw my Rhuematologist today and got my latest ANA, sed rate, CRP results. He had to re read them THREE times! Said he just couldn't beleive it... the ANA shows me going into remission and the sed rate has gone from 350 to 40! and my CRP was near normal. (Link expired)
    • The following four reports are from the same individual, spanning 4 years.
      • "HT is working for me! ... It has stopped the crohn's disease I have suffered from since the age of 12... I am now healthier than I have ever been.” (Link expired)
      • "Within 6 months I was off prednisone and achieved remission from CD… Symptom free and drug free after 33 years of illness! WOW!” (Link expired)
      • "Since using helminths I have been healthy enough to finish 2 Degrees and live and work abroad for the last 4 years without worry of being debilitated by CD… I would not be healthy and a productive human if it was not for helminths." (Link expired)
      • “When I began taking helminths my gut was in awful shape and my GI doc wanted to preform another surgery. I chose to begin helminth therapy hoping that it would save me and my gut. Helminths did what no stop gap surgery or drug could do, it put my CD in remission (after 30 years of coping) and has controlled it since then. It will be 10 years in Jan. 2016. Best choice I have ever made.” [216]
    • "My mom… was basically waiting for emergency surgery when she started hookworm therapy for Crohn's disease. She only has five feet of small bowel left, and the surgery would have made it necessary for a permanent feeding tube. That was almost a year ago and now she's far from needing surgery. She was living off Ensure and now eats food again… She started with 10 hookworms then six months later took 15 more. She's not cured but has a quality of life she was never able to achieve with pharmaceuticals." (Reported in a private discussion, 2011.)
    • “I have had 3 resections with 6-8 inches of small intestine taken out each time. The last one was in 2004 and since going on helminthic therapy and gluten-free diet, I haven't needed surgery.” (Reported in a private discussion, Jan 2012)
    • “I have had five resections, and have had the helminths for 14 months and feel great. At the time I got my hw, I was heading for my sixth bowel resection, and permanent feeding tube. I escaped that scenerio by a hair. I do not get strictures anymore.” (Reported in a private discussion, Jan 2012)
    • "…almost 2 years into therapy… and officially had my last infliximab infusion as they are no longer required as the worms are controlling my crohns, happy days. 12 months ago I wasn't even lasting 4 weeks between infusions and was facing colon removal and permanent bag, so I had a 2nd hw infection and it just got better and better. Now my crp is low and I reach the 12 week between infusions and still have no symptoms so it is no longer required." (Reported in a private discussion, Mar 2012)
    • "I have now had 4 doses of hookworm ... I'm drug-free, have had a long period of being symptom-free. Well worth the trip so far." [217]
    • “His disease affects his entire digestive tract from mouth to anus.... He has been hospitalized at least yearly more often multiple times per year since he was ten. We started combination therapy (hookworm and whipworm) in September of 2011. He has not been in the hospital since... No cramping, no bleeding, no loose stools.” (Link expired)
    • "I have had Crohn's since 2000. I have tried every drug out there with little success and a couple of near death experiences. I have basically been living in a recliner for almost a year. From August 2011 until May 2012 I was moving between the bathroom and the recliner. This is my 3rd dose of hookworms. I had little hope that this would work but the results are unbelievable (and) the last month has been crazy great!! I hit my 100 days and painted my entire house, inside and out! I used my painkillers not for lower left quadrant pain but for being so sore from activity that I couldn't get out of bed!!! I love hookworms!!!" (Reported in a private discussion, Jun 2012)
    • "It has been over two years now since we began treating Crohn's disease in our daughter… (who was) diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at the age of 14 months... Treating our little girl with helminthic therapy was the single best decision we could have made… The treatment has enabled her to live a normal life… rather then one riddled with pain and fatigue, pills, injections, and steroids… She is now over three and a half, and is as happy, healthy, and beautiful as any parent could want…" [218]
    • "Today marks exactly 600 days (20 months) since I have taken immunosuppressive medication of any kind. I suffer moderate to severe Crohn's, since 2006. I dosed with hookworm late 2010 (22 months ago), and twice in 2011. After three doses, I estimate that the hookworm alone achieves 85% symptom relief for me. I rejoice at the phenomenal benefit to my life. It would be no exaggeration to call my case a small miracle. I hope to continue to experience this degree of relief." (Reported in a private message, Aug 2012)
    • "I'm going to Tanzania to climb Kilimanjaro for charity on sunday. It's a pretty big thing for me, this time two years ago I couldn't walk much more than ten meters without discomfort, and walking anywhere for more than five minutes was out of the question. I don't half love my hookworms!" [219]
    • “I have crohns disease. I have had six bowel resections in the past, last one was seven yrs ago, and I have less than five ft left. I was heading for a feeding tube and surgery two yrs ago, when I got the worms. They work great for me, I am a super responder. All is under control now. I will make sure I always get topped up with hookworms, don't want to live without them.” (Reported in a private message, Dec 2012)
    • “My 11 year old daughter is nearing the 15 month mark with her hook worms... and I wanted to give an update. My daughter has not been on ANY medication (including over-the-counter immodium) since my last posting. She has solid stools most of the time, and I can count the intestinal cramping episodes on one hand. (And frankly we wonder if those few episodes aren't related to school/stress and not Crohn's?). We are not so naive to believe there won't be hiccups down the road, but the helminthic therapy is thus far miraculous... the improvement from a year ago is stunning! Our beautiful little girl is yet again thriving…” (Link expired)
    • "I just thought I'd share that yesterday was the first time I went to the grocery store in 6 months! I haven't felt this well in so long that it feels completely new to me. I felt quite proud of myself when I got home. In the past 6 months, the only two places I've been are my parent's house a few blocks away, and my son's school to pick him up. I'm starting to feel like a normal person again. I'm extremely pleased that my worms are working and that they are working so well! My "old friends" are my new (best) "old friends!" (Reported, after only 1 dose of hookworms, plus whipworms, in a private message, Mar 2013)
    • "Once the worm flu went away, I was in such a wonderful place. I was still taking my Remicade infusions, but I was practically off my Imuran… My colonoscopy showed major improvement, and I knew it was due to the worms." [220]
    • "I was diagnosed with Crohns in 2007. After the meds were ramped up to Remicade in January 2010 I explored alternatives and found helminthic therapy. I started on helminthic therapy in June 2010, had my last Remicade infusion on July 23, 2010 and never looked back. I've had my ups and downs, and earlier this year when the symptoms came back in full force and I realized my worms had probably all died, I got back on the "worm wagon" in early April of this year and am doing great again." (Reported to a closed group, Aug 2013)
    • “HT (hookworms) have completely changed my life. I can eat a normal range of foods now, my energy levels have been restored and I no longer take any pharmaceutical medication. I can't believe this treatment has not been adopted more widely, given how safe and effective it is.” (Link expired)
    • The following 2 posts are by the same person, 15 months apart.
      • "… the incredible pain I normally experience in my upper abdomen from the crohn's (mostly located in my jejunum) has slowly but surely vanished! I mean, how do you not notice something like that after suffering for so long?! I guess the improvements were slow and subtle. Anyhow, I feel very certain I can thank my HW for that! Nothing, and I do mean NOTHING has ever helped my crohn's so completely. In over 10 years, even the years I considered myself in remission, I was never so completely free from upper abdominal pain after a meal!" [221]
      • “When I started with HW I was having as many as 20-30 trips to the bathroom per day and through the night. I had a ton of intestinal bleeding. I was almost entirely home bound because I simply couldn't be far enough from a bathroom long enough to get anywhere… I was surviving solely on Absorb Plus at that time - no solid foods and was very under weight… It was around 4, maybe 5 months in that I noticed my abdominal pain had disappeared. Slowly my stools were becoming less frequent (10-15 times per day/night). Then they started firming up slightly. Then I was noticing less and less blood. I would have 1 good day out of 7, and I'd have energy and feel GOOD... I was able to go outside and do fun things with my kids again without being exhausted 5 minutes into an activity and desperately wanting to lie down. I wasn't constantly running to the bathroom. Now, I have really good days probably 65% of the time. I haven't had ANY blood in my stools in months now and my stools are mostly always formed… The urgency is MUCH better… For a while I was using LDN as well as helminths but now I'm using helminths solely… and I'm still seeing gradual improvement. This has been the single most helpful thing I've ever done for the Crohn's I've dealt with forever… I'm just so incredibly happy... I'm so glad I decided to try this. It's almost unbelievable… It quite possibly saved my life!” [222]
    • "I raced triathlon for several years... I struggled with the inflammatory results of all the training, and had relatively frequent flare ups of my chrons/colitis. Pre race anxiety also made things worse... So, I took a year off of training and decided to try HT without any exercise. Over the first year, I noticed a good deal of improvement in my symptoms and ability to tolerate allergens. Once I felt like I was stable, I started to ride my bike again. Over the next year, I was able to increase the frequency of my rides to 5-6x per week. I'm now racing cyclocross and enjoy it a great deal. While I have adjusted my expectations and anticipated outcomes, I still am able to get out, enjoy myself, and maintain a healthy lifestyle." (Link expired)
    • "At 6 months in I realized that my HW had made a profound impact on my crohn's symptoms. It happened very very slowly and gradually for me. I wish I had tried HW earlier in my disease process. I really feel that had I inoculated right away, I could have avoided a lot of pain and misery." (Reported to the Facebook Helminthic Therapy Support Group)[223]
    • “My son has crohns and HT has been very effective. It did take a while (well over 12 months) but he is in very good shape now and has been for nearly a year.” [224]
    • “In 2003 my Doc, Dr. W was involved in clinical study having to do with Helminths. He said I was a perfect candidate since I was not responding to the typical meds. I was to ingest whipworm eggs from pigs in a cup of Gateraid. I began the study and 8 weeks later began to have less symptoms of the disease. 8 weeks later and my symptoms were gone. A colonoscopy confirmed it. I couldn't' believe my eyes! It was healthy and pink! Not like the photos before that resembled hamburger. I have been in remission ever since!” (Posted in July 2014 to the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation.) [225] (Login required)
    • “A year after starting helminith therapy, I am 10 kgs heavier, eating really well, including all sorts of stuff I haven't eaten for years (although I am not eating EVERYTHING yet..), keeping fit, far more physically active and far less time in the bathroom. I am not "healed" but I am a hell of a lot better. Even my gastro said on my last visit to him, that he did not believe I'd be able to 'bounce back' without surgery and that he was pleasantly surprised.” [226]
    • “I am in 3rd year of therapy now. I had a colonoscopy done in May 2014 and it did not show any sign of crohn's. As a result I have been put off from medication (mesalamine). It is two months after stopping medication and things are normal. In my case the improvements are still adding on in terms or overall benefits.” (Reported to a closed group, Aug 2014)
    • “My daughter has Crohns and no matter which treatment she has had, over the last 7 yrs, her inflammatory markers never fell below 100. 3 months ago she started whipworm and hookworm therapy. I know its early days but yesterday her inflammatory markers where 27!!! Her treatment has been the same, with no other changes, so our little friends must be making the improvement! So pleased. Long may it continue!” [227]
    • “My son has done the combo of human ww/hw. (He started off with the HDC.) January 2015 was a total of 24 months. It was hard to know if it was working because the doctor put him on medicine. He was not doing well during the Holidays until we decided to see how he would do without any of the medicines. Well he's been doing great and living life free of crohns symptoms. When they did the endoscopy and colonscopy wherever the worms were located the doctor even said these areas appeared normal.” [228]
    • “The worms really have been a dream come true. I know my western docs say it's a disease of flare/remission yah da yah da but my experience has been straight flare from moderate to severe for 2½ years until the worms and then a straight decent to 98% remission a few months after starting the worms. I ditched the azathioprine (4 months ago) and so far everything has been grand.” [229]
    • “I can confidently say that my stomach problems have become at least 70% better… I have done 3 doses so far… I have had this disease (Crohn’s/colitis) since i was 12 and had IBS since i was around 6. This has made a ginormous difference in my life. I dont really get sick from food stuffs any longer. Its amazing.” [230]
    • “At my worst flares, I could not leave the house for fear of messing my pants. Any trip over 30 minutes was a risk and had to be after noon. Mornings were spent on the toilet most of the time. The burn was so bad that I had to sit in the tub after every trip to the bathroom. Now, I go about 3 times per day. Each time is usually a type 3 on the Bristol chart. It has been 4 months since I began the TSO. My Crohn's symptoms are gone. No night sweats or cramps. I am not taking any medicines whatsoever. When I really started to see results, I stopped everything but the worms. I can honestly say that the worms were the biggest reason for my recovery.” (Edited from two posts: [231] [232] Also see [233])
    • “LDN got me better but not 100%. Worms helped me more.” [234]
    • "I have Crohns that has been focused in the upper colon and what used to be my ileum. I have been taking 2500 TSO for nearly 2 years. After one year I was significantly improved - down to a single small ulcer." [235]
    • "I have Crohn's and helminthic therapy has completely changed my life. I'm on NA and TTO although I think the NA does most of the work. I do still take Entocort but I have energy, I have hobbies, I have friends, I can eat food, and I'm not in constant pain... It is slow going though. I felt some improvement after 3 months but it took about a full year before I felt good." [236]
    • “Moderate to severe Crohn’s for 23 years. Been dosing (NA) for around 7 or 8 years. Totally drug free for the first time in two decades. While I did decide eventually to supplement my treatment with additional medication, I have never felt better than I currently do. Not a stretch to say that it's changed my life.” [237]
    • “I started with HDC last year for my Crohn’s and went into remission within a week. I’m treating with NA now and haven’t had a single relapse ever since I started helminth treatment, except for the little window when I switched between helminths and had none alive in my gut. Also my overall food sensitivities and allergies decreased. I went from throwing up from a sip of water to being able to eat almost everything.” [238]
    • “My son is 19 yrs old and was diagnosed with severe Crohn’s at 16. He has been on NA for 2 years and currently takes 20 every 4-5 months. He’s in remission and has never had any side effects. Every time he does labs, the numbers get better and better. He also takes humira once a month.” [239]
    • “I have Crohn’s disease, and started with UC at age 12. I’m now 60. I tried all the drugs, last attempt was entyvio and budesonide which stirred things up for me. I’ve been on NA for 15 months, and I’m now drug free. My calprotectin is in normal range and I’m feeling great. Low dosing for me keeps the symptoms under control. I seem best with 3 NA every 10 weeks and 250 TSO every 13 days, or so. I love the combination, especially because TSO gives me such a beautiful bounce and I can regulate dosing.” [240] [241]
    • “I was diagnosed with IBD, first UC, then indeterminate colitis, and finally mild Crohns. On colonoscopy, the inflammation spread from the ascending colon to the rectum, and was quite severe. I have not stopped searching to regain my health for the last 8 years. Immunosuppressants didn’t help, FMT didn’t seem to work, and strict diets were hard core, mentally, physically and socially, But it’s now 6 months since I inoculated with 5 NA, and it’s been a textbook journey. A life changing treatment. I experienced all the side effects, as described in the hookworm timeline. It was tough going at about week 4, with strong nausea, etc., but that started to reduce by about week 7. This is when the improvements began - a reduction in gut gurgling, indigestion, chronic dry eyes, joint pain, chronic headaches, severe brain fog, depression (worry), and the rest. Before NA, I followed the RPAH Elimination Diet which allowed me to pinpoint food chemical intolerances, but without much success. Following this diet with NA on board, I’m doing the best I have since becoming chronically ill. By week 10, I started eating grains, something I hadn’t been able to digest for many years. From there, it’s been improvements all the way and I now have normal digestion. I would encourage anyone with ill health to try this fearless treatment. NA have changed my life.” (Edited from posts in this support group thread and this post.)
    • "I started NA on Jan 4th this year (2022) for Crohn’s Disease and Sweet Syndrome. I was not in a good way. In 2020 I was told I was going to die due to inflammation in my bowel, and it perforated while hopping into bed. I was in hospital 4 times, each for 2-3 weeks and tried every medicine available. I refused surgery due to the fact it almost always fails in my situation, so I was discharged. I managed to do nothing, and hardly moving for a year, I got a little better. Then I found NA. I've taken doses of 3, 3 and 5 worms so far, at around 10 weeks between each dose. I had a specialist appointment on Friday and, for the first time in 20 years, my blood work is fabulous. My CRP is 7, my cal protectin is 50 and my eosinophil level is raised, which is also good. My CRP has never been below 280 and my cal protectin was normally around 6000. So I have no signs of disease in my blood and I'm no longer an extreme surgical case. I'm not even sick as far as doctors are concerned. I still get a little arthritis in my hands but that could be because it's winter. And my tongue still has geographical patterns, but otherwise I'm pretty great. Thank you my worm friends." [242] "I am in complete remission on 6NA every 10 weeks." [243]
    • "My brother used the TSO 2500 eggs twice a month for 18 months to cure his Crohn’s disease, and it worked wonders for him." [244]


    • “My dandruff went away completely. I had moderate dandruff. Enough that wearing dark colored shirts and sweaters was really challenging, and my scalp was always itching/crawling. I didn’t even think of it as a part of my disease picture - I just figured I had dandruff. But at some point, my daughter (a cosmetologist) noticed that I didn’t have it anymore. It was probably about a year after I started helminths (NA) that she commented on it. The dandruff hasn’t returned.” (Edited from two posts. [245] [246])


    • “I am currently helping someone with dementia. She has been taking NA for one year and whilst we have nothing remotely scientific, her doctors and her husband are pleased that she has not declined and may have some improvements. Early days.” [247]

    Depression / low mood

    Also see Helminthic therapy and neuropsychiatric function.

    The first report is more detailed than the quotes that follow.

    • "The worms have removed my crippling depression and fuzzy head so I'm very happy." (Reported in a private discussion, Jan 2012)
    • "I second getting some mood benefits from HT, which many others have noted as well." (Link expired)
    • "The thing that surprised me most about the therapy is an increase in general well being. I sleep less, am more alert, am able to think more clearly, and have a brighter mood. I jokingly say that I wasn't depressed prior to worms, and I'm even more not depressed now." (Link expired)
    • “I inoculated with hookworm hoping that it would help my chronic sinus issues... But I wasn't expecting any changes in personality, so they came as a shock. My lifelong battle with depression and anxiety seems to be over. And I'm also smarter again (like when I was a kid).”
    • “I'd say hookworm has improved my mood… I wasn't actively depressed when I started hookworm but I definitely noticed a reduction in how much I had to use CBT-style challenging of my thinking.” [248]
    • “I have been depressed most of my life. That eased a bit with IV magnesium. But it changed dramatically about 20 weeks after starting hookworms. My mood improved dramatically and I just felt happy - my psychological issues just disappeared.”
    • “The crippling morning depression I would experience has all but completely vanished. When I now wake up in the morning, I feel positive about getting up and optimistic without feeling drained or as if I had just gone to sleep an hour ago.” (Written after 5 months with hookworms and two months of taking TSO for systemic lupus.) [249]
    • “I have good days now (after hosting NA for five years) when I never had good days for years, and sometimes I actually feel incredibly happy, something else that never really happened.” [250]
    • “My depression and anxiety and brain fog have disappeared on NA.” [251]
    • “I can attest to a huge improvement in my anxiety and depression within just a few weeks of my first NA dose (off all meds now) but I'd say I still have some mild residual symptoms.” [252]
    • "Hookworms took about 24 weeks to begin to make a dent in depression - now about 2.5 years into helminths, I have some days where I'm downright optimistic. Not many, but after decades of depression it's a huge change." [253]
    • ☹️ “I have anxiety and depression and have not really noticed any differences.” [254]
    • "My diagnosed anxiety/depression went down to zero. I can't get unhappy if I try. If this was the only good effect (of using HDC) it would be enough." (Link expired)
    • “NA has definitely helped with depression, although I do not feel that my depression is severe, compared to that of others. It is definitely seasonal… After about 6 months, I began to notice improvement in mood.” [255]
    • “As pretty much a lifelong depression sufferer (since onset of puberty anyway), I generally never liked the flat emotional effect I got from antidepressants, and always felt my depression was very much related (coincidentally at least) to my severe seasonal allergy symptoms. By the time I started hosting HW, I had given up on antidepressants for several years, and had just resigned myself to pushing through life without psych meds. About a year into hosting NA for severe allergies and asthma, I unexpectedly noticed nearly total resolution of my depressive symptoms.” [256]
    • “NA resolved my chronic depression - it was one of those weird, gradual, unexpected benefits.” [257]
    • “HDC (I take 10 every three weeks) have a positive impact on my mood. My case may be different from others, but... PANS is what leads to my low mood. In PANS, autoantibodies attach to dopamine and glutamate receptors in the basal ganglia, which blocks their transmission in normal amounts. I think my good mood when I take HDC is likely because it helps whatever is leading to those autoantibodies being in the wrong place (my basal ganglia receptors), so more dopamine and glutamate can reach their proper destination. Not sure if these mechanics apply to many other disorders, though.” [258]
    • “I thought the NA didn't do much for my mental health. But it's clear to me now that they were helping me. I got rid of my NA as part of an experiment to see if they were contributing to a sudden and consistent drop in energy I've been experiencing since May. I find that I am more depressed without them. Small problems can now push me over into the realm of crying spells and panic attacks. The HDC was helping with social anxiety and OCD, but it seems the NA was supporting a higher baseline of mental health and stability. More NA on the way to restock.” [259]
    • “I’ve had so much success from the two types of friends... it’s the miracle I’ve been searching for (for 18 years) since 2001. I can’t even tell you how much happier I am now that my depression, fatigue, and extreme food sensitivities are pretty much resolved. I think the NA have been the most helpful for me, with TSO as a great backup.” [260]
    • "I’ve been previously diagnosed with depression, anxiety, PTSD, panic disorder, and a mood disorder, and for 10 or more years, life had seemed like a foggy dream. But after almost two years with NA, I realized that HT has significantly helped me with my mental health. It’s given me a sense of clarity that I haven’t had in years. I continue to require therapy as needed, and I’ve been treated with a wide range of medications over the years, but I’m currently only on one anxiety medication. I continue to be so thankful for HT. It’s life altering." (Edited from this post: [261].)
    • “I am pretty sure that my NA have dealt with my insomnia, probably part of what remains the biggest, and unexpected, benefit of taking on these wonderful companion animals: an end to depression and anxiety of a level such that I had to take tricyclic antidepressants to function.” [262]
    • "TSO was the magic mood machine for me." [263]
    • "I've been doing HDC for five months now. Started with five every three weeks. I expected no results for at least a week, but noticed an improvement in energy and mood in two days. While mood and energy are up, joint pain is down." [264]
    • "My mental health has been way better since starting helminth as I was pretty low on and off for a long time before that and especially bad when I was low in energy or sick, like when I had covid. After dosing with 3 NA, then 5, and now 3 NA every 3 months, I haven’t experienced that depression except for 1 day following another covid infection. I’m feeling like seeing people which I couldn’t face last year until well down the track." (Edited from this post.)

    Dermatitis herpetiformis

    • “(Dermatitis herpetiformis) is a symptom of celiac. Mine has gone away since I started NA.” [265]
    • “I used to get DH prior to being diagnosed coeliac. Going gluten-free helped it a lot but I’d still get it occasionally. I haven’t had it again since getting NA.” [266] “I’ve recently started eating gluten and the DH hasn’t come back.” [267]


    • “My baby started to get dermatographia hives from touch at 6 months when I introduced solids. At 8 months he got 3 hookworm and the hives have stayed away.” (Reported to a closed group, Oct 2014)
    • “About a year ago I started off with 5 NA, then went to 15 and now have about 30. I used to have dermatographia, acquired 4 years ago, which causes the skin to welt up at the slightest scratch or irritation. The welts would itch, causing me to scratch more, causing more welts. I was able to write messages on my arm, and, in order to get relief, I had to take a daily dose of Allegra for several years. I finally quit taking Allegra about 4 months into my NA inoculation since I didn’t need it anymore.” [268]


    • “I am 7 months in to treatment for dermatomyositis and other autoimmune problems. I have 35 hookworms and have recovered almost completely. I had sun sensitivity, food allergies and skin problems which are all gone.” [269]
    • “I have MCTD - Lupus with a likely DM (dermatomyositis) overlap… I'm 14 months into HT and about 85 to 90% improved!” [270]

    Developmental delay

    • "The teachers were telling us it was a definite possibility that he would never actually be able to write and that he would need assistive technology for life… We've been struggling to teach him to read for two years now… Well, in the last month (following inoculation), he's had major developmental leaps... and is now actually reading, has progressed about 12 months in the last month as far as his fine motor skills go. He's reading and writing now, actually reading at or above grade level." (Reported in a private discussion, 2011) [271]

    Diabetes type 1

    Also see Helminthic therapy and diabetes: Type 1.

    • "We started to notice high blood glucose (BG 250) in our 9 year-old in early Nov of 2012, and when we went to the endo on 20th of that month, we were given a 6-12 month projection for insulin dependence and had autoantibodies measured. The results came back significantly positive for GAD65 and IAA... About 2 days before our 6 month check up in mid Aug 2013 we went out for sushi and had ice cream afterwards. Post Prandial was 111. The Post Prandial should be below 180 to not be considered diabetic, but below 140 is more in the normal range. We were dumbfounded because, a while back, this PP would have been near the 160-180 mark if not higher. We were also not being as strict with diet and sleep, when we saw the endo, as it was summer, and we still need to be a kid! ;-) However, I really was thinking that the A1C would be at least 6.0, but it wasn't. It was 5.5... Currently we have 70HW on board and will be dosing with another 30 or so to get to the 100 mark." (Link expired)
    • “My 9yo son now has 70 HW, as our effort to head off pre-diabetes. His labs show his Triiodothyronine (T3) has gone from 181 to 136 with the helminths… His hemoglobin was called "high" before helminths at 5.8... Now it's 5.7.” (Reported at 10 months after the first inoculation.) [272]
    • “I have a son who was tested positive for type 1 diabetes autoantibodies (ICA,GADA IAA,IA2A) at the age of 8 months. We have been told that he will almost certainly develop diabetes sooner or later. He had his first HW when he was 2 years old (3 years ago). Since then his B-HbA1C (glycosylated haemoglobin) has gradually come down from 5.7 to 5.0. Also two out of four autoantibodies have disappeared.” [273] (For more about this case, see this and subsequent posts.)
    • “I am 60+ male who developed LADA (latent auto-immune diabetes in adults - sometimes called Type 1.5) out of the blue appx 20+ years ago. It gradually evolved to becoming insulin dependent. Nov. 2014 (13 months ago), all was going pretty well until I developed flu-like symptoms… Small doses of ibuprofen kept the pain at bay, but overall health continued to deteriorate… Then came the periodic double vision and ocular aches. January 31st, I started losing vision in one eye for 10 minutes at a time… My CRP was 165 and Sed Rate was 67. Oops! Neural ophthalmologist and Rheumatology Docs put me on high dose of Prednisone (60mg) to knock out the inflammation which had localized in the fat cells behind my eyes… by June the docs could not determine what caused this inflammatory outbreak. They ruled out everything and primarily ended up with a diagnosis of auto-immune disease with inflammation of unknown origin. Put me on 20mg weekly of Methotrexate (MTX) to replace the prednisone, but there was still some residual inflammation around my eyes. Rheumatologists wanted to put me on Rituximab… Still fatigued most of the time. My primary suggested HT as another approach. I began taking HDC at end of July. After 3 doses I was feeling much better and started reducing my doses of MTX… I increased doses to 60 ova biweekly in mid-October and have stayed at that dose. I weaned off MTX and stopped it entirely in mid-Nov. My inflammation markers are back to normal (CRP is 4.4; Sed Rate is 11) and I feel better than I have in 12 months… Ophthalmologist says everything looks ok and to only call if any symptoms return… My primary and I are both pleased with how HT is going.” [274]
    • "Treating T1 Diabetes with hookworms in a 10 year old male. Initial dose: 10 NA in 2016. From weeks 6 to 7, my son's blood sugar levels were extremely stable never going over 6.5, which is very rare for a diabetic. He had a few hypos mainly to do with putting in too much insulin, but we got down from 22 units of insulin per day to just 10/12. Hookworms were still helping at approximately 1 year, but his colony might have died soon after that, when I gave him oregano oil. After that happened, we saw worsening of blood sugars. We reinoculated with 10 NA and his BGs got better and better again. Most importantly, they were consistent with his diet... After those first two doses, my son decided not to continue dosing because of the initial discomfort, and he didn’t dose at all for the next 4 years, after which he resumed the treatment with a dose of 20 NA, which caused no major reactions. Now, the treatment seems to work for the first couple of weeks but doesn't last... We'll continue dosing as he is ok about it now, and perhaps he needs to have smaller doses but more often?" (Edited from three posts: [275] [276]] [277].)

    Diabetes type 2

    Also see Helminthic therapy and diabetes: Type 2.

    • “My blood sugar came down steadily with my first few doses of HDC, until I was getting readings of 70 (close to perilously low!). Then it normalized to 90-100 range (excellent even for non-diabetics) when dosing with 30 every 2 weeks. When a shipment went astray, my blood sugar crept up to diabetic levels again. The replacement dose arrived 2 weeks late, but brought quick relief, and five days after taking this dose, I was normal again. My blood sugar readings went down each day: first 130 (solidly diabetic), next day 122 (borderline), then 110 (fair), 103 (good) until today 100, NORMAL!” (Received via email.)
    • “I used to be classified as pre diabetic with a BG of 7.1 consistently over a decade. I have helminths now (NA and TTO) and I run 4.5 consistently.” [278]

    Diarrhea / diarrhoea

    See Helminthic therapy and bowel function: Diarrhea/diarrhoea.

    Diverticular disease (diverticulosis / diverticulitis)

    See Helminthic therapy and diverticular disease.

    Dry eye syndrome (DES) / keratoconjunctivitis sicca (KCS)

    (Some of these comments are abbreviated from reports presented elsewhere on this page.)

    • “Last few years I noticed my eyes are not producing tears when I cut onions, only slight burning. Less than 3 weeks since inoculation with 5 NA, my eyes are producing tears again when cutting onions.” (A patient with ulcerative colitis.) [279]
    • “My dry eye also improved, where before it felt like plaster.” (A patient with lupus, Sjogrens, MCS and food allergies.) [280]
    • “I was diagnosed with Sjogrens… particularly dry eyes… I started with NA two years ago, seeing positive results after 9 months… in all symptoms.” (Link expired)
    • “I am nearly completely symptom free for the first time in years. No more sandpaper dry eyes, dry mouth…” (A patient with asthma, eczema, dust mite and multiple other allergies, IBS and pemphigus.) [281]
    • “Her presenting symptoms included dry eyes and mouth… She procured NA larvae and self-inoculated… On this visit, she was asymptomatic.” (Re a 33-year-old female with a history of mixed connective tissue disease.) [282]


    • “I was dx with NCS dysautonomia a long time ago. NA has removed the 'leg pooling' of blood which allows me the freedom of not getting that leaded leg symptom which would cause me to get dizzy... When I have the right number of NA my dysautonomia goes away." [283] [284]

    Eczema / dermatitis

    The first two reports are more detailed than the quotes that follow.

    • "The symptom that reduced the most was skin problems (eczema) and general itching of the skin... which was one of my most bothersome symptoms before hookworm." (Link expired)
    • The following two reports were written, two years apart, by the same person.
      • "One of my symptoms was severe eczema in the crook of my left arm. This has gone into complete remission since treatment." (Link expired)
      • “I had an area of weeping eczema in the crook of my left arm, which has been in complete remission for a couple of years now. I also had papules that covered my upper arms, and they are now in about 97% remission.” (Link expired)
    • “... I always have little, random patches of eczema-like rash... about ten little patches at any given time on arms, shoulders, neck, or ears, and in the last month it's been closer to two at a time. At the moment I have NONE, which is unheard of for me." (Link expired)
    • "I'm at 18 months now, and I have seen a gradual and consistent improvement over this time in both my food allergy/intolerance and my eczema. The improvements in the former have been so amazing that they have overshadowed the changes to my skin, but these have also been occurring very gradually over the 18 months to the point where I now only have three tiny patches of eczema that still need to be creamed, and now only every few days. This is instead of having to apply lashings of cream, every day without fail, to both feet, both knees and both elbows." (Link expired)
    • ☹️ "... it is my unfortunate duty to report that, so far, the helminths have not had an impact on my chronic, severe eczema." (Link expired)
    • “He used to break out in eczema if he had gluten more than 2 days in a row and now he can eat it every day.” (Link expired)
    • "I had eczema mostly on my hands and arms, and sometimes on my neck for about 20 years. For the last 10 years or so I used prednisolone as needed. My first dose (of hookworms) was 2 months ago. I have had no eczema, and haven't been on pred for a few weeks. My skin hasn't looked this good in 10 years, and especially without any drugs." (Link expired)
    • “It’s now been a bit more than 6 months since my initial inoculation, and I'm now the proud mom to 85 hookworms and the results I have seen have been amazing! My eczema is fantastic! All summer I was able to wear short sleeves without worrying about how bad the eczema on my arms was.” [285]
    • "My excema is prone to occasionally re occur but is much better than it was a few years ago, at this time of year I would scratch my skin raw in my sleep (very disturbed sleep) and flake dry skin all day. It was unbearable, my wife was genuinely concerned for my mental health. I feel more relaxed and generally contented than I can remember." [286]
    • "Our two year old son was sensitive to fragrances in detergents and soaps - we noticed he would scratch excessively if we put him in clothes that had been washed with scented detergent, and his eczema would flare up. (He has had mild eczema since he was 3 or 4 months old.) Since his first dose with 5 HW about 13 weeks ago, we have seen a significant improvement! His skin is pretty much clear, just a small patch of dryness on each of his feet. He no longer seems bothered after washing his hands with scented soap (this used to make his wrists itch for hours)." (Link expired)
    • "Our 2½ year old started with 5 HW in May 2013. He had eczema, mild food allergies (egg white, wheat, and peanut), and was sensitive to fragrance and some foods (dairy, potatoes). So far we have seen significant improvement in the eczema and sensitivities. We have reintroduced dairy and potatoes in small amounts with no reaction…" (Reported to a closed group, Aug 2013)
    • “I started HT with hookworms for eczema in June 2013 and have now been totally eczema free for nearly 8 months. I had it mainly on my hands and face, but it could also spread all over in bad flares which were usually caused by contact with perfumes. It used to be so bad on my hands that I couldn't even bare to put them in water - couldn't bathe my own kids! It got particularly bad during the winter months when I would get patches on my face, arms and legs too. I'd had it pretty constantly for about 25 years and went through all the treatments to no avail. I now haven't even had a spot of dry skin for over a year and last winter is the first one I've had eczema free since I was a child! So I would say that HT has been pretty miraculous for me!” (Edited from two posts, including this one.)
    • “Both my daughter and I had eczema and although the main condition she took hookworms for, was Crohns, it has cleared up our eczema. I take hookworm and whipworm just as a parental dose to support my daughter but my eczema has completely gone.” [287]
    • “... helminths have done wonders for my eczema. I had horrible eczema for years, all over my body, that really intensified over the last few years. I've had what counts for me as clear skin (it's not clear, but the difference is so staggering that I nearly don't care) since about 14 months with helminths. I'm now at around 19 months. It's incredible.” [288] And an update 6 years later: "NA has been key in my (severe) eczema management. It's consistently 80-90% better than it used to be." [289]
    • “TSO has been unbelievably effective for my daughter’s eczema. She is now 23 years old but has tried EVERYTHING in the past with fair results at best.” (Reported in a private communication, Jun 2015)
    • “I inoculated (4 years ago) for severe eczema and allergies, which started 17 years ago after taking multiple antibiotics. Over the following 13 years I tried everything from many MDs and NDs and diet changes, Chinese medicine, allergy shots and acupuncture (which did, amazingly, turn off the itching but only temporarily). But, by FAR, the NA inoculation helped immensely. It took 9 months to see significant improvement but it is so much better. I can go outside without my eyes swelling shut and full body rashes. My eczema still worsens with emotional stressors but nothing like before. Life is normal again: no more oral steroids, only tacrolimus ointment rarely. I❤️my worms.” (Edited from three posts: [290] [291] [292])
      And an update: "Now, 7 years later, still hosting NA, I rarely have any eczema patches." [293]
    • “I’ve been waiting to update for my daughter, who is 18 months old. (Ten weeks ago) I inoculated her with 3 NA for severe eczema and allergies… The back of her neck, arms, and legs were riddled with eczema and she didn't sleep well. Last week her skin became smooth, the redness is greatly reduced. She doesn't need to be moisturized at every diaper change, only twice per day. She started sleeping without our 4 am itch fest, which was our nightly ritual for months… the change in her skin is remarkable progress. I had tried so much before Helminth Therapy. It's the only treatment that has brought my girl relief. I look forward to the weeks to come.” [294] [295] “It took 2 doses (both of 3 NA) and 10 months to see 90-95% complete remission in my daughters severe eczema.” [296]
    • "One dose of 25 (NA) 10 months ago and I've had no excema since. [297]
    • “I have just entered week 6 after my first dose of 5NA on 4/16. I am treating eczema, asthma, and allergies. My usually cracked, bleeding, seeping, and life-ruining skin has been WONDERFULLY clear, about 95% clear since May 1st. My eczema was the disease causing me so much misery for so many years and for 6 weeks I have been almost symptom free! I have never cried happy tears as frequently as I do now. I am just so happy to feel so good and to be able to wear short sleeves and shorts in this 90 degree weather. If you are debating trying this treatment, please don't wait any longer.” [298] (Linked post includes before-and-after pictures.)
    • “Since when at 14 years old I got an antiparasite medication I started suffering from dust mite allergy and eczema. I’m now 27 and I’ve inoculated 3 times with 5 NAs… (and) have zero allergies and eczema.” [299]
    • “For about 20 years, I have struggled with eczema on my face. I often had ugly red and purple patches of it at various places on my face, and it was also sometimes oozing and painful. For the last three months (and after 14 months of taking HDC), the eczema has been virtually non-existent, and this without any other treatment or attention.” [300]
    • “I had chronic dyschotic eczema on hands. I got nothing before the 7-8 months with NA, then it cleared.” [301]
    • “We began giving our son NA a year and a half ago. He was almost two years old at the time and had suffered from severe (and I mean extremely severe) eczema from one month of age. We had tried everything possible including fecal transplants, and NA was probably the last thing I could think of that we hadn't tried. 12 weeks into his first dose of 5 NA, he was able to play naked, without two layers of clothes on for the first time in his life (he couldn't have skin anywhere within itching reach as he wouldn't do anything else other than scratch his skin to the point of bleeding). Since this first dose, we have given him a few others and also included 8 months of TSO treatment. There have been ups and downs with his skin but overall, a year and a half later, he is a completely different kid. Looking at him you would never know he had eczema and I couldn't be more grateful.” [302]
    • “I started (with NA) around 2 years ago. My food intolerances meant I usually had painful eczema on my hands, mouth and eyes mainly. I still have a little on my face now and again. My hands are no longer that painful, there is still eczema but it has toned down to a level I've not seen since I was early teens. I still plan on doing more and hopefully see more results. I still do have to avoid the stuff I was most intolerant to but my quality of life is so much better.” [303]
    • “At 12 weeks after 5 NA, my hand eczema disappeared and hasn’t returned since (almost two years ago).” [304]
    • “Right now I take 30 HDC every two weeks and my severe skin problems are almost 100 percent gone. It’s kind of incredible. At best, the extreme chronic eczema is on my hands and feet only, but, in the last 8 years since I went off the steroid creams, I’ve had crazy outbreaks of rashes, hives, swelling skin, itchiness and red skin syndrome (incredibly swollen red skin). It would come and go but was always there in the background. Sometimes, when I was in a flare, it felt debilitating, painful and uncomfortable. I took the HDC and it immediately calmed the severity of things and now, after two months, my skin is better than it’s been in years.” [305] [306]
    • “I have started helminthic therapy and been on it for almost one year and seen great improvement in my skin, I no longer flair everyday from foods and my surroundings and have starting mircodosing my trigger foods. My hands and mouth are no longer dry, cracked and peeling. It’s done wonders for me.” [307]
    • ☹️ “My main problem with atopic eczema in the last few years was that I developed nummular or discoid eczema which are quite severe concentrated discs like spots that started appearing all over my body and head so can often be termed psoriasis as it moved to the head. I had a very stepped, well thought through and exacting approach after doing a tonne of research and giving the worms lots of time to work between each dose, but the discs and psoriasis still persisted without any reduction. However I never get hay fever anymore during spring so maybe that’s something. I had really hoped this was going to be my holy grail, but after 4 years of trying I finally gave up and looked to other aetiology. I’m on Methotrexate now and that stuff is pretty amazing, cleared it right up. Also fasting works for me.” (Edited from two posts: [308] [309])
    • “My teenage son shows no signs of his eczema with NA. Occasionally he drops below a therapeutic dose and needs more.” [310]
    • “I had chronic eczema for many years. Usually it was on my fingers, hands, wrists, forearms, elbow creases and neck, and sometimes would spread much more than that. Food sensitivities like sugar aggravated it, and I managed it with topical steroids, but I don’t need these any more. I got improvement in about 3 months, then, after a couple years with NA, my skin was clear. My dosing is pretty irregular: 5-12 NA 2 or 3 times a year.” (Condensed from several comments in this thread.)
    • “My moderate eczema was chronic since birth, and would have been severe if I was not using cortisone creams. Before NA, I had it on my face, crotch, neck and back. After 15 weeks with NA, rash is now moved to only left elbow flexture, underarms & neck. Much less distressing!” [311]
    • “Ever since we started taking them (HDC), there has been no eczema for my kids, even during winter or even if they eat dairy.” [312]
    • “I have eczema, allergies and asthma and it’s lessened the severity of all three, especially my eczema.” [313]
    • "It took my husband a couple of doses before his eczema settled, dosing 5 or so (NA) every 10-12 weeks, but it cleared up really well." [314]

    Ehlers–Danlos syndromes (EDS)

    See Helminthic therapy and Ehlers–Danlos syndromes (EDS).


    • “I started about 4 months ago and have had a huge reduction in sharp, shooting and stabbing pelvic pains after the first 2 months of treatment.” (Link Expired)
    • “I had excessive period pain associated with endometriosis and adenomyosis. I now have no period pain at all. I still find it incredible that my period just starts with no warning now. I used to be doubled up in agony. I think it took about 6 months after starting HW for the pain to stop.” [315]
    • “Worms helped me a bit with end[ometriosis].” [316]
    • “I have endometriosis that made me crawl over the floor 2-3 days per month if I didn't want to take pain medication. I was very surprised that stopped entirely 2 months into hosting (NA). I don't like anecdotal info but I can find no other explanation for this than suspecting the helminths regulated the TH17 pathway involved in endometriosis, after nothing helped with that for years.” (Link Expired)


    • "I was suffering from a painful, debilitating autoimmune condition called erythromelalgia, in which my feet would periodically flare a bright red color. (Erythromelalgia involves a loss of small-fiber nerves controlling blood flow.) I also had large-fiber neuropathy, where there was no longer a measurable signal for my sural nerve (a major nerve running from the calf to the foot). Another symptom of the large-fiber neuropathy was losing all strength in the muscles which were supposed to straighten my toes. Not long after I began hosting hookworms, I also started taking low-dose naltrexone. While I think both autoimmune treatments have been helpful, and complementary, the hookworms seem more essential to my well-being. My erythromelagia has improved tremendously since treatment. In addition, I have recovered a measurable signal in the sural nerve, and can straighten my toes normally again. Although I'm not completely free of erythromelagia symptoms, my activities are no longer limited by my feet. And where I was once routinely awakened three times per night by flaring feet, I haven't experienced such a flare for 6 years now. There have also been a number of the "bonuses" that hookworm recipients sometimes speak of. Where I was very susceptible to tendinitis for most of my adult life, this is no longer the case since treatment. Where eating pineapple or strawberries always made my tongue look like a map of the world, those no longer give me any trouble. And my sense of smell, which had diminished significantly, has improved." (Via private communication, July 2015)

    Eosinophilic esophagitis (EE / EoE)

    • "My daughter who has EE is off of Prilosec for the first time in six years!!! Only one incident of reflux in the last eleven days and none of the other typical symptoms that we've seen without it -- sleeplessness, crabbiness and emotional volatility because of increased pain. I'm not giving her anything else -- no antacid, betaine HCL, TUMS, or baking soda in water… This is absolutely huge for us… Her eating is much better in general as she is now able to eat a lot more nutritionally dense food… Yesterday she went to sleep before the rest of us. This has practically never happened." (Reported in a private discussion, Apr 2012)
    • "… after the initial inoculation with seven hookworms, Cole experienced some side effects—periumbilical pain and mild diarrhea—but his food reactions improved. After five months, however, Carmon says, 'He regressed a little.' She and her husband decided to have Cole inoculated with 20 more worms. That’s what did the trick, Carmon says. Cole stopped having reactions to his remaining foods and Carmon is slowly adding foods back into his diet. According to his doctors, Cole is in clinical remission, and they are 'fascinated' that helminth therapy worked. Helminth therapy has had other benefits, in addition to dramatically improving his health. 'He used to have trouble learning but he is now doing wonderfully in school … He used to be fussy and hard to please but now he’s just so happy all the time.'” [317]
    • "… there has been a dramatic improvement with the eosinophilic esophagitis. Prior to inoculation, I was experiencing some level of food impaction that would, on a weekly basis, require a rush trip to the bathroom to find a way to push food down. I could not eat most foods without a glass of water near by at all times to help wash down each bite of food. Since inoculation, I have not experienced a single episode of food impaction! It's no longer necessary for me to remember a glass of water every time I want a snack… It has been 5 weeks since I used the medication (Flovent) with any regularity, and I'm still symptom free. I'm surprised for 2 reasons. First, EoE was not a condition that I really hoped the worms to improve… Second, I am surprised to have seen such a significant improvement so early in therapy…” [318]
    • "I have been dealing with EE for the past 25 years. Food would get stuck in my esophagus just about every day. I have made several trips to the ER to get it pulled out. I started getting dilations done, but it would just close up again within a 2 months. I've had ~30 dilations. My throat was so tight (worst all my doctors have ever seen) they would have to use pediatric scopes and wires to do the dilations. Normal adult sized instruments where two large. I started therapy with Hookworms 20 months ago. It was not until 6 months after starting that I could really say it was starting to help. The dilations done in the past they were BARELY able to dilate me to 8mm and it would close up again in a few weeks. Today I'm dilated to 13mm and we are dilating every 6 months just to stay on top of it… I am very happy with the results so far. It is not 100%, more like 60%, but that 60% has made a HUGE impact on my quality of life." (Link expired)
    • “Both my sons were diagnosed with EE at a young age. They were avoiding long lists of foods. One of my sons got to the point that he wasn't tolerating any food, and was on a special hypoallergenic formula. we were considering a feeding tube. We infected both of them with hook and whip two years ago. They now only are allergic to nuts and shellfish! It is a miracle for our family. Their last endoscopies looked great! Our quality of life has greatly improved!! I also had hookworms during my last pregnancy. I was a little worried but delivered a beautiful, healthy baby girl. She has no food allergies. Our allergist is shocked based on our family history.” (Link expired)
    • “I started helminthic therapy almost 2 years ago in a desperate attempt to get my eosinophilic esophagitis and endless list of serious allergies under control. At several points, the number of foods I could tolerate was... zero. Even on "medically fabricated food" I was still pretty sick. One of my most burdensome allergies was oral allergy syndrome - an allergy to any food that has not been cooked. I am celebrating this week, because I've discovered that for the first time in 8 years I can eat raw food with NO reaction! Blueberries, strawberries, spinach, broccoli... Delicious! I was close to giving up on my little worms, since I saw no discernible improvement for a year and a half. I'm glad I stuck with it. I'm the healthiest I've ever been, and I wanted to share my joy and gratitude with all of you.” (Reported in a private message, Sept 2013)
    • “Our son is five-years-old. He has EoE, Ige mediated allergies, Gastroparesis, OAS, and all of the symptoms of MCAS. He began treating with Helminths seven months ago. We had a rough start. His first dose of 5 HW made him incredibly sick. Thereafter, he had two small doses of HDC a few months apart. The HDC helped him slightly, but their purpose was to acclimate his body for a second dose of HW. He received his second dose of 5 HW around two months ago. Those little guys took him to task. He was extremely ill: vomiting, weight loss, refusal to eat, dangerously high fevers with sudden onset that wouldn't go down, I rushed him into his doctor's office, sometimes several days in a row. His Helminthic doctor suggested terminating the worms, but we hunkered down and stuck through it. Now, he is doing absolutely amazing. He feels better than he has ever felt in his life. The aches and pains that he had learned to live with, in his throat, stomach, chest, and legs have vanished. He is not throwing up. He still struggles a bit when he eats, but he is eating like a champion. He's eating faster and he's eating more. Most importantly, the pain that he used to feel while eating is gone. His rashes are gone. He achieved a new weight record (35 pounds! Yay!)… He has been holding strong, symptom free, for an unprecedented stretch of time now… In hindsight, I am grateful that the mainstream treatment options didn't work for him. He is now pharmaceutical free and feeling good, and that is a wonderful thing.” [319]
    • “Re daughter, 11 yrs old, with EOE. Failed pork on elimination diet trial. Doctor ordered elimination of pork, and either adding Prilosec back in, or up Flovent from 2 puffs twice daily to 4 puffs twice daily. We opted for the later: eliminate pork and 4 puffs twice daily on Flovent. PLUS we added 3 NA. During the three months we cheated on chicken, turkey and pork over a dozen times. She was not consistent with her Flovent. Probably did not do it 1/3 of the time. Scoped yesterday (for latest biopsy) thinking the worst. Doctor comes in with the biggest smile on his face. Showed me pictures of the beautiful pink veins and smooth skin. He was so shocked at how good the pictures where. He actually talked about a 6 month trial without Flovent. HA HA… Am getting excited about the next dose (of NA) to arrive!” [320]
    • "The TSO worked for the eosinophilic esophagitis for me. I used TSO 2500 eggs every two and a half weeks for 5 months and stopped for about a month and I could feel it coming back so I bought five months more and that seemed to do the trick. It seems to be ok now. I have not taken any for a couple of months now." [321]


    Also see ME/CFS (Myalgic encephalomyelitis / Chronic fatigue syndrome).

    • "... I have had the most amazing increase in energy. I woke up one morning feeling off-the-charts great, and it has more or less stayed that way... I have *never* felt this good, even when I was a kid. (Link expired)
    • "I found that I no longer needed to go back to bed for a couple of hours in the middle of the day in order to prevent myself from sinking into extreme exhaustion, and a brief rest in a chair was now all that was required to recharge my battery." [322]
    • "... she has more energy..." (Link expired)
    • "I realized - after a few comments from friends - that I had stopped craving ADD drugs like Vyvanse and Adderall for their sheer energizing effect, stopped drinking – ready for this? – a pot and a half of coffee a day. I had more energy than I have had in something like 15 years. The afternoon fatigue wasn’t there as strongly – still there but reduced in its ability to floor me. I didn’t wake up tired and ready to go back to bed… All in all, I'm a happy girl so far. To have some energy back - not complete but so, so much better - is beyond joyful." (Reported by an MS patient, 4 months after inoculation with hookworms, in a private discussion, Dec 2011.)
    • "I did not remember what healthy felt like until I found helminths (NA). I was very ill when I began using helminths... My energy and general health is better than most people, I think. I exercise regularly, and push myself hard at times with work, without issues. It's been amazing to be healthy again..." (Reported in a private discussion, Jan 2012.)
    • "I suffer , or should I say, used to suffer from fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and multiple chemical sensitivities. I have hookworms, follow the SCD diet, ....and seem to be doing much better." (Reported in a private discussion, Jan 2012.)
    • “He says (that, since inoculating with hookworms) he feels as though he has more energy than he can remember in a long, long time. He's started running and exercising at the gym regularly.” [323]
    • “OMG... yes hookworms have literally given me my life back, I did 10 mile walk on 1 Jan. Just a few weeks ago I couldn't get off the sofa and do anything.” (Link expired)
    • “From week 10 (after inoculating with 25 NA) my fatigue slowly started to dissipate. This week, I have worked a 45 hour week framing houses in the hot sun (3 months ago I was fatiguing after 3 hours of work). Also, whatever brain fog I had has also resolved.” (Link expired)


    See Helminthic therapy and fibromyalgia.

    Food allergy

    The first two reports are more detailed than the quotes that follow.

    • “I eat "forbidden" food and it is like a miracle, all my food allergies and even my histamine intolerance are gone, I can eat everything again, not a single reaction. As if I had never had food allergies before. I am euphoric.” (Link expired)
    • "The difference in our son is nothing short of miraculous. He can eat foods he could not eat before without reaction.” (Link expired)
    • "... my allergies to the following foods have disappeared: avocado, cherries, plums, peaches, almonds... and am now in remission from severe Crohn's disease." (Link expired)
    • "… for the first time in years, he was able to eat bread without feeling ill." [324]
    • "I am/was allergic to egg. I had egg 3 times this week and it did not effect me! … Even had some spelt bread and that did not effect me either… I am cautiously happy!" (Reported at 16 weeks after first hookworm inoculation.) [325]
    • “Since I was but a tot, I've been allergic to peas. Well, last night I had a (delicious) pot pie that had peas. I decide to be daring and ate a couple to see what would happen - ta-da! NOTHING! Thank you little hookworm friends for making my life better day-by-day!” (Reported in a private message, Jan 2013)
    • “Now it is 2½ months since first application of hookworms -- my food allergies to common meats, fish, vegetables and grains have, over the last 2-3 weeks, begun disappearing after 15 years of extreme diet restrictions.” (Link expired)
    • "Our 2½ year old started with 5 HW in May 2013. He had eczema, mild food allergies (egg white, wheat, and peanut), and was sensitive to fragrance and some foods (dairy, potatoes). So far we have seen significant improvement in the eczema and sensitivities. We have reintroduced dairy and potatoes in small amounts with no reaction…" (Reported to a closed group, Aug 2013)
    • The following two reports, six months apart, are by the same person.
      • “And when I tried a banana 5½ weeks into inoculation, I was amazed to see that I was able to eat the whole thing. That is pretty unprecedented. Previously, I could only have one bite before the itchy and swelling started. And when I tried a cherry tomato later that day, no reaction again. So I ate a dozen more. And still no reaction! One cherry tomato a couple of weeks ago would have set the swelling off. A carrot later that night also went down well. Ate the whole thing with no reaction. Pretty damn amazing.” (Reported in a since deleted blog.)
      • ”Today (seven months after inoculation with hookworm) I can eat lots of foods I avoided for years: bananas, oranges, carrots, lettuce/salad, berries, grapes. I can now eat about ½ an apple without my lips swelling -- much better from only tolerating one bite 7 months ago. I have also had an incredibly mild pollen reaction so far this spring. Hookworms and allergy shots have changed my diet completely. I eat healthier than ever before and I feel so much better about my diet. Can't wait to see where I'll be in a year or more.” [326]
    • “I would like to announce that 6 months after my initial inoculation, I am free of soy allergy. My negative skin and blood tests were a few weeks ago, and I passed the food (soy milk) challenge today.” [327] And, a year later, an update: “My soy allergy is in complete remission with hookworms, no inconsistency.” [328]
    • “Five months for me and my food allergies are gone.” [329]
    • "On Saturday it will be my 50th birthday and it will be one of my best ever. Having reached the point where thanks to hosting HW for just over a year I can eat almost everything (I was down to only 26 different foods in total before I started and that included counting things like Chicken and Turkey separately). I will need to be on a diet after the weekend - we are having a cream tea for Saturday lunch, going out for a meal Saturday night, and for coffee and cake on Sunday. My presents include a bread maker, a sandwich press, a soup maker, a cheese making kit and several cookery books that don't have allergy in the titles anywhere.” [330]
    • “I’ve had hookworms for 5½ years. I've never achieved full remission of my food allergies, but my list has gone from 30 things I could eat to ~20 things I can't eat (and zero instances of anaphylaxis in 5 years, go team!). I started reintroducing foods around 3 months but still had negative reactions. After a year things were a lot better, 18 months things were relatively great with most of my problem foods.” [331]
    • “When I started NA a little over a year ago for food allergies and eczema, I could only eat rice and sweet potatoes. Now I can eat all kinds of fruits and veggies without having a problem. My food allergies mostly resulted in lots of itchy, bloody eczema, and inflamed eyes - none of that since taking NA. Overall I've seen a major improvement in my health and I've put on 20 lbs of badly needed weight.” [332], [333]
    • “I had severe food and seasonal allergies primarily consisting of hives and facial edema. I tried everything else over 10 years before finally using helminth therapy. I did NA starting in November 2014. It took almost 9 months to see results. I have maintained my colony since then with home incubation. When my colony gets low, my symptoms start to come back. I love my ‘friends.’” [334]
    • “It has been 12 months now since my 18 year old daughter has been hosting NA for treatment of: coeliac disease, leaky gut, chronic fatigue, multiple food allergies, facial swelling and eczema and ? Mast cell disorder. She has dosed 3 NA every 3 months for the last 12 months (trialled one dose of 5- but she does better with 3). I am so happy to report that she is doing so much better. She no longer has facial swelling, no nightly reactions (? Mast cell). Her eczema is under control. She can now tolerate more foods - some sugars, all nightshades, all vegetables and meats, soy, all nut flours, GF pasta, and rice (life changing). She still has some sensitivities - but it is a massive improvement overall. Her energy levels are great. If people met (her) they would have no idea that she was so unwell this time last year, that she missed an entire term of school.” [335]
    • “I had doses of NA in July and October last year, and one in May this year, trying to resolve my many food allergies (avocado, banana, grass, coffee, tea, pork and many more). At only two months after the last dose, I am amazed at how delicious green tea is! I can have avocados and bananas without any issues. I still avoid bananas as my mind has a hard time catching up with the fact that it is now ok to eat it. (I always had a very strong reaction to it). I love this new state of health and did not actually expect results so soon.” [336]
    • ☹️ “Today is 2 years on NA but cannot say I have had a true benefit. My immune system reacts to everything (stress, food, environment) and I continue to be hyper reactive to foods (both IgE and IgG reactions).” [337]
    • “It's been 4 weeks since my third inoculation with 5 NAs, and I don't have real side effects to report this time! After month 9, things have taken a noticeable turn for the better. It has been a steady albeit slow improvement. I started this because of my food allergies. I still don't tolerate gluten really but the other positive effects are so profound. I haven't had IBS symptoms or diarrhea in weeks if not months (with one exception when I had a big portion of gluten). I haven't felt what must have been inflammation in weeks. Nobody tells you what it is you're feeling but once it's gone you can infer what it must have been. Since the discomfort and inflammation went I actually have an appetite. I enjoy food. I don't react to a diet of very diverse foods. I eat what I want with the exception of gluten and large amounts of milk. I mix foods and drinks. There is no gut reaction, no urge to go, no discomfort, no embarrassing gut reactions that make you want to leave the room. I digest the foods. I have gained healthy weight. I feel the healthiest and best since I can remember. At the time I started this treatment I felt chronically ill. I had many symptoms (some of which I wasn't even aware of) and many diagnoses, all of which made sense, but there was no way forward. While I had all of these problems my life still continued and I wasn't considered sick. I was just struggling with symptoms and my life quality was often miserable. I've tried many things and I spent quite a bit of money on tests, doctors and supplements. None of the interventions I tried were as profound as helminths. There was a lot of questioning on my part as the first months were quite a struggle for me, but I’m glad I hung in. I'm very confident that I haven't seen all the benefits yet, but even if things stayed the way they are now, I've had the best improvement in life quality that I can imagine.” [338]

    Food intolerance

    Also see Histamine intolerance, Lactose intolerance, Salicylate intolerance.

    The first four reports are more detailed than the quotes that follow.

    • "I was on a very restricted diet and still felt bad whenever I ate... But now I can eat almost anything without negative side effects... My life has improved dramatically. (Link expired)
    • "Having recently added 10 hookworms to my whipworms... I can now tolerate lots of foods that i had previously cut out, such as brown bread, nuts, wheat, citrus fruit, the list goes on." (Link expired)
    • "The general malaise and slightly icky feeling (especially after eating, even "safe" foods) is gone... I have *never* felt this good, even when I was a kid." (Link expired)
    • "Arthritic stiffness in the morning associated with food intolerances gone. Daily Nalcrom necessity... decreased to zero..." (Link expired)
    • “After a life time of being extremely careful with my diet ... I can eat raw foods, salads, fruit of any kind, which I could never eat before.” (Link expired)
    • "70 weeks - finally stopped counting the number of foods I can tolerate because I can now eat pretty much anything I like." [339]
    • "I’m now able to tolerate all foods that I’ve been willing to try. Some still precipitate a reaction, but a much-diminished one..." (Reported, 7 Feb 2011, in a now deleted blog)
      And, eight months later, after an additional dose of hookworm larvae, this blogger wrote:
      • “Today I ate a breakfast burrito with eggs, hash browns, cheese and salsa inside a real wheat tortilla. And I had 2 cups of coffee! :)”
    • "Since using helminths I have no more food sensitivities and can eat raw foods and complex carbs without issues." (Reported in a private discussion, Jan 2012.)
    • "Should anyone ever wonder if hookworm can help with salicylate sensitivity, in my case I think it’s doing exactly that... Last night I tried eating a boiled carrot, since they are high in salicylates, and barely reacted. This morning I’m sipping a cup of organic coffee (also pretty high on the scale) and enjoying it. None of this would have been possible a month ago!" [340]
    • “just to explain how dramatic my relief from food intolerance is, back in mid-february i tried to eat lamb and had such a bad reaction my throat was tightening up for the entire rest of the night, my mind felt muddled, anxious. my breathing was affected, mostly nasal congestion. but it was miserable. and tonight i ate two pieces of lamb with no reaction at all. in fact, it tasted delicious. i am beginning to feel like a normal person again.” (Reported in a private discussion, Apr 2012)
    • "I suffer from a massive food intolerance with IBD symptoms. I was not able to gain weight for years independent how much I did eat. Now for the first time since years I was able to gain some weight and overall feel better (and) I am able to do some sports again. Honestly I thought I am a non-responder for a long time – I just kept on waiting and trying to be patient. It was worth waiting for – I am getting better – slowly but the success is becoming more and more visible. The decision to go on HT was surely the best of my life – as there was really nothing else that ever seemed to help me." (Reported in a private message, Jun 2012)
    • "I have had food intolerances/allergies for years due to crohn's and general poor gut/digestive function. I've always reacted to many foods and seriously to all grains, in any form, as well as anything with lactose or sugar. My gut has been greatly improved by helminthic therapy and my diet has expended, so I thought it was time to check for food sensitivities... I tested for sensitivity (the blood test measured IgG antibody, food antigens) to grains, legumes, nuts, meat, fowl, dairy, fruits, vegetables, fish, Mollusk, Crustacea, Miscellaneous items such as honey, chocolate, coffee, and yeasts. Out of the 100 items tested I showed a single "moderate level 3 reaction" on a scale from I to 6." (Reported to the Facebook Helminthic Therapy Support Group, Jul 2012)
    • "... my worms have significantly reduced my food sensitivities. I can now eat dairy after 15 years of not tolerating it. It took a while, but I am so much more resilient now.” [341]
    • "It's been over a year with HW… I feel the HW has helped me but not for the problems that were of greatest concern. My environmental sensitivities seem to have greatly improved. I can now handle scented products much much better than in the past. The HW also had a fairly dramatic effect on my anxiety levels. However, my food intolerances and related pain/inflammation in my muscles and joints are as bad as ever. I did add one food during the year (liver) and it went down ok for about a month, then I stopped tolerating it. I also dropped one food (Basa) and can only eat BC Red Snapper as a protein source now. Overall I'm glad I inoculated as it has provided benefit, just not the degree of benefit I was hoping for." (Reported to a closed group, Aug 2013)
    • ☹️ “I have food intolerances and multiple chemical sensitivity and I didn't benefit from helminthic therapy… My lack of success with helminths might be due to liver issues as a root cause for my diseases (mutations in several of the genes CYP450 and some fluctuating liver numbers).” [342]
    • “I took 25 hookworm and it changed my life by completely alleviating all digestive issues after 7 years of FODMAP issues and general severe IBS. Now, ~3 months after my initial relief, I am still 100% in remission and I still have no digestive issues.” (Reported to the Facebook Helminthic Therapy Support group.)
    • “A family member had been on TSO for 22 weeks at dose of 1000 ova. Helped greatly w food reactions (along w SCD diet and other interventions). However still reacted - in a more minor fashion. We have recently raised dose of TSO up to 2500. 2 doses so far at that dose and now no traces of food reactions. Ate 2 trigger foods today - still no reaction. Truly amazing. This person had 0 safe foods in December. This is awesome!” (Reported to a closed group, Jul 2014)
    • ☹️ "… I’m on HDC and they do not seem to help with food reactions sadly, i was ready to run for a 1kg bar of chocolate in the name of science!" (Reported to a closed group, Jul 2014)
    • The following three reports are by the same person.
      • “I'm in the early stages - just had my second dose - so three months in. I started trying to reintroduce foods at 10 weeks and have had great success. Some I will have to come back to later when I have a larger colony, but I have increased from being able to eat only 26 food stuffs to 35 so far in just a couple of weeks. You can imagine how excited I am.” [343]
      • “Three weeks post my second hookworm dose and I can honestly say I have not felt so well in years. Not only have my food intolerances significantly declined, but I feel happier, healthier and the future is very exciting. This therapy is amazing.” [344]
      • "I had to share my excitement - last night we went to a business dinner for my husband's work and for the first time in many years I could provide a simple list of what I could not eat, rather than a very short list of what I could. I had a relatively normal 3 course meal and no one asked me why I was eating so little. I didn't feel different or embarrassed. I was able to drink wine, eat almost normally and enjoy myself rather than feeling stressed. All of this is thanks to HW.” [345]
    • “At six and half months in (25-25-40 HW) I am just short of claiming success for multiple food intolerances, likely leaky gut and a host of other related symptoms. I couldn't eat gluten or dairy without debilitating symptoms and had been GF DF for 7 plus years. For the past three weeks I have eaten anything I wanted for one meal a day without the terrible symptoms I have experienced all my life.” [346] And “I can tolerate beer better with HW.” [347]
    • “The hookworms have cut my food sensitivities by at least 50% in 3.5 months.” (Link expired)
    • “I inoculated with 30 HW in November, and since mid-March I've had great success with FODMAP foods. I've been able to have things like bread, garlic and avocados that I so dearly missed! I'm still not to my desired number of helminths yet, but even with only ~43 I don't feel any pain after eating FODMAP foods.” [348]
    • “I had Blastocystis approx 5 years before it was discovered. I was down to eating meat, rice sugar and pistachio nuts. I received the 'triple treatment’ through Dr Froomes in Melbourne, and I made good recovery until several months later I took antibiotics and my nightmare began. I started reacting to a lot of foods… I started with hook worms 17 weeks ago. My Intestinal condition gradually deteriorated over the next three months… and I had to give up certain varieties of rice. I lost over 15 kgs and … suffered from endless nausea and dizzy spells because my blood pressure was so low. Three weeks ago I got another batch of hookworms… And now at 18 weeks I can eat lots of food I haven't been able to eat in years.” [349]
    • “I have had numerous food intolerances as well as sensitivities to most chemicals for 45 years. I was malnourished too. It will be 2 years (next month) with hookworms. Improvements include reduced sensitivities to many foods and chemicals, loss of addiction to sugars and chocolates. Increased energy and reduced anxiety. It hasn't totally removed food and chemical sensitivities but tolerance has improved…” (Link expired)
    • “Near-total FODMAP intolerance (from age 17 to 22), and general weak digestion. Alcohol sucks, Coffee sucks, etc. Totally fucked up my life when it hit me like a train. I dropped out of school and was depressed for a seven month period, at the beginning and end of which I was suicidal. Daily diarrhea for years… Symptom relief can be largely achieved by adherence to a low-FODMAP diet. I self-infected 25 hookworm (and) began to experience symptom relief (after) about 2.75-3.0 months… I have lately not been following a FODMAP diet, nor have I been taking probiotics at all, and my issues are extremely minor.” [350]
    • “My daughter can eat more and more foods the longer she hosts (hookworms). Her gut is less and less leaky. She could tolerate no dairy before hosting, absolutely nothing. Now she can eat ice cream without it bothering her.” (Link expired)
    • “I inoculated with 25 NA hookworms around October of 2015. And since beginning of May, I have been able to add apples into my diet - something I couldn't tolerate at all. I have been mostly on a low FODMAP diet for over a year - and a Paleo diet before that. I couldn't eat apples for about 2 years and being able to eat them again is a remarkable achievement.” [351]
    • “Food intolerance and irritable bowel for 16 years. It had been gradually getting worse as time went by to the point where it was impossible to lead a normal life. It was almost impossible to eat out or go to friends houses to eat. When we went on holiday we would have to get an apartment with a kitchen so I could cook my own food, and I took my own food anytime we went out. I was following a low chemical, low fodmap diet, very restricted with what I ate. All the doctors I have seen over the years had no answers for me and just said to stay on my diet. It has taken time but I am able to eat much more now and can eat out now without having to question them about everything they use to cook the meal. We have also just traveled to Germany, something that would have been nearly impossible a year ago… Just being able to relax my diet is wonderful, my doctor has also been converted, he was horrified when I first told him.” [352]
    • ☹️ “I tried it to deal with food intolerances (not allergies, no anaphylaxis) that result from enzyme imbalances. Hookworm didn't help.” [353]
    • "I had to do Low FODMAP AIP for a long time. It sucked, but I really needed to do it. I (was) able to tolerate FODMAPs since a couple months after my first NA dose. After a year and a half of HT, I can eat almost anything except for most of the nightshades. Most people would consider avoiding nightshades to be a huge ask, but if it gets down to ONLY that, we're talking a massive improvement!" [354] [355]
    • “I’ve been taking 20 hdc regularly every two weeks for nearly a year and I'm introducing foods I couldn't tolerate before, where I'd become constipated and break out in spots on my face and body. I've been taking the odd scary food once in a while, with little to no adverse reaction. Then more recently over Christmas I only had a mild reaction to herbs (in stuffing). Only last Wednesday I had a curry with practically no reaction... I'm getting braver, but cautious.” (Link expired)
    • ☹️ “I've had hookworms for a couple of years and have to say, it didn't help my food intolerances. However, my hay fever was amazingly cured. I don't regret trying them at all and happy to know that overall inflammatory processes in my body are more controlled.” [356]
    • “After years of food sensitivities, I was down to six foods I could eat (totally plain meat, sweet potato, kiwifruit, banana, parsnip and carrot). I definitely had to avoid all grains, dairy, eggs and the nighshade family of vegetables. But then I inoculated with NA about 18 mths ago and yesterday... get this... I ate a wheat bun with ham, egg, salad and mayonnaise, with milk chocolate to follow.. and no problems. I love my little pretties!” (Link expired)
    • “It (TSO) really has helped me a lot with my food intolerances… I never used to be able to even touch beer or wine and I feel so much better I can actually tolerate it now.” [357]
    • “I inoculated with 7 NA (11 weeks ago), also using TSO. I recently noticed some improvements in food tolerance - was able to eat high Fodmap foods such as soy milk, onions, garlic, beans. Also have been eating peanut butter, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, didn't notice too much brain fog or abdominal pain.” [358]
    • “I finished a course of TSO (4 months ago)… I had to be very careful with diet and couldn't eat much fiber (fruit, vegetables) or gluten and eggs. It worked like a charm and since then (6 months) I've been able to eat donuts, cake, beer, etc. with zero issues… I am frankly just so overjoyed to be able to have raw fruits and vegetables, baked goods, beer again... anything else is just gravy. So grateful for HT as I never thought I'd be able to indulge in a craft beer again.” [359] [360]
    • ☹️ I've decided to concede defeat on using hookworms for Total Food Intolerance caused by blastocystis. It has helped my hayfever sinus issues, but I’m still pretty much at the same place I was over three years ago (with the food intolerance). [361]
    • “I had food sensitivities to literally everything, even chicken, and helminths (NA) resolved them.” [362]
    • “I have Hashimoto’s, extreme food sensitivities/intolerance including reactions to oxalate and histamine, migraines, depression and anxiety, and other autoimmune symptoms that have almost completely been eliminated by NA. It’s been the closest thing to a miracle that I’ve ever experienced. I had found that I could sort of function on the AIP diet, but even then many of the foods caused reactions. I had tried every drug, herb, therapy and nothing really helped until I did NA... NA has been a godsend. It took a while but I slowly added almost all foods back into my diet including gluten, eggs, nuts, nightshades, dairy and grains. It took almost a year to get to this point.” [363] [364]
    • “Whenever I ate dark chocolate, the end and underside of my nose would go red, then within a day or two break out in blisters and pimples. I tested this many times as I couldn't find any other complaints like this online. Five weeks into my NA adventure and, like a fool, I ate a big chunk of dark chocolate. Nothing... no redness, no blisters!” (Link expired)
    • “For me NA make a huge difference. I was severely sensitive to wheat, I couldn’t even have one bun. Almost a year in therapy, I can eat Pasta or even a whole Pizza without issues.” [365]
    • “My food intolerances have improved hugely with NA. I’ve had around 14 small doses over a two year period. Long term intolerance to fructose, legumes, onions and other formats cleared up. I no longer get IBS symptoms from those foods.” [366] [367]
    • ”I have taken TSO for several months and it definitely helps with fatigue, mood and food intolerances that cause digestion issues.” [368]
    • "Helminthic therapy (with NA) reduced my 30+ food sensitivities to just gluten, and helped with energy, reducing symptom duration, and lowered systemic inflammation as measured by CRP. [369]
    • "It just flipped (after 3 doses of NA). Last week I couldn't have even a tablespoon of sour cream without feeling like crap, and yesterday I ate a whole bag of Reese's pieces and I feel fine!!!" [370]
    • (From someone treating intolerance to gluten and lactose, sometimes debilitating IBS-D, candida and mild vitiligo.) "It's been three years now. I've been to Italy and have been eating gluten and all sorts of other things. No adverse reactions. I'm feeling absolutely great. I've been (very) gradually working my way up and now ordered 10 NA. I'm absolutely thrilled still. My digestion has changed completely, I couldn't be happier where I am now." [371]
    • "I have had great results with 5 NA every 10-12 weeks over the last 4 years for food intolerance." [372]

    GERD (reflux)

    • "I was suffering from reflux… I was pleasantly surprised that it went away when I started hookworms to treat my allergies." (Reported in a private discussion, Apr 2012)
    • "… my daughter who has eosinophilic esophagitis is off of Prilosec for the first time in six years!!! Only one incident of reflux in the last eleven days and none of the other typical symptoms that we've seen without it -- sleeplessness, crabbiness and emotional volatility because of increased pain. I'm not giving her anything else -- no antacid, betaine HCl, TUMS, or baking soda in water because it's so impossible to get her to comply. This is absolutely huge for us." (Reported in a private discussion, Apr 2012)
    • “I have Lupus and GERD as a result of the high doses of steroids to control symptoms. I reduced the steroids over the past two years and the GERD persisted. I started hosting 25 HW in April and increased the dose at 3 monthly increments. There has been a marked improvement from October.” [373]
    • “Used to have problems with GERD which seems to be mostly a fructan issue for me. Before HW, I avoided GERD symptoms by cutting back/eliminating fructans in my diet. After a few months of HW (5-15 over the last 6 months), I now tolerate fructans better and only get reflux problems if I overdo it.” [374]
    • “Since starting NA, my acid reflux has all but disappeared. If I ate very much of anything near bedtime, I would always wake up struggling to stop it coming back up, and I would prop myself up on pillows for gravitational help. Now it is simply never a problem, and I have no fear of absolutely stuffing myself right before bed.” [375]
    • "Has anyone else noticed that the 'reflux' GORD symptoms they have had for years disappear with Helminths too? It seems to be a common theme amongst many people I have donated NA to. A very welcome benefit. Many people have been taking all kinds of treatments to control pain/discomfort around the solar plexus area for years following a 'diagnosis' of reflux but it seems it may just be inflammation in that nerve rich area?" (Link expired)
    • "I've been hosting NA for a smidge over a year now, and I've definitely had less trouble with GERD. I used to have pain if I consumed any of a number of acidic or spicy foods, several kinds of carbohydrate-based foods, or alcohol. Now I can mostly eat those things again, as long as I am careful not to put too much in my stomach at one time… When my shipment was delayed and the worms arrived weeks late and dead, I started to have the pain again until I got replacement larvae." (Link expired)
    • "NA have helped me with reflux ..." [376]

    Gluten ataxia

    Also see Coeliac / celiac disease and Non-coeliac / celiac gluten sensitivity (NCGS).

    • “The biggest indicator for me is I’ve only had to miss a few days of work. And prior I was considering disability. Improved quality of life. My inflammation is decreased. I’m no longer reacting to being CC’d with gluten. Decreased stomach pain. Increased absorption of food. I’m off most supplements. Depression is 90% decreased. Anxiety is 25% decreased. migraines down a little. Menstrual/ hormonal issues are resolving. And bladder issues seem to have resolved. It’s a multi systematic response, that I had no idea was all connected to inflammation. Still coping with RA. But it’s a process.” (Reported 4 months after commencing helminthic therapy to treat gluten ataxia, gluten allergy, RA, immune disease, systemic inflammation, migraines, anxiety, depression, allergies, chronic UTIs, early onset peri menopause, dental issues, weak muscles and generally failing health.) [377] “One day I will reintroduce gluten slowly. But I’m no longer so focused on that. It’s simply beautiful not being sick 90% of the time.” [378]

    Hashimoto's thyroiditis / Graves' disease

    Also see Helminthic therapy and thyroid disease

    • "I began my helminthic therapy a couple of months ago. Other than waking up two days after starting with a single episode of loose stool, I've been feeling better and stronger every day, bit by bit. Which is great, considering I have a collection of autoimmune challenges: Multiple Sclerosis, Graves' Disease (autoimmune overactive thyroid), and Lichen Sclerosus… My thyroid levels seem to have normalized: T3, T4 and TSH levels are in normal range - HALLELUJAH! It's been a long time since I've had that! I hope I won't ever have to use propylthiouracil again!" (Link expired)
    • “I've had very impressive early improvement of my Graves disease from HDC (in a month).” (Link expired)
    • “I have Hashimotos & Graves diseases - both autoimmune issues that affect thyroid hormones - the NA dialed my symptoms down (bloating fatigue, joint pain and swelling, itchy skin and eye swelling, racing heart) steadily without any harsh side effects - much more effective than any of the medications I have tried.” (Reported in a private discussion, Mar 2015)
    • “I took one batch of 25 NA last year because I was experiencing pain and swelling every day from Graves and Hashimoto's diseases. I had a dramatic reduction in swelling and pain … also lost about 15lbs of water weight. A few months later, I got pregnant, and did not have a miscarriage (I had 3 earlier that might have had something to do with the thyroid diseases). My TSH, T3 & T4 levels stabilized right before the pregnancy, they followed the "textbook" levels through the pregnancy and stabilized right after as well. My antibody levels for both diseases dropped. My Endo tells me that she had expected my Graves disease to flare up as it had before the NA, as I had the beginnings of a goiter and pregnancy can do that. As she said - "you can't say for sure that your experiment is the cause of all the improvements, but the improvements are real - and they are unexpected.” I will certainly be continuing with this therapy!” [379], [380]
    • "I started NA (six months ago) for Hashimotos Thyroiditis and have had good results, with most symptoms subsiding." (Link expired)
    • “I started taking HDC from Biome Restoration in December (8 months ago). I have Hashimotos (amongst other things...) and have always had TPO antibody levels over 1,000… Anyway, I was retested last week and my antibodies are down to 215! I'm gobsmacked! … I’m so pleased!” [381]
    • “For the first time since I started measuring, my anti-thyroid antibodies (I have Hashimoto's) are NORMAL. This is thanks to helminthic therapy. I have been trying to regain my health for five years (and was sick probably all my life). My thyroid antibodies decreased with the diet, but remained high, no matter what I did. They started slowly decreasing two years ago, when I started HT, first with TSO and then about a year ago with NA. Every time I measured, they were lower. Today for the first time, they are normal. And I feel...normal. I do not feel as if something was wrong with me anymore. I don't take any other meds.” (Link expired.)
    • “I had early stage hashimoto’s in 2005. Did daily acupuncture treatments for a month and stayed in remission since, but with labs far from ideal. Started NA in 2015. Thyroid labs have been perfect since early 2017. (Edited from two posts: [382] [383].)
    • “I started with diet changes 10 years ago, which helped quite a bit, and started helminths about 3 years ago. The helminths had a huge impact and I had so much more energy and was able to expand my diet. I have been dosing with approx 25 NA per year with good results. So good that all my blood's were normal and my Dr told me I must be in remission (Hashimotos Thyroiditis) so I missed a dose. 6 months later I crashed - worst symptoms in years… I will make sure I do 25 per year after that (lesson learned).” [384] [385]
    • “I started NA treatment for Hashimotos and went into complete remission. On my blood test no antibodies were detected. I also knew the treatment was working, as many of my symptoms including lethargy, body aches, and most notably painful thyroiditis had all disappeared. I can't remember exactly how long this took, but it was months not years. Through absolute carelessness, recently I accidentally killed my valued colony. I'm eagerly waiting by the mailbox for my next dose as all my afore mentioned symptoms have returned. It's been really interesting to note my subsequent decline and to reflect on how terrible I felt most of the time prior to treatment. This treatment has been life changing as evidenced by my improved quality of life and the blood tests. I can't imagine being without it now.” [386]


    Also see Migraine.

    The first report is more detaild than the reports that follow.

    • "To be enjoying not only whole days without any headache, but also entire weeks, is just incredible." [387]
    • “… my daily regimen of panadol and neurofen for headaches has been cut back (actually cannot remember the last time I took neurofen (ibuprofen))…” (Reported in a private message, Dec 2012)
    • “My headaches have nearly vanished…” [388]

    Helicobacter pylori infection

    • “Helicobacter pylori influenced my immune system to become TH1 dominant which in turn caused ulcers in my stomach. I’ve just hit the 14th week with 25 NA on board and, as soon as the helminths started to modulate my immune response back to a TH2 response, my ulcers and gastritis disappeared.” (Link expired)

    Histamine intolerance

    Also see Food intolerance

    • “I eat "forbidden" food and it is like a miracle, all my food allergies and even my histamine intolerance are gone, I can eat everything again, not a single reaction. As if I had never had food allergies before. I am euphoric. It is a small stage victory and a good sign indeed.” (Link expired)
    • "I really think it helped my histamine problem at least 70%. I couldn't tolerate histamines without getting really tired and depressed. When my hookworms kicked in at the 9 week mark I was able to tolerate bone and meat broth." [389]
    • "In the past I had serious problems with histamine and salicylates… Since hosting a bunch of hookworms I was able to gradually reintroduce all foods that previously made me sick." (Link expired)
    • “Last night I celebrated New year's Eve with a glass of champagne! After almost a year of hosting hw for salicylate & Histamine intolerance I'm finally able to eat almost anything. Thanks to everyone here & hope you all have a wonderful 2015, I know I will!“ [390]

    Hives / Urticaria

    The first report is more detailed than the quotes that follow.

    • "Hives are 90% improved." (Link expired)
    • “My baby started to get dermatographia hives from touch at 6 months when I introduced solids. At 8 months he got 3 hookworm and the hives have stayed away.” (Reported to a closed group, Oct 2014)
    • “... my hive (urticaria) symptoms are 99% gone, I do get a small outbreak rarely... I am only a 14 months into the therapy. Symptoms cleared up 3 months after my third dose.” [391]
    • The following three reports are by the same person.
      • “I also have had almost no problems with the cold urticaria that I typically deal with several times a day every day (regardless of weather or environment). Last night I even felt comfortable reducing one of my three anti-hystamines and suffered no ill effects.” [392]
      • “I forgot to take my morning dose of meds (200 hydroxychloriquine, 10 omeprazole, 20 Loratadine). I found my pills in the pocket of my hoodie tonight so I know I didn't take them. However, despite not taking the morning dose of antihistamines, I didn't get a single hive today. Not one! And I even did yard work, which normally be a trigger for me right away. This is so exciting! ... I'm only about six months into HT, but for tonight I'm over the moon!” [393]
      • “Not a single outbreak for almost four weeks. This is following a long period of time where my best days "only" had four or five episodes a day.” [394]
    • This person has also produced a further, very detailed report, written six months into therapy, and a “before and after” comparison of symptoms. [395]
    • “I achieved remission of chronic (idiopathic) urticaria (with hookworms) at 5.5 months and was able to stop the certirizine at that point.” (Link expired)
    • "My chronic urticaria was horrible and one of the main reasons I started using Hws. After about the 2nd dose I haven't had them since." [396]
    • “In my case, HDC works (I had chronic nervous urticaria). I’m drinking 60 HDC and I don't have any symptoms.” [397]
    • “Urticaria symptoms cleared up 3 months after my third dose (of NA). Symptoms are 99% gone, (but) I do get a small outbreak rarely... [398]

    Hot flashes (hot flushes)

    • “Hot flashes have decreased somewhat in the past 4 years (while hosting hookworms), but not a huge change. However on my blood tests, very wonky hormones are now in normal or ‘optimum’ range, including thyroid panel. My doctor was impressed, at least.” [399]


    • "The allergist is blown away with the improvements in hyperactivity..." (Reported in a private discussion, Dec 2011)

    Hypertension / high blood pressure

    • “Both of my BP numbers dropped ten points VERY quickly after inoculation." [400]
    • “… the worms dropped my high BP overall by about 15 points…” [401]
    • “I received my first dose of N.A. in early June. I just checked my blood pressure, and I had a lovely surprise. In six weeks, my systolic blood pressure has fallen by almost 30 points, and my diastolic blood pressure has dropped by 10 points. During my last visit, my doctor said that if my blood pressure increases I'll need medication, but I'm well out of range for that now! I've been walking six days a week for an hour, but I've been doing that since March.” (Reported in August, 2016.) [402]

    Hyperthyroidism / overactive thyroid

    Also see Helminthic therapy and thyroid disease

    • “My thyroid levels seem to have normalized: T3, T4 and TSH levels are in normal range - HALLELUJAH! It's been a long time since I've had that! I hope I won't ever have to use propylthiouracil again!” (Link expired)
    • “A new positive development is the thyroid nodules I've had for a very long time are completely GONE and my thyroid looks completely healthy under an ultrasound.” [403]

    Hypochlorhydria / low stomach acid

    • “I used to take ox bile and high doses of vitamin C (to supplement on acid), not needed anymore since NA.” [404]

    Hypoglycemia / Hypoglycaemia

    • "I've had the Hypoglycaemia since I was a child… My blood sugar would drop down to levels where I almost blacked out… Now I can get up at 7-8 in the morning and last until 10-11 in the evening, which would be impossible before… I'm not as hungry all the time (or constantly craving sweets) and the 'flushing' sensation with the following wave of heat and warmth which I sometimes got after a hearty meal is also gone." (Link expired)

    Hypothyroidism / underactive thyroid

    Also see Helminthic therapy and thyroid disease

    • “My 15 new worm friends may have cured my hypothyroidism. After about 6 months I noticed I was burning up when I took my prescribed dose of thyroid hormone (Synthroid). I probably have Hashimoto's but have never been diagnosed to that level so all I can say for sure is I've had hypothyroidism for several years. I eased up on taking Synthroid and completely stopped it about three weeks ago. I'm doing fine. Skin warm (oral temp 98.3 which is normal for me), no hypothyroid issues other than perhaps muscle stiffness. But I suspect that may be more related to an astonishingly little amount of sunlight exposure this year than to thyroid issues.” [405]
    • ☹️ “I am hypothyroid and was on thyroid replacement meds before going on HW. My need for thyroid replacement has never changed in the several years I've been on HW. I guess what I'm saying is that HW have never helped my hypothyroidism.” (Link expired)

    IgA nephropathy

    Also see Autoimmune kidney disease and Kidney pathology

    • "After a few days of contemplating the choices of kidney dialysis in the future or some discomfort from worms (which I had none), everything made complete sense to me. Six months passed until it was time to visit the doctor again and surprise, surprise this time after two years of getting blood work that showed my number slowly getting worse now they were better than last six months.” [406]


    • “Three weeks post my second hookworm dose … not only have my food intolerances significantly declined, but so has the inflammation around the replacement knuckle I had 18 months ago. (I seem to have some degeneration of

    the finger joints but am told it is not arthritis.) Until now I have not been able to take up playing the keyboard again, now I can. I could not use the hand without it swelling and being painful - now I can.” [407]

    Insect bite reactions

    • "I can attest that using NA pretty much solved my problem with reacting to mosquitos. I used to get welts for days if I was outside for 5 mins. Now, if one happens to find me (rare now), it itches for 20 mins and is gone." [408]


    For many more reports, see Long term sleep improvement.

    • "It was quite fast. For example the first day of TSO, it was regulating my anxiety & insomnia." [409]
    • “Two months ago I could not sleep without giving me a dose of salbutamol, and that only for three hours of sleep. It was hell. I thus spent the last two years. I was so worried and so resorted to HT. Now I wake up with the alarm again!” [410]
    • “I have given sleeping tablets up after only 4 doses of NA (hw) after 30 years of needing them nightly.” [411]

    Interstitial cystitis (IC)

    • "I’ve had IC for 11 years. It was fairly severe, causing constant pain, a frequent urge to pee, incomplete bladder evacuation and urinary incontinence. I took 5 NA and most symptoms of IC resolved in 2 weeks. Since my second treatment (with 10), I've been symptom free." (Via email)

    Interstitial lung disease (ILD)

    • "I am using NA for interstitial lung disease that seems to have developed from RA. I inoculated in August 2016 with only 5 NA and within 10 weeks symptoms were better.” [412]


    • "Since going on hookworms a year and a half ago, the irritability (and also the restless leg syndrome) have gone away." (Link expired)

    Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

    Also see Helminthic therapy and bowel function.

    The first report is more detailed than the quotes that follow.

    • "And the impact on my disease, complete cure, is nothing short of miraculous." (Link expired)
    • "... it was quite a day when I realized all my IBS symptoms had gone. Very happy with the results." (Link expired)
    • "Having recently added 10 hookworms to my whipworms, the IBS symptoms have halved. I can now tolerate lots of foods that i had previously cut out, such as brown bread, nuts, wheat, citrus fruit, the list goes on." (Link expired)
    • "ibs no longer causes discomfort…" (Link expired)
    • "Very sensitive stomach, my doctor classes it as IBS, bowel issues etc. I got to the point where I could not sleep in a bed as my stomach would do cartwheels after half an hour horizontal and I can't sleep. Doctors had no idea, and I started sleeping in a chair. Now after a year with hookworms, I am sleeping in a bed again and my bowel issues are substantially improved." (Reported in a private discussion, Apr 2012)
    • "17 weeks after the inoculation (with NA), I am in a partial and stable remission from my IBS symptoms (45 days in remission). So, I am very happy..." [413] And an update, almost 8 years later: "HT was the best thing that happened in my life, regarding my chronic inflammatory diseases. I have been doing HT since 2012, and I am currently at my best... Almost full recovery." [414]
    • ☹️ A 40-year-old male with IBS since foreign travel and subsequent treatment with various antibiotics 23 years earlier, who inoculated with a total of approximately 150 hookworm and 2,700 whipworm during a two year period, reported that he had seen no benefits at three years after the first inoculations. He had also not experienced any side effects or overall worsening of his condition that he can attribute to the helminths. (Condensed from a personal message.)
    • "Second inoculation for the treatment of IBS a week ago. Very mild rash and I am very happy. I was thinking about what my life was like some months ago, and today it is very different. I am feeling healthy and able to do lots of things I couldn’t do before. Able, for example, to do a full time job, without worrying about having to go to the toilet all the time, or about not being able to stay away from home all day. Much healthier and much better quality of life!" [415]
    • "I have IBS and lactose/gluten intolerance … The symptoms were pain, bloating, diarrhea, gas. I must confess: I was very skeptical about the treatment. But by the 7th week it has been amazing! I can not explain, but I feeling my body "stronger". I took courage and began to eat certain foods (bread, corn bread, soy milk, beans, sweet bread topped with condensed milk) and didn’t get sick. This was impossible until last week!! And, to further test, I ate a sandwich at Subway. Unbelievable! After years, I ate a sandwich and didn’t get sick. Extremely happy with my hookworm fellows! This is simply a new condition for me. That never happened before (in 14 years): to be diet free and healthy, without any medication. I don’t know if this improvement is temporary and how long it will last ... But I'm enjoying every second of it!" [416]
    • “I have now just gotten back (2 days ago) from travelling around the world since January. I came to one of those ‘lifes to short’ moments, chucked in my job (have to start looking for one now) and had the best year of my life broadening my horizons. I give my worms a big tick for the fantastic year I have had - one of the healthiest years of my life. I have been more tolerant of a larger variety of foods, and after a year of travelling, including third world countries, throughout south America, Africa, japan, turkey, Europe, and north America, I only got a 3 hour diarrhoea episode once (after brekkie in cairo).” (Reported in a private message, Dec 2012)
    • “The hookworms seem to be working tremendously! Starting in September (5 months post-dose) the symptoms of my irritable bowel started to decline (I had less bloating, diarrhea, etc.). And my intestinal situation has continued to improve. I used to not be able to eat dairy, gluten, kidney beans, eggs, sesame seeds, peanuts, cranberries without major discomfort and intestinal problems. And at this point I can now eat any dairy, small portions of gluten, small amounts of eggs, peanut butter, cranberries. I feel tremendously more healthy. I have gained a little weight, in part because I need to rediscover the right amount of food now that my diet is so significantly expanded. I also think I'm digesting food more than I used to. Overall my quality of life feels greatly enhanced without constant intestinal problems and so many food restrictions. I've had irritable bowel symptoms since I was a small child, so this is really the first time in my life I've felt this well.” (Written 6 weeks after this individual’s 3rd dose of hookworms, and reported in a private message, Nov 2013)
    • ☹️ “Because i only experienced side effects I terminated my hookworms early jan, 2014. I hosted HW for about two years trying to control my IBS. For me it turns out that a different diet is the way to go!” [417]
    • “I have been getting HDC for the past 6 months for allergic rhinitis and IBS, both of which which I have been battling for years. The improvements were amazing! I've been taking a dose of 25 - 30 every 3 - 4 weeks since September. Both issues are virtually gone when i'm on them. The effects seem to last for 3 - 4 weeks. I can tell when I need a new dose because my symptoms suddenly re-appear. Then when I take another does within a day or two, huge improvement!” (Reported to a closed group, Mar 2014)
    • “I am currently hosting NA with no ill effects and only benefits. NA has completely mitigated my IBS symptoms, within a few months. Am now at a year+.” [418]
    • “Hookworm has put my lifetime of post-infectious IBS into an almost remission. I was first hospitalized at age 18 months with chronic diarrhea and pneumonia. I am now almost 57 years old. It took me 16½ months of therapy to get here. I am absorbing foods. I have been able to gain weight. I no longer have a carnitine deficiency and my vitamin D levels increase now that I am absorbing food. TSO worked quickly to get my IBS in remission but I switched to the human worms almost 19 months ago. I had side effects from all IBS meds but the only side effect I seem to get from hookworm is a rash." [419]
    • “I’ve just hit the 14th week with 25 NA on board and my IBS(D) / SIBO has improved about 50 percent and is improving every week!” [420] And, an update after two years: “I’m symptom free 95 percent of the time. I’m still dosing 1-2 HW every couple of weeks. The powerful combination of low dose naltrexone and hookworms is by far the most efficacious treatment I’ve seen, and the best thing is they're both relatively cheap. I stoped taking whipworms as they didn’t offer any greater benefits.” [421]
    • “Week 17 (with 5 NA). Wow. So after a long time of little social interaction due to Covid, I met friends for three days in a row… I usually regret having a few glasses of wine and eating out. Not this time though. My gut just shows no real reaction at all. So ALL my terrible IBS symptoms are still gone. No digestion issues at all. I was so used to my gut sending me signals of "don't do it, don't drink, don't eat this, don't do that". Now, nothing. I had small amounts of gluten too and even had some beer. None of that seemed to derail my current well-being. This has to be the worms. And I only have 5 of them so far! I'm beyond amazed by this. Haven't felt like this as far back as I can remember.” [422] And an update, 6 weeks later. “So it's over three weeks after my second inoculation with 3 NAs. Feeling really good overall. I keep improving. No more IBS… My life quality has improved tremendously. I can eat out without problems. And I don't need to worry anymore. Love it :)” [423]
    • “After almost 30 years of suffering from chronic diarrhea, diagnosed as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), I can now say, with great certainty, that I am cured, and that this is a result of using helminths to restore my microbiome. Just 32 days after starting helminthic therapy, in January 2012, with an inoculation of NA, I had the best improvement I had experienced in over 10 years. I then did a further 8 or 9 inoculations of NA between January 2012 and March 2019, and managed to achieve a very good level of remission with up to 80% improvement. However, living in a poor country, far away from helminth providers meant that it was often difficult to get doses of NA delivered to my home in Brazil. Shipments would always take a long time to arrive, and sometimes they didn’t arrive at all. Then the COVID-19 pandemic made this situation worse, so I tried supplementing my NA colony with fortnightly doses of 250 TSO, which are easier to obtain. After the second or third dose of TSO, I am in complete remission. The improvement is 100%, to the point that my intestinal functioning is now sometimes like it was in the early 1980s, when I was under 10 or 11 years old. I can now eat whatever I want, without any restrictions. It's really amazing!” (Edited from several posts in this thread.)
    • “I'm in month 14 after I started treatment, and I've inoculated so far with 5/3/5/7 NA. I can now safely say that I'm seeing amazing benefits. Gone are the days of terrible IBS-D, gurgling, urge, discomfort, indigestion, fatigue and insatiation, and the improvement in life quality is tremendous.” [424]
    • "Just a small number of NA (3) made a difference to my IBS. The first lot gave me an initial flare but I was seeing good results after 6 weeks." [425]
    • "I started off with HDC in 2015 and they worked. But it became impossible to get them in a timely manner and I stopped taking them. That’s when I started taking the other worms, but I just haven’t gotten the same results. I took NA for a couple of years and didn’t any see improvement with my IBS, and TSO helps for a couple of days after taking it, then stops working for a couple of weeks. The probiotic, VSL#3, has done the most good for my IBS." (Via private message)

    Keratosis pilaris

    • “Keritosis pilaris almost gone, something I've only been able to improve before by eating liver every day. My skin hasn't been problematic aside from the keritosis pilaris near my elbows, but it now seems softer and smoother in general. (Reported 18 weeks after inoculating with 5 NA and then adding 10-12 more at 12 weeks.) [426]

    Kidney pathology

    Also see Autoimmune kidney disease and IgA nephropathy

    • “I had elevated creatine and bun levels and also have UC. Turned out I had old scar tissue in my kidneys but everything got better after helminths. Kidney scores returned to normal and UC went into total drug free remission. UC was stressing out my whole body and after getting into remission my kidneys got way happier.” [427]


    • "I had labyrinthitis. NA sorted that out perfectly. A lot of tinnitus and other symptoms have gone with it!" [428]

    Lactose intolerance

    Also see Food intolerance

    • "One other thing I have also noticed is a marked improvement in my lactose intolerance." (Link expired)
    • “When my gut was inflamed (IBD) I could not tolerate any complex carbs, lactose sugar was very bad news, but after HT and remission of Crohn's disease I can eat complex carbs including lactose in moderation. I do not suffer from drinking milk on occasions, and or indulging in sugary desserts, eating bread, pasta, corn, rice or potatoes in moderation.” [429]
    • "My husband seemed to have severe lactose intolerance. In the past, nothing helped and it was instantaneous, as in explosive diarrhea and severe within 20 minutes of ingestion. Since his leaky gut has gotten better since getting worms, he's doing a lot better, so that he can actually digest ice cream." [430]
    • "I have IBS and lactose/gluten intolerance … The symptoms were pain, bloating, diarrhea, gas. I must confess: I was very skeptical about the treatment. But by the 7th week it has been amazing! I can not explain, but I feeling my body "stronger". I took courage and began to eat certain foods (bread, corn bread, soy milk, beans, sweet bread topped with condensed milk) and didn’t get sick. This was impossible until last week!! And, to further test, I ate a sandwich at Subway. Unbelievable! After years, I ate a sandwich and didn’t get sick. Extremely happy with my hookworm fellows! This is simply a new condition for me. That never happened before (in 14 years): to be diet free and healthy, without any medication. I don’t know if this improvement is temporary and how long it will last ... But I'm enjoying every second of it!" [431]
    • "I have had food intolerances/allergies for years due to crohn's and general poor gut/digestive function. I've always reacted to many foods and seriously to all grains, in any form, as well as anything with lactose or sugar. My gut has been greatly improved by helminthic therapy and my diet has expended, so I thought it was time to check for food sensitivities... I tested for sensitivity (the blood test measured IgG antibody, food antigens) to grains, legumes, nuts, meat, fowl, dairy, fruits, vegetables, fish, Mollusk, Crustacea, Miscellaneous items such as honey, chocolate, coffee, and yeasts. Out of the 100 items tested I showed a single "moderate level 3 reaction" on a scale from I to 6." (Reported to the Facebook Helminthic Therapy Support Group, Jul 2012)

    “Leaky gut”

    See Helminthic therapy and leaky gut syndrome.

    Lichen planus

    • “I ended up using TSO 2500 and it halted progression of my lichen planus, while doctors were telling me that I had to use immunosuppressive medication. Also I experienced no side effects from 20 weeks of treatment with TSO.” [432]

    Lichen sclerosus

    • "My Lichen sclerosus is, for all intents and purposes, GONE! NO ITCHING, NO BURNING! Skin appears to be normalizing! WOW! I can't wait to see what happens when I take my second dose! If one dose has done this much, I'd think I have a lot to look forward to!!!" (A user of NA, link expired)
    • ☹️ "Unfortunately NA had no effect for me for LS." [433]
    • ☹️ "NA has also not worked for me in this respect." [434]

    Long Covid

    See Helminthic therapy and Long COVID.

    Lupus / systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE)

    Also see: Mixed Connective Tissue Disease (MCTD).

    The first two reports are more detailed than the quotes that follow.

    • "The (hook)worms have been working for me. I have been in drug free remission for over 3 months now, I hypothesize that other lupus-spectrum disorders will respond similarly. After all, HLA-B27 is an autoimmune marker that is shared by inflammatory bowel disease as well as lupus/MCTD.” (Reported in a private message, Sept 2012)
    • “Hi, I just wanted to let people out there know that I have been using hdc with great success for the last 6 mnths. I have lupus and myasthenia gravis and it has definitely helped. Along with hdc I do also use Hk and have been for three years., though for me it wasn't enough on its own and it gave me severe gi issues. I lost my hk frequently, but after adding the hdc I have not had that happen. One huge bonus for me is that I have had hair grow in that I thought was permanently gone due to the lupus.” (Reported in Mar 2014.)
    • “I’ve had symptoms for almost 10 years… Was on cellcept/plaquenil/prednisone for 2.5 years… I also have hypothyroidism. so the week I started HW, I also had my thyroid meds increased. Since then I have been just about symptom free. I feel pretty normal. I know not I overdo it. I can get by with 8 hrs sleep instead of 12! And I can eat whatever. If I go overboard with junk and alcohol I feel shitty, but it's the most normal I've felt in 10 yrs!” (Reported to a closed group, Sept 2014)
    • “It's been a little over 2 years since my first dose of HW. I took a total 125 with a top up of 10 to treat Systemic Lupus Erythematosus and food sensitivities. I just had a recent batch of rheumatology labs done and everything is normal - except for a positive ANA. I've been feeling about 90-95% symptom free for close to the entire 2 yrs I've been hosting... YAY WORMS!!!!!” [435]
    • 2016 - “It has been 5 months since I started Helminthic therapy for systemic lupus. Originally with 25 hookworms, then with 2500 TSO every two weeks which I started taking just over two months ago… My pre helminthic therapy pain and fatigue level had always been a steady 6.5 out of 10… Now my pain is a steady 3 out of 10… Fatigue has also been reduced to an outstanding level… For the first time since I was 14, I can wake up after 7-8 hours sleep and feel like I have enough energy to do a full day… For the past 3 weeks I’ve had the energy to go to the gym twice a day, 6 to 7 times a week. 45 minutes of moderate intensity cardio in the morning followed by weights at night… For the past five years I feel like I have been asleep. Although I worked and studied, my memories have been distorted by pain, fatigue and depression. For the first time since I was first diagnosed at 17, I feel that Im finally starting to wake up and that I have a lot to catch up on.” [436]
    • The following two reports are by the same person.
    • “I am doing amazingly well. I am back at work and, apart from some neurological deficits caused by the medication, I am back to normal. I did a tough climb in the Swiss Alps in the Fall without any problems. I need to top up the NA approx. every 3 mth. The symptoms start to return (mildly) at around 3 mths. I used to top up with 25-30 NA's, but I used around 10 on my last 2 dosing and it worked great! I cannot tell you how grateful I am to be well!” [437]
    • “(I am doing) Absolutely brilliantly! Running, lifting weights and working. I still have the nerve damage but it has minimal impact on my life. I just celebrated a birthday that I did not expect to see.” [438]
    • “I have severe lupus (only two things work for me cytoxan and NA). I would not be here today had I not have HT.” (Link expired.)

    Lyme disease

    See Helminthic therapy and Lyme disease.

    “This case is of a forty five year old woman with severe allergies after being diagnosed and treated for acute lyme… The patient took matters into her own hands and acquired hookworms… Luckily she did not listen to my advice to immediately kill her worms. What I saw in her case was a rapid, consistent improvement over a few months to the point where the patient described herself as cured. This was in a case that nothing else had worked for... The case has continued to improve to the point where the patient feels improvement even after two years. The patient now feels better than even before infecting herself with hookworms. Including symptoms that existed prior to the initial lyme infection. These included joint problems, and hormonal problems and sleep problems, and various food allergies and sensitivities that have been resolved directly as a result of her hookworm use.” (Link expired)

    Lymphocytic colitis

    Also see Microscopic colitis, Pancolitis, Ulcerative colitis and Ulcerative proctitis.

    • “I struggled for over 8 years with autoimmune disease, coeliacs, lymphocytic colitis and gastritis. Progressively my immune system decided food was the enemy. I began having allergic reactions to foods I’d eaten all my life. In a short period of time, my health became so chronic I hit rock bottom. The physical, emotional and financial cost has been huge. Finding an integrative GP was the game changer for me. Helminthic therapy was recommended. Initially, as expected, my immune system was not happy about sharing my gut. Starting with just 2 HDC, after almost 5 months we’re up to 10! Helminthic therapy has brought healing, happiness and joy back into my life. I’ve re-introduced foods back into my diet, gently. I no longer experience pain, bloating, belching or diarrhoea every time I eat. Only 2 of the last 140 days with any symptoms. I enjoy eating now. Bliss.” (Reported in a message submitted to the wiki.)
    • “I had an accidental brush with gluten on the weekend just passed. For the first time in almost 10 years I had no immediate reaction; moreover no dread of being ill for the next few weeks and then some. Now that’s a hugely triumphant moment for me. So very happy with my life, feeling blessed. I am diagnosed Coeliac. I’ve also had lymphocytic colitis and gastritis over the past 5 years, all confirmed through biopsy by my gastroenterologist. Helminthic therapy was recommended to me after my last bout of gastritis after all other avenues had been thoroughly exhausted. I started with just 2 HDC, and now (at 7 months) I take 10 HDCs fortnightly.” [439]
    • “I have LC, so I know how miserable it is, and I wanted to share that TSO and LDN changed my life. I now eat a completely normal diet, except for eggs, but, if I accidentally eat something with egg, I now bounce back super fast.” (Edited from this post.)


    • “Got my blood test results today, I am no longer malnourished! Before helminthic therapy, I tried almost every supplement under the sun to fix my nutritional deficiencies. First time in about 6 years, my alkaline phosphatase levels are back to normal! This is a HUGE improvement for me because, with time, I would develop a number of conditions due to a long list of deficiencies. I'm treating dysbiosis (chronic infection).” [440]

    ME/CFS (Myalgic encephalomyelitis / Chronic fatigue syndrome)

    (M.E./CFS / Myalgic encephalitis / Chronic Fatigue and Immune Deficiency Syndrome (CFIDS) / Post-viral Fatigue Syndrome (PVFS))

    See Helminthic therapy and ME/CFS.

    Also see Fatigue.

    The first two reports are more detailed than the quotes that follow.

    • "Personally any CFS I had is gone (although I still don't fair too well after spending a day in some office buildings with poor air quality)." (Reported in a private discussion, Apr 2012)
    • “Before I got hookworms, I was in a VERY bad way! I could only spend the briefest of periods out of my bed or chair… My basic needs were attended to by visiting carers, but just interacting on a minimal level with these invariably very cheery folk would leave me exhausted! After many years of living like this, I adopted a team of hookworms in early 2009 and, in a matter of weeks, was feeling energised to an extent that I’d assumed I’d never experience again. I still get some brain fog if I’m tired, and rely on a good night’s sleep to ensure optimum cognition. But, thanks to the worms, I no longer need to take a rest during the day, and I can now enjoy gardening, and even paint a fence, when required. I can also do exercises and use a spin bike to keep my ageing frame mobile. And, although officially retired, I’m working again, part-time. I doubt I’d get very far if I tried to run a marathon, but I can now do everything I want to do, and that’s all that matters, so far as I'm concerned.” [441]
    • ☹️ “I have had some minor and curious improvements to my health, but no improvements in my major symptoms, including my ME/CFS. Although, I must admit, my gut function is greatly improved. I used to have constant discomfort and pain there. Now, almost never.” [442]

    The following two posts are by the same person.

    • “At 10 weeks post inoculation with 5 NA for CFS/ME and chronic migraine, in the past two days I suddenly have many times more energy than usual for winter. Vastly more. Last winter a weekly trip to the grocery store would wipe me out to the point of being able to do NOTHING (no work, no housework, no cooking, nothing but resting) the entire rest of the week and I struggled to stay awake past 7 pm no matter how much I rested during the day. Yesterday, I cleaned the kitchen, batch cooked for half of the day, vacuumed, changed the bed linens and stayed up until 10 pm. Today I'm mopping, cleaning the bathrooms, doing laundry and cooking a bit more. This energy is in addition to the early improvements I've had in brain fog, joint pain, plantar fasciitis and increased tolerance to high FODMAP foods.” [443]
    • “18 week update, treating for CFS/ME, chronic migraine, suspected RA. 5 NA, then 10-12 more at 12 weeks. My typical state pre-NA was 4-8 migraines per month and energy so low that I counted any day where I managed to cook food for dinner (with the rest of the day spent in bed or on the couch) as a good day. I had a step change improvement in energy at week 10, then a new surge of energy the last two days. In two days, I've cooked for hours, cleaned most of the house, done laundry and done a bit of spring pruning in the garden. A few minutes after I finished vacuuming this morning, my partner came up to the bedroom see me, expecting to find me in bed. Instead he found me outside on the deck with watercolours. My main concern today is not overdoing it to the point where I crash out for a week. I keep having to make myself sit down to rest as I have the energy to keep going. An unusual feeling for me. Also of note, it is winter in the Southern Hemisphere and typically my worst time of year for energy. Brain fog is no longer a daily problem. Greatly improved tolerance for high fructan foods.” [444] [445] [446]
    • ☹️ “I have ME and helminthic therapy did not help my general symptoms. It only removed my specific allergic reactions (so now I can have a cat and don't mind the pollen season). Nothing else (no side effects either).” (Link expired.)
    • “Two and a half years ago, one of our 12 y/o twins acquired a virus that left her with debilitating post viral complications. She was diagnosed with POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome) and CFS (chronic fatigue). This was one very sick kid. She spent several months bed/couch ridden. Could barely walk from couch to toilet. Struggled to dress and wash herself. Her brain fog was so severe she quite literally could not do the sum 1+1, and any mental activity would result in her becoming teary with frustration and hopelessness. She was clinically depressed and completely socially withdrawn, and missed 12 months of school. Approx 5 months into her illness I inoculated her with approx 10 NA… It was about 2-3 months after this inoculation that she finally started to climb the long hill out of her illness… While she had a rocky year last year, missing a full term and several weeks here and there when she had flares or was unlucky enough to catch a virus, she gradually did make the climb out of the ditch. Today she is a powerhouse. She rises early with her sister 6am! to ride her bike to school (14kms!!) a few mornings a week, and takes an evening taekwando class…” [447]
    • “I have both fibromyalgia and CFS/ME and was first inoculated just over 2 years ago. I have found improvement, especially since it has helped with inflammation. It is not a cure for me but I have been able to slowly go off medications, get less infections, have less flare days, and recover quicker than I use to. For me 5HWs is a dose where I obtain the most benefit with the fewest side effects.” (Link expired)
    • “My wife watched me use the helminths for my Crohn's and soon jumped on board for her CFS and allergies. She is a friggin energizer bunny now. Some days, I regret turning her onto the HDC! She was a fast responder. Her allergies went away in about 4-6 weeks and the CFS was improving at the 8 week mark. She is hosting about 15 NA and doses 40 HDC every two weeks." (Link expired)
    • “I suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and it's almost a year ago since I took my first helminths (NA). By last summer my fatigue was progressing from mild to intermediate. It was getting to the point where I would struggle to leave my apartment and walk two blocks to do grocery shopping. I also had some issues relating to IBS, rhinitis, and eosinophilic esophagitis which made me suspect that there was an auto immune component to my fatigue. From what I read the helminths seemed to do well with that particular angle so I decided to give it a shot. For the first five months I made no other changes and I noticed a definite difference in energy. 11 months and 40 NA later I feel the best I have in years. Obviously I can't guarantee that it was all the worms, but I absolutely feel like the helminths played a big a part.” [448]
    • “I‘ve done many treatments to heal myself, so it’s hard to tell which was decicive, but hookworm definitely helped and continues to help. It’s the only treatment that I continue to follow.” [449]
    • “I have CFS of many decades that was mild to moderate but had got bad in the last few years. I started NA just over two years ago and, in the first 14 months, I got 3-4 (bad) bouts of flu followed by flares of autoimmune symptoms, all of which can be a sign for people with CFS that they are recovering. Now, my autoimmune symptoms are in remission and my CFS is much improved. My food intolerances are miles better, and my baseline heath is hugely better than prior to starting NA.” (Edited from three posts: [450] [451] [452])
    • "Initially it was very hard going with additional fatigue, could hardly stay awake for the first 12 weeks or so. But after about 6 months, I noticed my energy levels improving and my food intolerances have also improved. My autonomic symptoms, e.g., poor body temperature regulation, have also improved a bit but probably not as much as the other symptoms. Brain fog depends a lot on food intolerance reactions and how well I sleep... It's really been worth it. Just as an example, for years I couldn't walk up any more than 5 stairs, now I can do well over 20 with no problem... I started with 5NA (but now) don't inoculate any more than 3NA at a time." [453]
    • "It’s still early days for me but since starting low doses of TSO in Late March I definitely feel like I have noticeably more energy. For example, before I started HT if I got over 2000 steps in a day I would always crash for a few days. Now, though, I regularly get between 2300-2500 steps with few problems. That sounds like a small gain but for me it’s big. Also, my sleep and mood are better, my stomach is more settled, and I can eat a few more foods that I couldn’t before. And when I overdo it the PEM (post-exertional malaise) is not as severe. I still have a very long way to go but I’m more hopeful with this treatment than I have been in years." [454]
    And a six month update.
    • I have noticed a mild reduction in all ME/CFS symptoms including sensitivity to light and sounds. The main thing I’ve noticed is that when I do crash I now bounce back to my baseline noticeably faster. I take TSO and NA. My colonies are still fairly small as I’m moving very slowly with this therapy as per the wiki advice for people with ME/CFS. [455]
    • "I’ve had ME/CFS for 30+ years and was in a particularly bad patch for the last 4½ years. Couch bound, noise sensitivity, balance issues, headaches that easily tipped over to migraines on a daily basis and debilitating fatigue. I had my first dose of 3 NA around Christmas last year, and that first month was jolly hard work. I wish I'd put meals in the freezer and set things up so I could just deal with existing. Putting things in place so I could get through each day in the easiest way possible… My symptoms worsened and I struggled to do anything. This lasted for a month and then my energy levels began increasing little by little each day. I applied another 3 NA after 3 months and again my symptoms worsened. I also noticed that I caught whatever was going around. This was again for the first month after treatment, then I again went from strength to strength each day. I've had another dose of 3 NA at the 3 month mark and the same pattern has happened again, I get worse and then I get better. Thankfully with each dose I am finding that my overall health is improving - an upward trajectory. The gains I get in the 2 good months are moving me forward and I'm now beginning to gently re-join the world. I can meet friends for social gatherings and cope with the noise and the interaction. I can be active through the day and not pay the price for it afterwards and for days following." [456]
    • "I have been using helminthic therapy for the past year to treat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Initially, I used 3 NA every 12 weeks for 3 doses, and derived significant benefit from this. However the flu-like side effects following each dose were substantial - a sore throat, sore muscles and fatigue. The worst of these would last, reliably, for a week after each inoculation, with lesser, although still significant, symptoms continuing for another 2 months. After discussing my situation with someone experienced in HT, I decided to try using TSO, which I started 4 months ago. The doses I am using currently are 0.4ml drawn from a 15ml bottle containing 2500 ova, and dosing at 4 day intervals. This regime has worked very well for me, and the side effects from the TSO have been much more manageable than with NA. Since beginning HT, I have had significant benefits. I have far greater exercise tolerance and my cognitive function and mood have both also improved, although these improvements do require continued careful dosing to maintain. I still have to be careful to avoid excessive stressors, but I am the healthiest I have been since I was first diagnosed at the age of 15 (I'm now 27) and I have improved to such an extent as to be able to resume full time study towards my degree." (Edited from three posts: [457], [458], [459].)
    • "I’m in full remission from my pretty severe post-exertional malaise by hosting 3 tiny human hookworms… for me, it worked on long covid… after less than two months of hosting, I am essentially cured… also my FODMAP intolerance seems mostly fixed, and I had that for years… My CFS recovery is kind of continuing. I've been getting better over the past month which is month two for me. I've been a very strong responder. I essentially knew it was going to work since I experienced 95 to 100% recovery during the "bounce" period around day 10… It was nuts, I was actually running around… I was just able to go on a 4 day sailing trip on my boat and I actually started crying from happiness near the end at realizing I seem to have most of my life back. We even climbed a small mountain and while I was very tired and went slowly, I did not get sick after!" (Edited from several comments in the same Reddit thread. [460]

    Memory loss

    • “I’m finding that I have a much improved memory. My thoughts are more clear & sharp. I'm in less of a fog. I'm retaining more information and able to recall events from the past that I had forgotten.” (Reported only one month after inoculation with NA.) [461]

    Ménière's disease / endolymphatic hydrops

    Also see Helminthic therapy and Ménière's disease.

    • “Although my diagnosis is Menieres, I believe it to be secondary endolymphatic hydrops caused by my allergies. Except during weeks 3 - 8 after a dose of helminths, I have reached a point where I have no tinnitus, no vertigo and have significantly less problem from fast moving visual stimuli. Prior to this I had all but given up watching television - sport on tv has been impossible with cameras panning to follow the action. After my third dose, once I was past the problem period, I had started to be able to watch things to a limited extent and was finding being a passenger in a car more bearable. During weeks 3 - 8 after a dose my tinnitus is worse, and yesterday I had the worst spin attack I've had for a long time but know this will right itself in a few days. Whilst I have been well, I have felt less pressure and fullness in my right ear than in many years and generally felt less tired after activities that would have left me drained. I still cannot tolerate loud noises easily (but) NA have given me my life back and it's wonderful.” [462] [463]

    Menstruation, irregular

    • “I would attribute regulation of my periods with having NA on board. My periods were erratic and occasionally *very* heavy when my Graves' disease has been active. NA seem to have modified this to a normal (for me) state.” [464]

    Menstruation, painful (Dysmenorrhoea / dysmenorrhea)

    • “I had pain-free periods for the first time in my life after 6 months with hookworm, having previously suffered horrific pain. The feeling of pressure during a period, like my uterus is trying to fall out (which I understand is from the adenomyosis) is also massively reduced. I stayed pain-free for 6 months, then accidentally killed my hookworm with antibiotics and had immediate return of endo pain with next period. The pain was somewhat reduced after a small reinoculation (10 larvae) and stopped again 3 months after taking a further 35 larvae.” [465]
    • “After almost 4 months with NA, my painful menstrual cramps are suddenly gone. Fatigue and bloat remain, but the worst part, the pain, just didn't happen. It's a pretty amazing development. [466]
    • “They (NA) also seem to have completely eliminated my life-long period pain.” (Link expired.)
    • “During my period, which happened soon after the third dose of HDC, I did not have to take any pain relievers. I see this as not just a coincidence because last such occurrence happened almost a year ago in July 2018, after I started NA therapy.” [467]
    • “It is my 3rd dose (of HDC) now. No stomach pain during period, better thermoregulation. I still have head ache during my period, no change in that.” [468]

    Microscopic colitis

    Also see Lymphocytic colitis, Pancolitis, Ulcerative colitis and Ulcerative proctitis.

    • “I finished a course of TSO (4 months ago). I had been in remission at the time, but to me it wasn't a true remission as I had to be very careful with diet and couldn't eat much fiber (fruit, vegetables) or gluten and eggs. It worked like a charm and since then (6 months) I've been able to eat donuts, cake, beer, etc. with zero issues. I did notice I still seemed to be a little sensitive to egg and was avoiding them by themselves (in baked goods they didn't bother me). I am frankly just so overjoyed to be able to have raw fruits and vegetables, baked goods, beer again... anything else is just gravy. So grateful for HT as I never thought I'd be able to indulge in a craft beer again.” [469] [470]


    Also see Headaches.

    The first two reports are more detailed than the quotes that follow.

    • "Before I started treatment, I was having a 7.0/10 migraine once a week. Now, I am having a 4.5-5.0/10 migraine once a month." Two years later, this individual rated the improvement in his migraines as 75%. (Links expired)
    • "In addition to the reduction in daily, M.E.-related headaches, my migraines are also greatly reduced in both frequency and severity." [471]
    • ☹️ "… I have ~35 HW and they do not lessen my migraines." (Link expired) (NB. This individual may eventually have responded if he'd maintained his colony for longer. A single dose is often insufficient to provide benefits.)
    • "I used to get headaches all time and some migraines, and now I hardly ever get them since I've inoculated almost a year ago. Actually haven't had a single migraine since, come to think of it…" (Reported in a private discussion, Apr 2012)
    • "My migraine does not appear that often anymore and I am able to do some sports again." (Reported in a private message, Jun 2012)
    • “I am still on migraine meds but I was using 4 Maxalt wafers (Rizatriptan benzoate) /week. Now I use about 1 every 7-10 days…” [472]
    • “My good friend Rick was having migraine headaches about 3 - 5 times or even more per week... Then I started to pick up the HDC for him (and) he had about 30 for his first dose. In a couple of days the migraines subsided. Three weeks later he received his second dose; about the same amount. He continued migraine free for three more weeks. This trend continued as long as he got the necessary dose, apparently about 30 every three weeks.” [473]
    • “In 2008, I got sick. Frighteningly sick. I had excruciating head pain that was unlike anything I'd ever experienced… Month after month, I was in unrelenting, blinding pain. I was so exhausted I could barely move… Three day migraines hit me 8-10 times per month. Nausea often made it impossible to eat. I was so exhausted I could barely move from the bed to lie on the couch all day. Some days I couldn't eat meals because I was too tired to chew… As I write this, it is a week short of seven months since I started helminth immune support... Things aren't perfect. A person with normal energy can easily work me into the ground. I still have ​migraines, although they occur less frequently and with lower intensity... (but) ​I started my day with tandem kayaking. After that, I came home, fed and watered the chickens, collected eggs, cooked a hot breakfast, tidied up the kitchen, washed and hung out laundry, attended to some gardening duties and spent several hours designing this new site and writing this page. I'm no longer too tired to chew.” [474]
    • “My wife's allergies got worse and worse over seven years, manifesting in migraines that would last for days. The codeine she took for the pain masked the normal allergy symptoms so we tried endless dead-end therapies. Only after trying HDC has she got rid of her migraines, all her allergies went away.” [475]
    • “I didn’t start HT for migraine in particular, but I actually haven’t had a single migraine attack ever since. (I had migraine on a regular basis for 10 years). So for me it was obviously related to my autoimmune issues.” [476]
    • “My brother in law is treating migraines with NA. He has very severe frequent migraines and relies on injections. Since starting NA he has had a gradual reduction in frequency and severity. It's been about 8 months and he swears by them.” [477]

    Mixed connective tissue disease (MCTD)

    Also see Lupus

    • "I can hardly believe it has already been 8 months since I started my helminthic therapy journey. In the briefest terms possible, it has been the more dramatic, mind-blowing, and wonderful decision of my life... I began to notice the crippling symptoms of my autoimmune diseases (MCTD/lupus, Fibromyalgia, Raynaud's, and Autoimmune hepatitis) fading about 1 month after my second dose ... I Feel Normal: hardly any severe, debilitating, mind-numbing, exhausting, unrelenting P.A.I.N. Energy levels on par with other people my age, as opposed to narcoleptics and flu-patients. The ability to get up in the morning without wanting to cry from the pain, dizziness, and crippling fatigue. The ability to think and speak clearly. The ability to play with my son, do the laundry, brush my teeth. Basically, all things I completely took for granted before I got sick, and which I had waved goodbye to for good, so I thought... Just like falling in love, I see the world in a whole new light. I see possibilities and hope where I once saw nothing but blackness and despair. My new love affair with life has begun." [478]
    • ☹️ "18 months ago (I was) finally correctly diagnosed as having an autoimmune mixed connective tissue disorder. I've also had IBS my entire life. So far, at 30 HDC every 3 weeks, my symptoms (severe pain in my muscles, that is crippling at times) are not improved. I am also going to be experimenting with much higher HDC doses on me. At the very least though, I hope that HDC will stop me developing yet another autoimmune disease.” [479]
    • The following three reports are by the same person.
      • “I'm about 11 months into my HT (hookworm, for lupus and Mixed Connective Tissue Disease), and doing really well. There are long periods (days, even a week or more) when I have zero pain in my body. My recurring nephritis now sits dormant for weeks at a time. I no longer have chest pain every single day, my heart doesn't race several times a day, and I hardly ever choke. Almost every symptom I had at the beginning has been reduced about 80% or so. Almost every symptom - my malar rash worsened. I'm treating it very carefully, though, and I see small improvements every few days. In the end, I've decided that if HT allows everything else to disappear, I can put makeup on the rash. It's worth it. The depression has also melted away... I believe that the improvement in my quality of life is at least partly responsible. I am happy now - happier than I have been in a long time. I don't dread waking up in the morning to discover what's going to hurt today. I don't dread stepping out of bed, unsure if my legs will actually hold me up. I am comfortable making plans with people several days out, instead of putting them off until I know how I'm feeling. [480] I really wish I had done this way back when I first heard about it… If I could go back and get hookworms five years ago, I would." [481]
      • “I’m almost a year past my first dose of HW. I've had four doses all together. Last week, I worked eight days in a row without a day off … mostly working on my feet in a retail environment … and worked almost 40 hours on the sales floor. Before my HW, I was limited to 20 hours a week… While I was getting ready for bed, my daughter said, "You know Mama - I can't even remember the last time I had to help you get dressed. Can you?" No, I could not. I'm doing so much better!” [482]
      • “I have MCTD - Lupus with a likely DM (dermatomyositis) overlap… I'm 14 months into HT and about 85 to 90% improved!” [483]
    • “I am using Human Hook Worms for the Treatment of Mixed Connective Tissue Disease with my predominant symptoms being Lupus… So almost 5 months after first inoculation and my labs are all normal except my eosinophils (0.7 against a normal of 0.4). I googled this and it indicates that I have helminths in my body.” [484] [485] And, posted 2 years later: "I have been off all meds for 2 1/2 years now." [486]
    • “A 33-year-old woman with a history of mixed connective tissue disease presented for routine follow-up… Her presenting symptoms included polyarthritis, mouth sores, photosensitivity, malar rash, dry eyes and mouth, and Raynaud's phenomenon… She procured Necator americanus larvae and self-inoculated… She reports significant improvement in symptoms (joint pain, swelling, rash) after her second inoculation… On this visit, she was asymptomatic. There was no evidence of rash or synovitis on examination. Complete blood count, comprehensive metabolic panel, C-reactive protein and erythrocyte sedimentation rate, and complement levels were within reference ranges. She was contented with helminthic therapy and wanted to continue it.” [487]
    • “I was diagnosed with mixed connective tissue disorder about two years ago. Plaquenil and some huge dietary changes helped significantly, but I still had some problems… So I dosed with my first five NA. I'm not quite at twelve weeks yet and I already see improvements. My energy level was decent before, but even better now. My skin is starting to look like human skin for the first time in years. No more hardening and splitting skin, it's less scaly and dry, less swelling around the joints. I ate a tiny bit of curry with pepper in it and I didn't have a terrible rheumatoid arthritis flare in response.” [488] (Post includes before-and-after pictures of this self-treater's hands.)

    Mold (mould) illness / sensitivity

    Also see Helminthic therapy and mold illness.

    • “Thanks to helminthic therapy, she can cope much better now with mold.” [489]
    • “I was poisoned by the floxie antibiotics. That is why I started Helminthic. My fungal issues are still with me but I am so much better.” [490]
    • "I have CIRS from mould illness, MCAS and histamine Intolerance, although, when I began HT, I wasn’t aware of these diagnoses. I must say HT has been a lifesaver for me, and I found NA and TSO extremely helpful with mould symptoms; HDC, not so much. I started with 8 NA in 2019 and felt positive effects within the first three months. When I started TSO, I had a sophisticated colony of NA on board already. Zero side effects to a full course of TSO. The effects of both species on board were absolutely fantastic. I couldn’t afford to take TSO after that, unfortunately, and so benefits declined rapidly after finishing the last dose. Through this period, I was living with mould. Hence, I am confident that HT has helped me a great deal with the symptoms of mould illness." (Edited from this post.)
    • "I have recently started my helminth therapy about 4 months ago with outstanding results! I was treating mold reactions, asthma, food allergies, and MCS. I am so much better with all but the MCS. I've been able to dig in my garden without a mold reaction or a very tiny one. This is all with just one treatment of 3 NAs." [491]

    Mononucleosis / infectious mononucleosis / glandular fever

    "A young friend of my son's has had 2 years of fatigue post glandular fever. Would become unwell if he pushed himself at all. One dose of 5 NA and within 2 months is 90 percent back to his old energetic self." [492]

    Mouth ulcers

    • “Mouth ulcers - they happened frequently and were severe, now it barely ever happens.” (Link expired)

    Multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS)

    • These first two reports are by the same person.
      • "I have MCS and I get (among other things) rashes from exposure to people wearing scents, going into buildings other than my home (due to cleaning chemicals, carpets, air fresheners, etc.), and exposure to the sun… I BELIEVE I'm seeing some improvement in rashes." (Link expired)
      • "... my MCS symptoms are also improved... the irritability I get after seeing fragranced students or clients is also gone." (Link expired)
    • "... my bronchial tubes no longer react at all to the myriad of lesser triggers (i.e. perfumes, scented products, smoke)." (Link expired)
    • "I no longer need to worry at all about fragrance, so can entertain ‘smelly’ people, use ‘smelly’ taxis without incident, and, recently, have even managed to do some painting on the house – the first I’ve done for many years – without any problem at all, and I was using absolutely bog standard, very smelly, solvent-based gloss paint!” (From an NA user) [493]
    • "So my problems ranged from :-- chemical allergies especially pesticide and petroleum sensitivity, cold fever on exertion, no energy (running on empty feeling), reacting to nearly all foods, never confident of going out anywhere, mental confusion, ringing ears, extreme itchy ears etc, sensitive to odours etc. etc. (But, after 8 months with NA) things are radically different. That whole dysfunctional autoimmune veneer I was smothered by has gone. Imagine walking out of a fog that has been with you for decades…” (Reported in a private discussion, 2011.)
    • "I suffer , or should I say, used to suffer from fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and multiple chemical sensitivities. I have hookworm, follow the SCD diet, ....and seem to be doing much better." (Reported in a private discussion, Jan 2012)
    • The following two reports are by the same person.
      • "Her chemical sensitivity, identified by how much she can smell chemicals, has almost disappear..." (Link expired)
      • “My wife suffered from allergies, food intolerances and chemical sensitivity for about 13 years and we tried many therapies. 22 months ago, she started helminthic therapy (with NA) and this is by far the best remedy we have found.” (Link expired)
    • "Our two year old son was sensitive to fragrances in detergents and soaps - we noticed he would scratch excessively if we put him in clothes that had been washed with scented detergent, and his eczema would flare up. (He has had mild eczema since he was 3 or 4 months old.) Since his first dose with 5 NA about 13 weeks ago, we have seen a significant improvement! His skin is pretty much clear, just a small patch of dryness on each of his feet. He no longer seems bothered after washing his hands with scented soap (this used to make his wrists itch for hours)." (Link expired)
    • "Our 2½ year old started with 5 NA in May 2013. He had eczema, mild food allergies (egg white, wheat, and peanut), and was sensitive to fragrance and some foods (dairy, potatoes). So far we have seen significant improvement in the eczema and sensitivities. We have reintroduced dairy and potatoes in small amounts with no reaction…" (Reported to a closed group, Aug 2013)
    • "My environmental sensitivities seem to have greatly improved. I can now handle scented products much much better than in the past." (Reported to a closed group, Aug 2013, after 15 months with NA.)
    • ☹️ “I have food intolerances and multiple chemical sensitivity and I didn't benefit from helminhic therapy… My lack of success with helminths might be due to liver issues as a root cause for my diseases (mutations in several of the genes CYP450 and some fluctuating liver numbers).” (Link expired)
    • “… it is now easier to breath than since I was a kid, my snoring has gone down and I have not had any reaction to perfumes that previously had me blowing my nose profusely, it feels great!, it was worth doing NA just for that!” (Link expired)
    • “While my response is incomplete, it allows me much greater freedom to interact socially, to get through the workday with considerably less, and less frequent pain, and to interact with my wife and children in a much kinder, supportive, and rewarding fashion upon returning home from work. Although imperfect, hookworms (NA) are the ONLY preventive therapy I have found for my condition, and I am very glad to have them.” (Link expired)
    • “I was hyper sensitive to the world. A trace of perfume. A trace of plastic smell. I had to be so careful with foods - no man made commercial stuff. After helminths (NA) everything damped down. I was able to go out and perfumes no longer bothered me. I started eating more foods... bananas came back in which is nice; Basically I wasn't on a knife edge any more.” (Reported to a closed group, Nov 2014)
    • “I have had numerous food intolerances as well as sensitivities to most chemicals for 45 years… It will be 2 years (next month) with hookworms. Improvements include reduced sensitivities to many foods and chemicals, loss of addiction to sugars and chocolates. Increased energy and reduced anxiety. It hasn't totally removed food and chemical sensitivities but tolerance has improved.” (Link expired)
    • “I noticed last week I was able to enjoy music in the car, particularly "noisier music" for the first time in many years. I deal with ME/CFS and can find noise of any kind can be overstimulating and extremely unpleasant.” (From a user of NA. Link expired)
    • "My chemical sensitivity is largely gone (after first using HDC and then NA). The only chemicals I'm still wary of are e numbers in packaged foods.' [494]
    • "I’m running around my home and cleaning on a Sunday. And I realized that I’ve started to use chemicals that I wasn’t able to use for 10 years. I know that it may seem trivial. But a home is made up of things that are comforting. And scents are certainly a part of that. Yet for a long time, I would become sick by simply touching and breathing in certain ingredients. Especially the cleansers that contained gluten. It could put me in bed for 2 days (or more), in pain. So vinegar, baking soda, and Castile soap were my friends. Yet now it’s been 4 years since I started helminthic therapy. And I may hesitate buying something that is processed and artificially scented. But I’m able to use the Lysol wipes and Murphy oil soap if I want. And I don’t have to read the ingredients to make sure that I’ll be ok. And I certainly will not end up in bed for 2 days if use one of them." [495]

    Multiple sclerosis (MS)

    The first report is more detailed than the quotes that follow.

    • Three annual reports by the same person:
      • "... this is the first April I have been attack free." (Link expired)
      • "This is my second MS season... attack free!" (Link expired)
      • "... its been just over three years since receiving hookworm therapy and... my MS and allergies are still in complete remission!" (Link expired)
    • Two reports by a different individual, written nine months apart.
      • "In summary I will say that without a doubt it has been a success for me." (Link expired)
      • “So far my hookworm experience in fighting my Relapse Remitting MS has been great! I would say awesome even.” (Link expired)
    • The following reports were posted by yet another person, nearly three years apart.
      • "It has been 3 years since my last relapse. And since I've had hookworms, all left over traces from my last relapse have disappeared completely… I think that the hookworms have stopped any disease activity and that has allowed my brain time to heal… I'm incredibly happy and relieved with the results, and I encourage anyone with MS to get treated with helminths, the sooner the better.” (Link expired)
      • “I've been on HT for almost 4 years now, and I still have not had a relapse or any new or active lesions on my yearly MRI's.” (Link expired)
    • "I followed Swank/Jelinek's diet when I was diagnosed eight years ago (2003) and I believe the diet made a huge difference for me but the hookworms stopped my ms progression 100%" (Reported to a closed group, Sept 2011)
    • "I realized - after a few comments from friends - that I had stopped craving ADD drugs like Vyvanse and Adderall for their sheer energizing effect, stopped drinking – ready for this? – a pot and a half of coffee a day. I had more energy than I have had in something like 15 years. The afternoon fatigue wasn’t there as strongly – still there but reduced in its ability to floor me. I didn’t wake up tired and ready to go back to bed… All in all, I'm a happy girl so far. To have some energy back - not complete but so, so much better - is beyond joyful." (Reported by an MS patient, 4 months after inoculation, in a private discussion, Dec 2011.)
    • "… had 3rd top up last week and since then almost symptom free - just slight nerve fatigue towards end of the day." (Reported in a private discussion, Feb 2012)
    • "… while my M.S. hasn't disappeared, I've been consistently stronger with no long weak periods, no more daily or every other day elevated temperature leading to falling and exhaustion, and I'm starting to remember what feeling "normal" feels like..." (Link expired)
    • "Two months after I took the hookworms, all my MS symptoms vanished. I have not had a relapse or any kind of MS activity since I started hookworm therapy. Every brain MRI that I have had (4 of them) has shown no active lesions and no new lesions. In fact, a few lesions have actually disappeared… As far as I am concerned, hookworm therapy has been a total success so far, and I recommend it to anyone with MS." (Link expired)
    • "I am on Necator Americanus starting in September 2007. I reached complete remission in six months. I'm happy to report my MS is still in remission!" (Reported to a closed group, Nov 2012)
    • The following two reports are by the same blogger, two years apart.
      • “… my MS has pretty much been benign since my initial diagnosis almost 5 years ago; I have still had what I call “ghost symptoms” from time to time. These are not real relapses. They happen when I get overheated or have a fever. The body mimics MS symptoms like tingling in the feet or hands and extreme fatigue. Since my wormies moved in, I’ve experienced none of these. I have been able to be out in the heat of the summer without problems. In a lot of ways, the last 6 months have been absolutely fantastic!” [496]
      • "My MS has been pretty much non-existent. So much so that some days I can almost forget about it… When I take a step back to analyze where I am health wise now as opposed to where I was 2 or more years ago, the results truly have been life changing." [497]
    • "18 months so far. Nothing to report! All symptoms have disappeared late summer of 2011 and since it's all quiet. Is there anything else to add?" (Reported to a closed group, Jan 2013)
    • "My most recent MRI… showed no new disease activity over the last year. Yay! Over the last two years I have made numerous life changes including beginning a disease modifying therapy, helminthic therapy, a transition to a pesco-vegetarian diet, stress reduction techniques, and regular exercise. My doctor is telling me to keep doing the same stuff, including the helminthic therapy." (Reported Mar 2013, two years after diagnosis, following inoculations with a total of 135 hookworm larvae.)
    • ☹️ "Since I'm not having the desired effect for my MS from the 230 HW I've been hosting for more than two years, and the 1500 WW I've been hosting for about a year, I'm considering terminating them and trying TSO for a while." (Link expired)
    • "Have been inoculated with hookworms since Sept of 2011. Dietary changes were made years ago and I now have been off any MS medication for over 2 months and am feeling and doing very well." (Reported to a closed group, July 2013)
    • "Since my second "dose" I can now lift my left leg which I couldn't do before. I actually can walk around without my cane at times. In fact, the other day I was walking around my daughter-in-law's home and my grandson tells me "Grandma, you aren't using your cane". I didn't even realize that I wasn't using it. I can feel that this therapy is working and I am slowly getting stronger. I now feel like I have hope for a better future with being able to function better." (Reported in a private message, July 2013)
    • “The more important results were my M.S. results which I have responded very well to. I have not had any symptoms since one month after inoculation…now I do not need MS meds or anything.. They are truly a miracle for me..” (Link expired)
    • “Coming up to 3 year anniversary of starting Helminthic therapy. Overall things very good. No significant relapses. Holding down very well paid job and loving it.” (Posted to a closed group, Jan 2014)
    • The following reports are all from one individual who was diagnosed in 2012 and has hosted NA since 2013.
      • “Had my MRI results this week (after 3 inoculations with NA) and compared them to 2 years ago. My brain lesions have disappeared… I am taking no MS meds, just Paleo diet and 20,000 ius Vitamin D daily. My gait has improved and neurologist tested it this week. I am full of energy and back in full time work.” [498]
      • “All the MRI’s this year (2018) showed no active lesions and no new brain lesions. I have had lots of energy, I am working and even took up Tango! I dance 💃🏻 for hours in 3 inch stilettos 👠!” [499] [500]
      • “After 7 years of only Helminthic Therapy, I am (still) in remission from MS!!!” [501]
      • "Got my results for my 10th year MRI’s. The results from the brain, cervical and thoracic images with and without contrast show no new or active lesions once more! Feeling grateful for my helminth population!!! I have only inoculated with hookworms in all these years. I have had no antibiotics, nor steroids, nor medicine!!! I love my old friends!" [502]
    • ☹️ "Unfortunately, I am not a success story with helminthic therapy. I was diagnosed 20 years ago with RRMS, but my condition has since progressed to SPMS. I had hookworms for about three years. It completely cured my allergies, but my multiple sclerosis did not improve. During the three years, I experimented with many different doses of hookworm and found that my MS symptoms were continuing to progress slowly. In 2012 or 2013, I got a severe stomach bug and had the worst MS attack of my life. After that, I stopped trying HT and continued back onto disease modifying medication." (Via private message.)
    • “What a difference a year and 12 hookworms can make! Yesterday I went snowboarding!!!! Woo!!! Last time I tried that was 13 months ago, and it didn't go well. But yesterday went great! Nerve pain in my feet has diminished so I could wear boots. My fatigue and depression have eased. Had no vertigo. I could control my legs and my eyes were rock solid steady. I could wear contact lenses (first time in 1.5 years.) And I could even breathe.” (Link expired)
    • “I have very mild MS. I saw total remission with hookworms about 8 years ago, and haven’t had a serious exacerbation since.” [503]
    • “I've also been using NA for MS, and I think it helps quite a bit.” (Link expired)
    • “I have had MS for 10 years, and NA for 3 years without any issues. Prior to NA, relapses came every 6-8 months. Now, since the NA, I have not had a relapse. That’s 3 years with greatly reduced symptoms, including pain. I cannot encourage people enough to get on board with this alternative to standard medicine. It can be in addition to your current treatment too.” (Link expired)
    • "I have been on HDC for MS for 6 months. I started slowly on 30 HDC every 2 weeks and stayed on this for a few months. I have good weeks and bad weeks with symptoms which relate to the phases in my monthly cycle, and I found my bad weeks were better than I would expect. After developing a new symptom, I stopped the HDC for 6-8 weeks to see if this was causing it. It wasn’t, and I noticed I was worse in the bad phases of my cycle, so I restarted the HDC. Before that, I had got up to 50 HDC every 2 weeks, and I resumed at that dose for a month. Then I increased it to 100 HDC every 2 weeks. I don’t think I’ve found my optimal dose yet, but there is definitely a positive effect happening for me and, yesterday, my osteopath commented on how well I was walking." (Edited from this post.)
    • "My sister in law has MS and RA, and she’s been in remission since getting on NA with a small amount of TSO." [504]
    • "I have RRMS. I was in a clinical trial years ago and took TSO. I started with 5 brain lesions and 10 months later had 0. I felt great I was so pleased… Since then I have taken no meds. My MS has only shown one new lesion a few years ago." [505]

    Myasthenia gravis

    • "Hi, yes the (hookworm) definitely help with myasthenia gravis. I have MG and I know this treatment works for me… The benefit was gradual, but I was doing hour long spinning classes 5 mths into the treatment. I had strength and endurance which I had completely lost to the MG… I accidentally killed (my worms) with oregano extract in December. My symptoms rebounded quite fast and that was totally scary. I couldn't work out anymore due to muscle fatigue etc. I have noticed that although it has only been 3 wks or so (since I re-dosed), my legs don't shake when I go up stairs, my double vision is gone, and I am starting to feel strong again." (Reported in a private discussion, Apr 2012)
    • “Hi, I just wanted to let people out there know that I have been using hdc with great success for the last 6 months. I have lupus and myasthenia gravis and it has definitely helped. Along with hdc I do also use Hk and have been for three years., though for me it wasn't enough on its own and it gave me severe gi issues. I lost my hk frequently, but after adding the hdc I have not had that happen. One huge bonus for me is that I have had hair grow in that I thought was permanently gone due to the lupus.” (Reported in Mar 2014.)

    Myodesopsia (floaters)

    (Also known as myodaeopsia, myiodeopsia and myiodesopsia.)

    • "Right now (at about 22 weeks since my first dose of NA) I have about a 75% reduction in distinct dark dots. There are still quite a few faint ones but its a huge reduction that had been increasing for the 5 yrs previous to NA." [506]


    • “I'm at week 14 (2 inoculations of 40 HW) and i noticed today that i can read my clock from across the room. 2 months ago i could not have done that without glasses.” [507]


    Also see Helminthic therapy and narcolepsy

    • "I don't have MS but narcolepsy, which is actually pretty similar, autoimmune reaction to brain, and have found a lot of relief with the paleo diet combined with worms. I used to have to take amphetamines so stay conscious, now I no longer need them, although I do still take medicine at night to improve my sleep cycles." (Reported in a private discussion, Mar 2012)

    Nasal congestion

    • "Prior to inoculation I was continually congested… I could not smell for the last few years because of the congestion. This was on antihistamines and a double dose of nasal steroids… But I am dramatically improved on a much decreased medication schedule." (Link expired)
    • "... my slumbers ceased to be nightmares of nasal obstruction, and my days became completely free from the need to blow or even wipe my nose." [508]
    • “My hookworm benefits are really blooming. Tonight i was rummaging around in the kitchen and realized the cabinets have a distinct smell -- old paint, dish soap -- and i hadn't smelled that the entire time i've lived in this house -- about 9 years. there's a whole world of odor out there!” (Reported in a private discussion, Apr 2012)
    • “I began, all at once, really, to have a surprisingly sudden lack of unhealthy mucus. I can literally trace symptom relief back to this exact moment (3 months after inoculation with hookworm). The next morning was the first morning I woke up with a more-or-less clear nose in about the last seven years. I have woken up with an increasingly clear nose every day since then and today is the first day in seven years that I woke up with absolutely nothing in my nose at all. It is only writing this now that I realize that I actually forgot to use my nasal steroids as well. I don't think I need them anymore… I'm not on any pills or drugs or crap and I have no problems. I am normal.” [509]

    Nasal polyps

    • "My father has something called Samter's syndrome which includes nasal polyps, chronic rhinitis, and aspirin sensitivity. For 20-25 years, he had little sense of taste or smell, due to polyps on his sinus nerve, and he had multiple surgeries to remove them. Starting about 6 months after getting hookworms, the polyps went away, never to return. He's now had his sense of taste and smell all day every day, acutely, for a good 3 1⁄2 years.” Two years after posting this, the contributor added, “Now he is getting the same efficacy from HDC." (Links expired)
    • "Recurring nasal polyps… I have reversed them without surgery, I can smell so well now that shampoo can give me a headache.. I can smell soap.. I can properly taste food.. and I feel generally great." (Link expired)
    • "When i was treating myself with HDC I had a crazy level of sense of smell come back within a couple of weeks of starting therapy. It was amazing all of a sudden to be able to smell both roses and farts." [510]

    Night terror (sleep terror)

    See Helminthic therapy and sleep: night terrors.

    Non-coeliac / celiac gluten sensitivity (NCGS)

    Also see Coeliac / celiac disease and Gluten ataxia

    • “A few weeks ago, I (nervously) tried bread and ice cream: no reaction! I have since been eating wheat and dairy products regularly, with no problems… This therapy has profoundly improved my life.” (Link expired)
    • “He used to break out in eczema if he had gluten more than 2 days in a row and now he can eat it every day.” (Link expired)
    • "… for the first time in years, he was able to eat bread without feeling ill." (Link expired)
    • “I don't have celiac but HW is reducing my gluten sensitivity.” (Link expired)
    • "I started Helminth therapy last November. I think my numbers are at 150. I am happy to say that my allergies are mostly gone. I am eating corn and gluten again. Amazing." (Link expired)
    • “Helminths have helped me with my gluten intolerance. I have had some transgressions with gluten recently and not had the terrible sleepiness and brain fog I normally get.” [511]
    • "Helped me eat gluten whenever I want worry free as well. I used to get serious headaches.” [512]
    • “18 month update. After hitting the one year mark with no improvement I was starting to get discouraged… Finally, a couple weeks ago, everything changed. I was able to eat regular foods again. I did a gluten challenge... I did get symptoms, but nowhere as bad as before starting the treatment…” [513]
    • “I had severe food intolerances to Gluten and Dairy and I now eat anything and everything with no trouble at all. It took me about 6 months and 100 HW before I was able to introduce gluten without a bad reaction.” (Posted to a Closed group, Jun 2016)
    • ☹️ “I have been hosting NA for two and a half years (but) I am gluten sensitive yet. I feel much better but I still have issues with gluten.” [514] [515]
    • “The only difference NA has made to my overall health is to 100% treat my gluten intolerance...” (From someone with fibromyalgia.) [516]
    • “The things that I wanted to get some positive result with was the fatigue and the pain associated almost certainly with gluten. The fatigue has been almost completely addressed. I still get tired but don’t get that knocked out sensation. The gluten tolerance is now much improved. If I do have too much, I can still get uncomfortable bloating etc but nothing like the pain previously, and can often get away with no pain at all. I am still careful but don’t have to be so rigid with excluding it.” (Reported at 9 months, after 3 doses of 5-7 NA at 3 month intervals.) [517]
    • “So I’m a little over a year into NA treatment. Last night I had dinner with a friend who is not familiar with my gluten allergy. And I decided to eat a full meal with no dietary restrictions (including flour). I did great! No noticeable symptoms until 12 hours later. I woke up with some moderate arthritic pain in my hands, and a mild headache. 16-18 hours later I had some mild GI discomfort. About 2-3 pounds of inflammation, so that was significantly decreased also. No staying in bed for 24 hours due to severe and debilitating pain. Although this isn’t going to become the norm at this point, it was incredibly freeing. I almost felt normal. I almost felt well. I did not truly believe that this would ever be possible.” (Link expired)
    • “I have (had) Crohn’s and used to fear gluten for my life. I still feel like trash if I eat a diet of primarily carbs but I don’t fear gluten anymore and eat it occasionally. For the last 7 years now. It’s been great eating a donut every once in a while.” [518]

    The following three reports are by the same individual.

    • “I’m in month 14 and have inoculated so far with 5/3/5/7 NA, and (finally!!) I see some real improvements when I eat gluten. I digest it much better now.” [519]
    • (At 18 months.) “I AM EATING GLUTEN! Yes, capital letters today. In the past two weeks I think I have achieved a milestone. For the first time I have had consistent success with digesting gluten and other things on a frequent basis. I have been testing it out daily and had my fair share of pastries, cookies and pasta (forgive me, I haven't had that in what feels like an eternity!). I can most definitely say that the worms have changed my digestion (and IBS-D) and have increased my tolerance to allergens significantly.” [520]
    • (At 3 years.) "I've been to Italy and have been eating gluten and all sorts of other things. No adverse reactions. I'm feeling absolutely great. I've been (very) gradually working my way up and now ordered 10 NA. I'm absolutely thrilled still. My digestion has changed completely, I couldn't be happier where I am now." [521]
    • “I started with 5 NA… It was about 9-10 months before I was sure of positive results. Probably the best health care investment I could have made. No more gluten intolerance! Better energy, mood, etc.” [522]
    • "I have non-celiac gluten sensitivity dx via a wheat zoomer from Vibrant America (though I do have genetic markers for celiac) that causes joint pain, constipation, and eczema (along with chronic EBV, lymes, hashimotos, type 2 diabetes, and NAFLD/NASH). I introduced a puny 3 NA in September and ate so much gluten over the holidays and didn't have increase in joint pain, constipation, or eczema." [523]
    • "My wife is basically healthy. But she doesn't eat gluten because it generates a little bit of inflammation and mostly because she gets somewhat depressed when she eats anything with even a small amount of gluten. Seeing all the good TSO did for me with UC (Ulcerative colitis - more than 2 years symptom free) she began taking around 500 ova every 2 weeks for maintaining her general health. She began just 3 months ago. Last week she went on a nature trail / kayaking vacation with a group of 12 people. She had asked for no gluten meals but somehow that was not done. So she spent 7 days eating gluten every day. It had no negative impact at all. No inflammation, no depression feeling during or after the trip. Nothing. We believe this to due to TSO. It is the only thing that has changed in her lifestyle. For at least 10 years she always reacted to the slightest amount of gluten. Just not this time around. This will make traveling much more easy of course!" [524]
    • "Following a few months off the NA, I took another dose about 2 months ago to treat gluten intolerance. I've been eating gluten filled noodles and had two slices of bread the other day with minimal to no reactions. It's been day and night of a difference." (Edited from this thread.)

    Osteoarthritis (OA)

    Also see Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) and Psoriatic arthritis (PsA).

    • “I was starting to get early onset osteo, seems to have stopped.” [525]
    • “In my own case, (osteoarthritis) is well controlled by taking Glucosamine/Chondroitin and Hyaluronic acid, but, having recently forgotten to get a top-up dose of hookworm on time, I noticed a reappearance of discomfort from my affected joints and had to increase the supplements to compensate, so it looks like the worms were helping with this condition.” [526]
    • ☹️ “I have solid osteo in the hips. I have also had NA for about 5 years. No apparent help at all for osteo but good help for hay fever.” [527]
    • “HDC reduced the inflammation I suffered from osteoarthritis so I feel it indirectly helped.” [528]
    • “My osteoarthritis is most evident in my right hand knuckle and spine (back and neck). At 12 weeks post inoculation (with NA), my osteoarthritis improved noticeably, measured by pain in knuckle and 'cricking' noises in my neck during exercises.” (Via email.)
    • “I have Osteoarthritis in my big toe/foot joint and Coeliac Disease. I was also diagnosed with Polyarthralgia. After getting my 10 NA about 14 months ago and then another 10 about 5 months later I really noticed a difference in the aching joints. My polyarthralgia in my hands and feet have improved immensely and the osteoarthritis is definitely better although I still get pain walking as constantly have to walk using that big toe joint. It was when I lost my colony of NA after having to take a series of courses of antibiotics in early 2018 when my symptoms came back and I really noticed how well I had been with the NA on board.” [529]


    • “Before I started helminth therapy my heart would flutter a lot and I had irregular heart beat. It got where I could feel it all the time. It hasn't happened since.” [530]


    Also see Microscopic colitis, Lymphocytic colitis, Ulcerative colitis and Ulcerative proctitis.

    • “I just got word after the last colonoscopy that my pancolitis is fully disappeared. After nearly a decade of failed treatments, I am fine thanks to a course of TTO. Took about 3 months for remission.” [531] [532]
    • “I was 19 years old when diagnosed with pancolitis. I have tried everything with minimal if any relief from my symptoms. I'm 6 weeks in hosting human hookworm (NA) and I can't tell you how much i wish I had done this sooner.” [533]
    • These two posts are about the same boy:
      • “My son has pancolitis and we are 7 months into helminth therapy. We have had a very smooth journey on TTO with really no side effects or worsening of symptoms. My only regret is that we didn’t start sooner.” [534]
      • “My boy is going really well. We have just hit 12 months on TTO. His blood results are all very good, best they have ever been, and he is growing consistently for the first time in years. He is able to go to school and has a part time job, he just turned 15.” [535]
    • "I’m 23 years old with severe ulcerative pancolitis. 5th time of dosing with NA, and I’ve never felt this good in all the years i have had this disease. Its like I don’t even have colitis anymore. 10/10 feel great. Currently no adverse symptoms except for diarrhea/inflammation for the first 2 weeks after inoculation." (Edited from this post.)


    (Paediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcal Infections / Paediatric Acute-onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome)

    • "We are almost six months past his initial inoculation (with NA). His PANDAS is pretty much completely gone, his sensory issues are back to what they were pre-PANDAS. He is dramatically improved. This is all way beyond our wildest dreams, since we had no idea these results could happen and were trying to address his allergic rhinitis and chronic ear infections with the treatment." (Reported in a private discussion, Apr 2012)
    • "I can't believe it's been almost a year since we got inoculated with hookworm… It's amazing to see my son run up to school from the end of the block on his own when at the beginning of the school year, he was almost paralyzed by panic attacks from PANDAS, a disease for which there is basically no treatment or cure aside from antibiotic administration until adulthood." (Reported in a private discussion, Jun 2012)
    • "Our son, who is 10 and has Autism as well as PANDAS, was our first child to go on TSO and he has benefited greatly from it. It is also helping quite a lot with his allergies. (High Histamines = raging BAD mood for him.) His bloodwork results have been coming back close to normal where they'd not ever been close to normal in the past. Similar with our daughter, who is almost 13 and who began TSO in January 2013. She has had PANDAS and OCD for 9-10 years, since she was a toddler, but with the addition of TSO to her regimen, she lost her OCD overnight in January and it's not returned, though she says she can feel a little "buzzing" when it's time for more TSO, and that means the benefit is starting to wane. She was doing well enough in April to take a break from IVIG, at which point her bloodwork began coming in normal. She continues TSO every 2 weeks and is now happy and stable." (Link expired)
    • “5 months without a PANDAS flare up!! Thank you helminths!! My ASD & PANDAS daughter was having horrible anxiety, involuntary movements, some really scary tongue and breathing tics and, before she got her 45 Necator Americanus helminths, she was having flares every month. I was so desperate to stop the suffering and I only regret not doing it two years ago when I first heard of helminthic therapy and thought it was just crazy. There was a dramatic worsening of tics the first few weeks. At times it seemed like she was for sure starting a new flare but the symptoms would only last for minutes or a couple hours, and there has been a complete resolution of PANDAS flare ups now. I had tried TSO before the NA and I was amazed at the immediate improvements but I just couldn't afford to pay $400 a month for the TSO. The majority of research that I found on helminths for autoimmune conditions is for NA, and the cost is better since they live 3+ years.” (Edited from several posts in this thread: [536])
    • These two posts are about the same child:
      • “My son was very very sick when we started HDC worms. We have been on them every two weeks for over a year... Worms have changed my kids life drastically. He was on 3 antibiotics to treat his PANDAS before. He was always up and down and under weight. He gained over 5 inches in 7 months on the worms. Is 30 percentile in weight and 20 percentile now in height. This is a kid that never even made the charts.” [537]
      • “We do HDC for over a year for my PANDAS autism kid. Best thing we have ever done. He was on 3 antibiotics and still having flares before we started. He is 12 and for the first time since 4 off all antibiotics and no flares for this entire year. Ocds, tics and anxiety so much better. Using more language. Trying so many new things. Went from dangerously underweight to 30 percentile. Grew over 6 inches in one year. Overall healthier. Best thing we could have ever done. He is just so easy going and that is not what anyone would have said about him before.” [538]
    • "Good news re: my PANS / PANDAS child (age 9) - his obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) decreased by 95% practically overnight, following his 4th dose of 2,500 TSO. It has lasted for 2 days now, where he no longer cares where things are placed/ordered around our home. Previously, if one thing was "out of place" he would grow very agitated and angry until it was back the way he needed it to be. We started him on a half dose (1,200) of TSO at the beginning of October with 2,500 TSO every two weeks after. He would temporarily get worse after each dose, but it was worth it. His appetite has also improved lately. Best thing I have heard all year - 'Mama, I'm so happy I don't care where things go any more.” [539] And an update, two years later... “He’s still doing well. The severe OCD, constant crankiness and rages never returned. He does backslide a bit during pollen season where we live - a touch of OCD, some anger and crying over little things. As soon as he's done crying, he's himself. This happens a few times a week during pollen season. So still way, way better than he was before helminths.” [540]
    • “My son’s PANDAS was essentially cured in six weeks after inoculation with NA. [541] He was five years old. He had intense separation anxiety, palilalia, verbal tics, obsessive destructive tendencies taking things apart, chewing holes in his clothing multiple times per day, not eating, attacks of enuresis of wetting his pants uncontrollably, not being able to sleep. He couldn’t go alone into any room in our house. We had to have all the lights on 24 hours per day. He would ask me, “Mama, where are you?” hundreds of times a day when I had not moved. He could only sleep lying on top of my body. This was on amoxicillin for five straight months. Off of it, he was worse. [542] My son still gets a spike in anxiety when exposed to strep but he is essentially cured. He was treated eight years ago. We reinoculated multiple times but he has not had an inoculation in four years." [543]
    • “We just started my 8yo pans daughter on HDC and within days she was so much better than she's been in months!” [544]
    • “Omg, my PANDAS son is infected with strep and he's NOT in a full on flare! This is HUGE. In the past when he's been infected, I know it before the doctors do. His behaviors go off the charts, and we start thinking things like maybe he needs to go to a mental institution for treatment. This time, his behaviors have increased slightly, and I was honestly thinking that maybe the HDC wasn't effective for him and this was a sign of that. Instead, he's been fighting the infection and only slightly worsened. I am hopeful for the first time in a long time!” [545] (Also see this support group thread about the same boy.)
    • “Our son is Fully recovered! the treatment actually put his Pans into remission. He has not done Flovent since last January 2019.” (Reported in October 2020.) [546]
    • “My son, who is 15, is on the autism spectrum, is gay, overweight, fatigued, depressed, and has PANDAS/POTS and OCD, along with mast cell and allergy issues. The list is long! He started using helminths to treat the PANDAS. The first dose was 5 NA in November 2019, then a second dose of 5 in May 2020. He has always struggled with being awkward and different, and had difficulty expressing what he was feeling, but I didn’t realise just how severely depressed he had become. When he told me how much he had hated himself for so long, it broke my heart. His anxiety was off the charts. He said he was suicidal. Fortunately, a month on helminths has cleared his brain. He wakes up early now, and has lost 15 lbs. It’s like night and day, like a switch turned off and his inflammation is gone, and I am so thankful for this. I wish I had given NA to him 5 years ago. He's doing so great on them. Helminths have literally saved his life.” [547]
    • “HDC (I take 10 every three weeks) have a positive impact on my mood. My case may be different from others, but... PANS is what leads to my low mood. In PANS, autoantibodies attach to dopamine and glutamate receptors in the basal ganglia, which blocks their transmission in normal amounts. I think my good mood when I take HDC is likely because it helps whatever is leading to those autoantibodies being in the wrong place (my basal ganglia receptors), so more dopamine and glutamate can reach their proper destination. Not sure if these mechanics apply to many other disorders, though.” [548] (There's more about this individual on her blog, Old Friends.)

    Parkinson’s disease

    Also see Helminthic therapy and Parkinson's disease.

    • “They (pig whipworms - TSO) have a brilliant effect on dyskinesia and the need for drugs. It reduces the need for levadopa considerably.” Watch the video

    Periodontitis (gum disease)

    See Helminthic therapy and oral health.

    Peripheral neuropathy

    • “I have peripheral neuropathy in my feet, which in my case manifests most strongly as erythromelagia... I got helminthic therapy (hookworm and human whipworm) in spring 2008. Since then I've been experiencing slow but fairly steady improvement. For a long time I had to soak my feet in cool water to interrupt the attacks, a couple of times a day and always several times in the middle of the night. I no longer need to that, and have no trouble sleeping. Had also lost control of the muscles that straighten my toes, and have gotten that ability back... My feet are not 100%. But the improvement has been very pleasing.” (Link expired)
    • "I am pleased to report that after two months on the therapy my symptoms are improving and I'm off the prednisone. I had no side effects except a little dizziness the day I applied the patch." (Reported Mar 2013, after only one dose of hookworm larvae.)

    Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS)

    • “My son who is 15 uses NA for POTS and pandas. It's the only thing that has truly helped him. He has had them since Nov (i.e., for 3 months). Truly a different kid. I gave him a very small dose and it has changed his life for the better in so many ways.” [549]

    Polymyalgia rheumatica (PMR)

    • “I have polymyalgia rheumatica (an autoimmune disorder mediated by interleukin-6). The worst symptoms of pain (which made me yelp out loud whenever I moved) and stiffness (like walking in hip-deep water) can be controlled with prednisone, assuming one can tolerate the side effects of that. However, prednisone does not help with the fatigue which is often quite disabling. In my case, whenever I was standing up, I wanted to be sitting down and whenever I was sitting, I wanted to be lying down. Going anywhere, doing anything was a struggle - I was swimming upstream all the time. When it was time to meet a friend to go sailing (one of my favourite activities), I’d wail to myself “Oh, no, I have to go sailing!!” because all I wanted to do was lie down. The major effect of my hookworms has been relief from this overwhelming fatigue. About 3 months after the first inoculation, this just went away. Then, maybe 6 weeks after the second inoculation, I noticed the yard was full of fallen leaves, so I got a rake and raked them. The previous year, the same sight was overwhelming and just made me want to cry and, after a few halfhearted attempts, I gave up. I am probably still somewhat less energetic than before the polymyalgia, but I no longer feel like the Earth’s gravitational field has doubled (maybe tripled).” (Link expired)
    • "I also have PMR... The standard treatment, prednisone, had worked OK at relieving the pain and stiffness, but I was still staggering around with fatigue... I can't tell whether I'd have needed more prednisone without the parasites (PMR is exceedingly variable), but the fatigue is greatly decreased and my allergies to fruit, poison ivy, and pollen have gone away." [550]
    • “I have been donating Necator americanus (NA) to someone who is currently 67 and had been prescribed Methotrexate and Prednisone for wide ranging autoimmune pain diagnosed as polymyalgia rheumatica. He was clearly struggling when I mentioned NA to him. His first dose was 5 NA and we have dosed every 3 months or so with small doses. He hasn’t had any issues, possibly just a headache one time. We have been gradually increasing the amount of NA and, two weeks after the last dose, he was in such pain with his right hand and wrist that he couldn’t work and went to his GP begging for pain relief, However, he didn’t take the drugs that were prescribed because the pain had gone the next morning, just short of 12 months after his first inoculation. Since then, his pain levels are the lowest they have been in five years and his work is so much easier. All the evidence points to the hookworms being responsible as he is not taking any other medication. He says ‘The difference was sudden and amazing. My pain levels are still really low and the relief is fantastic.’” (Edited. Original link expired)
    • "I had PMR. After 18 months I dosed three times with NA, and it absolutely helped. I had tried to lower prednisone - terrible pain - and after I began the hookworms it improved with each dose. Now I am totally clear... I’m 80, run four miles a day and swim a mile. I could not walk without pain before." [551]

    Premenstrual syndrome (PMS)

    • “Helminth has helped my pms now that I think about it.” [552]
    • “ When I first got NA (3NA eleven months ago) I had worse PMS than usual for the first four months. More bloating and cramping and fatigue, and back pain which I had not experienced since I was a teenager. Then, after four months from the first dose, my PMS literally disappeared. I had ZERO cramps. I did not need ibuprofen at all when I was normally taking ~6 ibuprofen each day for 3-4 days just to be able to function.” [553]
    • “I'm currently through week 15 of first dose of 5 NA and my premenstrual syndrome is practically gone! Just wow! Also the accompanying acne markedly improved. I have to say, I'm impressed!” [554]

    Primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC)

    • “I used helminths to treat psc. It did help reduce the symptoms.” [555]


    • “In years past I’ve always noticed prostatitis is a problem for me as seasons change, particularly from Summer into Fall. Not so, this year, and perhaps this is also due to my hookworm! Why? My theory is prostatitis can be the result of seasonal allergies. In quite a few forums around the web I’ve noticed men wondering about a connection, and my experience could help to confirm it. I do hope in time hookworm will be put to use for this “off-label” condition, as I find it to be more beneficial than any other therapy I’ve tried!” [556]


    The first two reports and video are more detailed than the quotes that follow.

    • “The psoriasis i used to get has also completely gone.” (Link expired)
    • The following two reports are from the same person, four months apart.
      • "I have 25 hookworms so far and my psoriasis is almost gone.. I have had it all over my head for my whole life and have had it on my face before as well as my arms... I got the worms because I have M.S. and I have had no more symptoms so far. I got them around 5 months ago…" (Link expired)
      • “Well my psoriasis is 90 present gone but sometimes I get a little then it goes away again . These are very good results seeing as I have had it my whole life.” (Link expired)
    • “Over the last 20 years I have tried everything the NHS has offered me - methotrexate, cyclosporin, fumaric acid esters, UV treatments, dithranol - among other things - but I've *never* seen results anything like this. The only treatment I have had in the last year is hookworms. At about 9 months in, most of my torso cleared up in the space of a couple of weeks. Then about a month ago my legs cleared up almost overnight. So I seem to have had little spurts of healing, rather than a constant improvement. I have continued to use dovobet ointment most days throughout the hookworm treatment, just because I find it prevents my plaques from building up and becoming cracked and painful. But I've been doing that for about fifteen years anyway, so I'm confident that the worms are the reason for this big change! I don't have psoriatic arthritis, but I did have a lot of muscle pain in my joints due to hypermobility, and that has improved a great deal as well. To get these results without side-effects, without daily trips to hospital or monthly blood-tests and blood-pressure monitoring, without risking melanoma or chemical burns, without killing my immune system and suffering repeated infections... it just seems too good to be true. I really couldn't be happier with the results!” (Edited from several posts.) Read more, and see the before and after pictures - [557] [558] [559]
    • ☹️ “I've tried helminths treatment for my psoriasis (105 NA worms in doses of 35) almost 2 years in with absolutely no results... very discouraging... I still suffer like a bastard with psoriasis. In fact it has only progressed.” [560]
    • “I've had huge success with my psoriasis taking only a single inoculation of 25 NA larvae. From a PSA score of at my worst nearly 9 to now only just on the scale.” [561]
    • “At about 7 months (with NA)... all I had left was a gluten allergy and the psoriasis that was remaining in hair (body had cleared)... At a year and a half my psoriasis is gone...” [562]
    • ☹️ “I started the worms (HDC) to help with my psoriasis and thyroid, (but) they never changed anything concerning those two things.” [563]
    • "Prior to treating myself with NA, I suffered from very bad seborrhoeic dermatitis or psoriasis on my scalp and sometimes on other parts of my body for more than 10 years. I didn't have a proper diagnosis so I couldn't confirm exactly which one it was. I started noticing some good improvements after having my third NA dose. It's been 3 years now and my skin is still completely clear. All I have to do is inoculate myself with 10 NAs once every few months." [564]
    • "My Brother does NA and TTO and that helps with psor /PSA. One species was an intermittent relief for him and the second stabilized the benefit to be persistent." [565]

    Psoriatic arthritis (PsA)

    Also see Arthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA).

    • "As the months after taking them passed, I was increasingly delighted with where things were going… any psoriatic arthritic symptoms I might have had just continued to fade away, my general feeling of well-being was great, my breathing felt easier and easier and my reaction to scents and whatever else that might have sent me off in the past virtually disappeared." (Reported in a private message, Jan 2013)
    • “It took about two years, to get my psoriatic arthritis under control. I had mostly inflammation of joints to the point of locking. Needed hospitalization and physio. with one episode and azathioprine and steroids to keep under control for many years. I no longer require immunosuppressant drugs. It does take time.” (Reported in a closed group, Apr 2015, by someone who uses NA, TTO, and occasionally TSO)
    • ☹️ “I am coming up on my 3 year Mark in March. I don't believe my hw have worked for me… I have PsA and … I still get bad sinus issues and constantly have post nasal drip. I cannot go without metamucil or I get all bound up… I just hoped my worms would help me... I started with 35 hw and two more instalments. I have topped up 3 times with 10 each time. I had the initial classic diarrhea. Everything was textbook except that I didn't notice anything different.” [566], [567]
    • "My primary dr asked me to try helminths again because he remembered I did so well the last time I hosted hookworm. He's had at least two patients put psoriatic arthritis into remission with hookworm and that made him a believer." [568]
    • "Started NA (8 months ago) for psoriatic arthritis. Did 20 NA each 3 mo: Feb, May, Aug. I was able to taper prednisone 15 to 8 mg after 1st dose of worms, then slowly tapering after my 2 subsequent worm treatments. This week off prednisone for first time in 15 months. No pain. [569] Off all my meds since Dec 17 (11 months after first inoculation). [570] I wouldn't say full remission because I have aches and pains here and there but (at 16 months) I'm 90% better.” [571]

    Raynaud syndrome / Raynaud's phenomenon

    • “I have pretty nasty Raynaud's and I think they've backed mine off.” [572]
    • ☹️ “I’ve also got Raynaud's (but) it hasn’t helped unfortunately.” [573] [574]
    • “On this visit, she was asymptomatic. There was no evidence of rash or synovitis on examination. Complete blood count, comprehensive metabolic panel, C-reactive protein, erythrocyte sedimentation rate, and complement levels were within reference ranges.” [575] (Scroll down the page to read the Letter To The Editor.)
    • ☹️ “I have not had any success with raynaud's myself.” [576]
    • “My Raynaud syndrome is almost non existent, only showing up with several minutes of exposure to extreme cold now… I can actually hold frozen foods in my bare hands for several minutes at a time, and I almost never have to wear gloves any more. I still have some problems occasionally with the skin on my hands cracking and bleeding, but it's so much better than it was.” (Edited from two posts. [577] [578])
    • “My raynauds is all but gone. I was walking today in chilly wind and fingers were cold but no sign of any colour change. Plus I am not getting the whole body hypothermic feeling. I really had lost hope of the raynauds improving!” (Edited from two posts. [579] [580])

    Restless legs syndrome (RLS)

    (Also see Helminthic therapy and restless legs syndrome (RLS))

    The first report is more detailed than the quotes that follow.

    • The following two reports were both written by one individual, eighteen months apart.
      • "... my restless leg syndrome is completely gone..." (Link expired)
      • "Since going on hookworms a year and a half ago, the irritability (and also the restless leg syndrome) have gone away." (Link expired)
    • "It’s now 18 months since I adopted my treasured harem of hookies (NA), and there has been no sign at all of any restlessness in my legs since week 19..." [581]
    • “… since taking a recent dose of TSO (porcine whipworm eggs) I found that, within a few days, my restless legs syndrome has thankfully been reduced to nothing!” [582]
    • “An added bonus is that (after inoculating with NA) I no longer get restless legs at night when I'm trying to get to sleep.” [583]
    • “For the last 3 years my restless legs would start around 9pm, it was hard to fall asleep. It was getting worse and worse, even when some other symptoms were being helped by the AIP diet. I found that CBD oil helped if I put it under my tongue right before bed, but it still returned every night. It gradually disappeared once I was on NA. It was probably around 20 weeks that I realized it was gone. When I lost my colony, it came back almost immediately. It’s now 10 weeks after my new colony was started and my legs have been mostly calm for about 2 weeks. It’s so great. I’m so thankful.” [584]
    • "I have had Restless Legs Syndrome since I was about 6. Over the last two decades it had achieved a disabling, sleep depriving fear of having to do an airplane journey of any length, and I was taking at least 2 x 30/500 Co-codamol every night. I was typical of all the poor pitiful sufferers of RLS. (You can check them out in the FB group, Restless Legs Syndrome Support!) The efficacy of the worms on my RLS is black and white. The first time I inoculated was because someone told me it could help with tinnitus. So several days after I’d inoculated, my girlfriend said, “Hey. You haven’t had restless legs in the last few days!" The worms had no effect at all on the tinnitus, but my RLS completely vanished, like nothing. I could kick back in my office chair with my feet up and actually relax for a whole 30 minutes, or even an hour. Before the NAs, I could possibly get 1-2 minutes before being reminded that I’m not allowed to relax. After about 3 months, the RLS slowly drifted back in to its usual level over a couple of months. I assumed I had probably killed off my little friends due to rubbish diet and lifestyle, so I re-inoculated with 15 NA. But it didn’t seem to work so well this time. So I got another 12. This did work a bit but not as successful. So I inoculated with 22 NA about 6 weeks ago, and this time it has been similar to the first go. The RLS went from soul destroying to nothing in less than a week. And, as I type this, I’ve been laying in bed for at least an hour and have no inkling of RLS. It’s like I never had RLS. This has been a revelation for me. I’m sleeping much better, so my business is doing better, and I don’t keep my girlfriend awake all night. The NAs have just cured it." [585]

    Rheumatoid arthritis (RA)

    Also see Helminthic therapy for well people: Rheumatoid arthritis prevention.

    These first four reports are more detailed than the quotes that follow.

    • "I was teetering on the edge of being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, and that seems to have been helped. The 4 rheumatoid nodules I'd developed on my fingers have gone away." (Link expired)
    • “I initially started combination therapy September 2011 for Rheumatoid Arthritis. Prior to helminths I had tried Remicade IV infusion and methatrexate. The Remicade worked extremely well however, my immune system was so suppressed I kept getting sinus and ear infections. My rheumatologist switched me to Orencia IV infusion minus the methatrexate in hopes to limit the infections. The infections got better but my arthritis got worse. Finally, my arthritis was so bad I decided to try hookworms and whipworms I figured if nothing else my allergies would go away. I am thrilled to tell you I no longer take any medications for pain or inflammation!” (Reported in a private message, Sept 2012)
    • “I wanted to let you know how I am doing. Starting in mid-may i experienced a great increase in energy - not to the "bounce" level, but much better than it's been for the past 4 years. That has remained steady. Also, I have secondary sjogrens, which means I also have rheumatoid arthritis. Luckily it was inactive until December, when it became quite painful in my right hand. In addition to my anti-inflammatory diet, I became stricter by adding another diet I heard about. Soon my hand felt much better. I could not stick to it and realized after I stopped that my hand feeling so much better was due to the worms, not the diet. I now only have rare twinges. I don't know where i'd be without the two improvements i do have.” (Reported in a private message, July 2013)
    • “I have moderate to severe RA (I was diagnosed 17 years ago and I have been on most of the drugs at some time or another) and severe allergies (severe reaction to sulphasalazine). I host 35ish hookworms (1year), follow a Paleo diet and take vitamin D, B complex, magnesium and a variety of probiotics, and I'm careful about sleep and stress management. My RA is in remission, I don't get hives in the sun anymore, no anaphylaxis, no depression and I have my energy back. I still have a few food triggers and certain sunscreens still cause problems but nothing too serious. I feel like I got my magic wish and my RA and allergies went away. I feel and look better than I have in 3 years.” (Edited from two sources, including this one. [586]) And an update: "I have had great success from HW. I'm close to the 3 year mark and have been in remission for the majority of the time." [587]
    • “Just an update... got my blood work today my crp is .4 and my sed is 24. Considering my sed rate was over 70 in oct that is amazing!!!!! (I’m taking) 60 HDC every 2 weeks. In all fairness though I do hv confounding variables. I am using multiple treatments. Traditional and otherwise. But by God Something is working. I was crippled and almost bedridden a year ago and today I’m working and feeling great!” … I have RA, sjogrens, psoriasis, and colitis. RA being my greatest source of angst and issues. Only one of those that I have much left of in the way of symptoms is sjogrens.” (Link expired)
    • “It’s been over a year since I first inoculated (with hookworms), and I haven't had significant joint pain since this March (nine months ago). I still get occasional little flares in the few months after I inoculate (maybe once every week or two), but I’m keeping at a very slow pace and getting more resistant after each inoculation. I can't tell you how great it is to not be limited in what I can do by joint pain!” [588]
    • “RA symptoms more or less gone aside from the odd twinge.” (Reported 18 weeks after inoculating with 5 NA and then adding 10-12 more at 12 weeks.) [589]
    • "I’ve been a helminth user for 2 years now. I began with NA and did have some improvement with it… I decided to try TSO 2500 every 2 weeks, and for the first time, had some real improvement in my inflammation and pain… I am confident that the TSO will keep me well and functioning while I build up a therapeutic colony of NA, but the long-term goal is to wean off or significantly down on the TSO only for cost reasons. Otherwise, I’d happily stay on TSO forever!" [590]
    • ☹️ “I tried NA to treat RA. It didn't work for the RA, but my irritable bowel and food intolerances did go away.” [591]
    • “I can tell you 8 weeks in that I feel awesome! My naturopath suggested it months ago when I was first diagnosed with RA but I put it off because I wanted to try LDN which didn't work. Things were getting worse so I decided to try the NA and I am SOOOOO HAPPY I did.” [592]
    • "The improvement in RA proved to be real. So funny, after I had decided it would be another year... My biggest problem right now is relearning how to live a normal life. I had so many years of severe illness that I got into habits that are not serving me well now. I tend to think about lying down when I don't really need to, not fatigued or in pain, but because I'm so used to doing that. I have a ton of things I need to get done but I have a habit of basically moping around." [593]
    • "I have RA and have had great success from HW. I'm close to the 3 year mark and have been in remission for the majority of the time."
    • "I am 58 yrs old and have had RA since I was 32 yrs. I have tried 4 biologic drugs all which have had some side effects. The one that worked best was rituximab so I requested it at half strength which has been great, no side effects noted. However I was finding that the benefits from it wore off around 4 months as I can only access it every 6 months. I introduced NA about 18 months ago, more to treat fibromyalgia and anxiety. I have felt improvement in my wellbeing all round and I don't get a flare up of RA in those last 2 months awaiting my rituximab infusion. I'm also on 10mg methotrexate weekly. It's taken 26 years to find a balance that works for me." [594]
    • "My husband had RA. We got it calmed down pre NA and then used NA to help modulate the immune system. His labs are good now (not perfect) but no symptoms at all with no meds… As a functional med Chiro I have seen that the worms can do amazing things at modulating the immune response, and for my patients and my husband worked better than almost $1000/month in supplements and meds." (Edited from this post.)


    The first report is more detailed than the quotes that follow.

    • “Anyone who doesn’t try this isn’t suffering enough!” (Comment on a now defunct forum from someone whose severe rhinitis had driven him to the point of suicide, but who had been given a new lease of life by a dose of hookworms.)
    • "Now, at nearly two years since I began helminthic therapy I am nasally more normal than at any time in my life." [595]
    • “I have been getting HDC for the past 6 months for allergic rhinitis and IBS, both of which which I have been battling for years. The improvements were amazing! I've been taking a dose of 25 - 30 every 3 - 4 weeks since September. Both issues are virtually gone when i'm on them. The effects seem to last for 3 - 4 weeks. I can tell when I need a new dose because my symptoms suddenly re-appear. Then when I take another dose within a day or two, huge improvement!” (Reported to a closed group, Mar 2014)
    • “I'm nearly 5 months on HW and my rhinitis and asthma have improved 80%” [596]
    • ☹️ “I hosted (hookworms) over three years and saw no benefits mainly for allergic rhinitis and fatigue.” [597]


    • "Rosacea has diminished." (Link expired)
    • "I started HT… for allergies/rosacea… amazed at progress so far. I haven't needed any over the counter meds of any kind since the fourth week after inoculation and the flaky red stuff I always have on my chin is now gone." (Reported to the Facebook Helminthic Therapy Support Group, Aug 2012) HW
    • “I had mild rosacea--triggered especially by hot baths--and it has cleared at 12 weeks with 5 NA.” (Link expired)
    • “I just noticed (after 6 months with NA) that I am not bothering with makeup sometimes and this is because I haven't had rosacea lately! This has been a constant bother over the years even before I had scleroderma!” [598]
    • “My rosacea has essentially disappeared.” (After 12 weeks with 5 NA.) [599]
    • “Hi, I’m now 63 and I had been struggling with rosacea and irritable bowel syndrome for a few years. After about 5 years, I found these problems were affecting my lifestyle. Travelling, and not knowing if a toilet was readily available, was becoming a real problem. We were getting close to retirement and travelling was our passion, but I was becoming nervous of what might happen. My rosacea was also getting worse and not only was my once “great” skin aging, but I was struggling with inflammation, sores, lumps and bumps! I was working long hours, supporting aged parents and looking after my family, so my health problems were the last straw! I needed to be good for me, so that I could be good for everyone else. I think I’ve now been on HDC therapy for around 2 years, and the improvement is wonderful. I think of my worms as a “probiotic”, or as my “magic spoonful” to improve my health. I’ve had no side effects and find things are sooo much better. I am now travelling lots & enjoying life. I still have aging skin, but it’s clear and healthy... and I am feeling great for my age.” (Received via email, Feb 2020.)

    Salicylate intolerance

    Also see Food intolerance.

    The first report is more detailed than the quotes that follow.

    • "Should anyone ever wonder if hookworm (NA) can help with salicylate sensitivity, in my case I think it’s doing exactly that... Last night I tried eating a boiled carrot, since they are high in salicylates, and barely reacted. This morning I’m sipping a cup of organic coffee (also pretty high on the scale) and enjoying it. None of this would have been possible a month ago!" [600]
    • "Her reactions to salicylate were eczema and very depressive mood swings. She was always crying… It's now 7 months since we started the therapy (with NA) and we are already seeing a good reduction in her salicylate intolerance. She is eating high-salicylate foods in greater amounts, like tomato sauce, mandarins, grapes, broccoli, nectarines, tinned salmon and lemonade ice poles, with no reaction. Her stomach aches have also now gone and so has her eczema… We tried many different alternative therapies in the past… nothing has really worked until now… and people who haven't seen our daughter for a while are surprised by how different she is now." (Link expired)
    • "In the past I had serious problems with histamine and salicylates… Since hosting a bunch of hookworms (NA) I was able to gradually reintroduce all foods that previously made me sick." [601]
    • “Last night I celebrated New year's Eve with a glass of champagne! After almost a year of hosting hookworms (NA) for salicylate & Histamine intolerance I'm finally able to eat almost anything. Thanks to everyone here & hope you all have a wonderful 2015, I know I will!“ [602]
    • “I am a long time coeliac (im 52 years old). When I hit 45 my stomach took a big dive for the worse. I ended up allergic to salicylates and an inability to digest flour except for Quinoa. Symptoms were extreme muscle soreness and extreme lethargy. Also anxiety and depression. Enter helminths (HDC). They dramatically reduced my reactions to salicylates, cured the anxiety. Didn't do so much for the carbs intolerance though. When I had been on them for a year I went off them. I deteriorated quickly. Will never go off them again. I cant live without them. I take 140 of em every 3 weeks.” [603] [604]


    • “I have sacroiliitis and have taken NA since 2016. I have not taken anti inflammatory pharmaceuticals. Generally I can see an improvement, right now I have the flu which tends to reduce their effectiveness.” (Comment posted in April 2019) [605]


    • “My nephew who is 30 and has had lumps in his neck and jaw since childhood and diagnosed with sarcoidosis in the lungs on CT scan took 4 NA. Lumps in jaw area have disappeared and neck lumps halved in size. He reports less wheezy and much more energy.” (Link expired)
    • "… the hookworms are controlling the symptoms of sarcodosis. Great stuff." [606]


    • “At 5 months, my sciatica pain from rotating, and numbness in leg from standing still, stopped. I had had this for 27 yrs.” (Link expired)
    • “I had sciatica and, at 7 months (post-inoculation with NA), the pain from rotating and numbness in leg ceased.” [607] And an update, nine months later: “Since starting HT I have had remission of sciatic pain from movement though there still is the L3-L4 narrowing which is there for good. My previous history was a tweaked sciatic. Was bed ridden for weeks, and a month to two months for pain to subside. A week ago I tweaked the nerve as bad as I every have, leaving me unable to move (bed to upright was a 5 minute process). I took 15mg prednisone and 30mg codeine and two hrs later this only marginally relieved the pain. My initial response was to get a two week supply of the above drugs for my recovery so my expectation based on severity was a long one. At about fours hours, I was walking and getting up carefully in 10 seconds. It was like all the inflammation dropped away though still reactive to rotational factors. I did not take any more drugs and, at a week, I feel completely normal again! I cannot explain this other than helminths.” [608]
    • “The best thing I’ve found so far (8 months into using NA to treat ankylosing spondylitis) is that I haven’t had a single flair up of sciatica since I started taking helminths.” [609]


    The first report is more detailed than the quotes that follow.

    • The following four posts are by the same individual.
    • “It is 10 weeks since inoculating the probiotic therapeutic helminith N. americanus. I have systemic sclerosis aka scleroderma for 8 years. I have crest, with all the usual symptoms. I started to see skin softening on the back of my hands from 6 weeks. My energy is better. I feel alive and hopeful for a future which I suspected might be quite constrained. I had hard immovable skin for the last 8 years and now it's a miracle!” [610] (This post includes before-and-after pictures of this self-treater's hands.)
    • “Six months ago, I took 10 hookworm. I've since had about 10 more. I have had great results. Skin softening, can almost make a fist now and can drink from a water bottle without spilling water all down my front because my lips have softened and can seal around the nozzle. My muscles are not burning when I exercise and I can build fitness where before if I did more than a gentle walk I would have to rest for a couple of days. I just don't have to pace myself like I did, no myositis flares in 6 months and have weaned from 7.5 mg prednisone down to 4.5. My energy is hugely improved (better than I remember even before I got scleroderma). My raynauds has mostly gone (its summer here but last summer it still appeared). I feel like I have my life back!” [611]
    • “Nine month update. I have had continued skin softening which is noticeable on hands and face. I haven't had to use high dose prednisone in the 9 months hosting which is a big change, usually I need to go up to 30mg every few months. I have got down to 5 mg a day. I'm not climbing any mountains right now but am working and walking on the flat. And dancing without sneaking extra prednisone. So... all and all it's a cautious win on the myostis front. Raynaud's I can definitely claim a big improvement. The temperature is dropped here and I am not getting much: a faint blush of blue fingertips occasionally but I previously had severe reaction to a faint breeze, so subjectively I think its 80% better.” [612]
    • (At 14 months) “I have scleroderma which affects the lungs. My diffusion capacity was in the abnormal range prior to helminth. My lung function tests are now completely normal.” [613]
    • “I have mixed connective tissue disease with scleroderma primary. The scleroderma symptoms have been around for almost 20 years undiagnosed in the form of severe skin issues in my hands (hardened, cracking, bleeding skin), severe GERD, and Raynaud's that was so bad I almost always had to wear gloves no matter where I was. I was diagnosed with MCTD in spring 2017, and I was a total mess. I couldn't work or take care of myself or even leave the house most days… I did my first dose of 5 Necator americanus in June 2018… The effects I saw from helminth dosing was noticeable skin softening, less dryness, less GI tract inflammation, and a huge improvement in my Raynaud’s… I saw my rheumatologist a few days ago (April 2019) for a routine check up… Basically, checking white blood cell counts, kidney function, and metabolic activity. Everything was PERFECT! My bloodwork has stabilized so much in the last year… At this point, with plaquenil, modified diet, and helminths, I'm pretty much back to a normal life. I'm generally healthy, I work full time, I have energy for a social life, I can live alone and take care of myself again, I'm back to exercising and trying to get back in shape, and my life is mostly like it was before.” (This report is excerpted from a very detailed post, which is worth reading in full!) [614] “My PCP and rheumy both tell me keep doing whatever I’m doing, because they rarely see people recover this much.” [615]

    Seborrhoeic dermatitis / seborrheic dermatitis

    • “In March, I started HDC. The allergies immediately vanished. Lately the seborrheic dermatitis has been much better.” [616]

    Sensory hypersensitivity

    • “I used HDC and felt all my oversensitivity to sensory stuff lowered a lot - in a matter of a few weeks. Sounds my children made, machines, noise etc stopped overwhelming me, my sense of smell and taste became a little better.” (Edited from two posts: [617] [618].)

    Shingles / herpes zoster

    Also see Helminthic therapy and viral infections

    • “… the person in my life who had HT had a shingles outbreak less than 3 weeks before inoculation. Two months post inoculation, the patient is doing fine with no further problems with shingles.” (Link expired)
    • “Had nerve damage from shingles when I was in my 20s. Was told the nerve damage was permanent and I would alway have pain. Bothered me for years and went away after my HWs came into my life.” [619]


    Also see Helminthic therapy and small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO).

    The first two reports are more detailed than the quotes that follow.

    • “In my case hookworm do seem to help SIBO. I’m sitting here right now hearing healthy movement in my gut. One of the most debilitating symptoms of SIBO for me has been high blood pressure spikes and rapid pulse, plus insomnia. With hookworm on board I’m feeling much better in this regard. If anything, my BP is on the lower side of normal. My face has also cleared up, brain fog is greatly improved, and i have more energy.”
    • “I have already tried antibiotics (including rifaximin and neomycin) to no avail. HT, FMT and dietary changes have been most effective so far for me. NA have greatly improved my quality of life. I can now digest/absorb GOS and fructose without any issues.” [620] [621] [622]
    • “I’ve just hit the 14th week with 25 hw on board and my IBS(D) / SIBO has improved about 50 percent and it is improving every week!” [623]
    • “I've been using HDC for several months and largely I can say my SIBO is gone.” [624]


    The first two reports are more detailed than the quotes that follow.

    • "... my father (who is the big sinusitis person)... had such an issue with this that for almost 30 years he lost his taste and smell every day at some point, and often for days at a time... By about 6 months after getting hookworm, the problem resolved." (Link expired)
    • "I inoculated at two months after my sinus surgery and did so because at the time I was having green discharge and mucus that was almost as bad as before the surgery. Starting only 6 days after inoculating and continuing for the 4 month until now, the signs of sinusitis with purulent nasal discharge and PND have been the best 4 month period in the approx. 15 months since the sinusitis abruptly started. And this is with NO antibiotics, which I took for months before submitting to the surgery… At this point I would continue HT even if I had no further improvement." (Reported to the Facebook Helminthic Therapy Support Group [625], Jul 2012)
    • "… the worms have totally changed my body's reaction to a cold virus. In the past, I would get an immediate sinus infection (post nasal drip, sinus pain, sinuses filled with pus). This time, I have a sore throat and a slight fever. This is awesome!" (Reported in a private discussion, Sept 2012)
    • (From a 22 year old male with perennial ‘non-allergic' chronic sinusitis / nasal congestion, since age ~15) “I have blown my nose once every 10-20 minutes while awake for the past 7+ years. Waking up was a process which involved going through hell. Sleep at times has been far from restful due to waking up unable to breathe (too congested)… nasal steroids, nasal mast cell stabilizers and neti pots were effective but each presents their own side effects and issues and I was unable to ever use them in dosage significant enough to achieve relief of symptoms… A significant laundry list of surgeries, dietary supplements, lifestyle changes, voodoo and bullshit was tried in order to achieve relief. I self-infected 25 hookworm (and) began to experience symptom relief (after) about 2.75-3.0 months… I began, all at once, to have a suddenly very dry throat. A lot of hacking coughing occurred and I drank a lot of water but it was, basically, just a surprisingly sudden lack of unhealthy mucus. I can literally trace symptom relief back to this exact moment. The next morning was the first morning I woke up with a more-or-less clear nose in about the last seven years. I have woken up with an increasingly clear nose every day since then and today is the first day in seven years that I woke up with absolutely nothing in my nose at all… I actually forgot to use my nasal steroids as well. I don't think I need them anymore. I am waking up rested after just 7-8 hours of sleep.” [626]
    • “I’ve just hit the 14th week with 25 NA on board and my sinus inflammation has improved about 80 percent.” [627]
    • “I have an ideopathic sinus condition. I endure massive sinus floods for 4-5 hours and am oh so stopped up, low energy, and miserable the rest of the time. It's about 6 months since I got my first 5 hookworms, with another 10 administered 3 months later. Instead of where I typically have been at this point after the twice-yearly respite provided by prednisone, I AM BREATHING WELL. I have had only a very few sinus floods. I am sleeping (because I am breathing well at night.) I have energy. I am so encouraged.” [628]
    • "Now, at nearly two years since I began helminthic therapy I am nasally more normal than at any time in my life." [629]
    • “I had chronic sinus infections for years that I managed with antibiotics, allergy meds, and irrigation. I started NA for celiac (the symptoms of which were, for me, way worse than sinusitis) and within a couple months my head was clear for the first time in years. It was amazing. My worms died about a year and a half later (I only had 10). I only realized they had died when my sinus infections returned. Four-plus months of face and head misery this winter got me in gear to get more NA.” [630]
    • “Sinus inflammation has completely gone since starting (TSO) 4 months ago.” [631]

    Sjogren's syndrome

    The first two reports are more detailed than the quotes that follow.

    • What you Sjo (Using NA and HDC to treat Sjogren's syndrome).
    • "This is awesome, I am almost 50 so the scar tissue damage is never going away, but I have a huge increase in saliva in my mouth, my eyes have tears and my skin is very different. I lost about 20 lbs and my digestive system is much different. Also my desire for sugar which was the only thing that made me salivate is gone. My energy level is much better. I go weeks without having to take a nap or go to bed. I think everyone should get the worms." (Reported in a private discussion, Apr 2012)
    • "...had saliva in my mouth at night...unheard of for me!" (Link expired)
    • The following reports were all posted by the same person.
      • (Oct 2008) "The Doctor raved at how my tear production had returned to normal..." (Link expired)
      • (Jan 2009) "After a half a year, I consider my treatment successful beyond what I have hoped for." (Link expired)
      • (Jul 2010) "Overall, I am in a state of joy at being able to blink and talk without constant eye drops, etc." (Link expired)
      • (Apr 2011) "My terrible symptoms have left me, and as a result, my quality of life has changed for the better." (Link expired)
      • (July 2017) “So I decided to get my Sjogren's specific antibodies retested. (They) are now at 8!! So my good news continues... For a price of $3 per day necator americanus is a bargain for me!” [632]
    • “I wanted to let you know how I am doing. Starting in mid-May I experienced a great increase in energy - not to the "bounce" level, but much better than it's been for the past 4 years. That has remained steady. Also, I have secondary sjogrens, which means I also have rheumatoid arthritis. Luckily it was inactive until December, when it became quite painful in my right hand. In addition to my anti-inflammatory diet, I became stricter by adding another diet I heard about. Soon my hand felt much better. I could not stick to it and realized after I stopped that my hand feeling so much better was due to the worms, not the diet. I now only have rare twinges. I don't know where I'd be without the two improvements I do have.” (Reported in a private message, July 2013)
    • “I've been on HW for over a year and it's been very effective for the Sjogren's. It's lessened the dry eyes considerably, the dry mouth completely, and it has greatly eased some neuropathic issues that are related. The abdominal side effects have been very hard on me, however, and, unlike for many, the treatment has increased my food allergies significantly. That aside, I do recommend giving it a try. It took about 18 weeks to kick in with Sjogren's symptom relief.” (Link expired)
    • “Before I started this therapy, I felt so lack lustre and generally unwell I wanted to stay home … and didn’t want to live for another 30 years (I was 50 then) as I thought life would be too tedious, fatiguing and painful … my quality of life sat at about 3-4 out of 10. Pretty dreary most of the time … 21 months into Hookworm therapy a lot has changed … I enjoy life and am happy. I have a quality of life that is often at about 8-9 most of the time. I can exercise most days. I can engage with my family and friends and I can go out a lot more and go away now. I now sweat, after the 3rd month of hookworm inoculation, and my mouth is a lot less dry. I use half of the eye drops I used to use and I haven’t had an eye flare up since I started the hookworms. I handled this last summer’s heat that lasted 6 months and was one of the hottest on record … and I have worked outside in 30C heat painting! I would never have achieved that 18 months ago. My skin and nails have improved big time … I have more energy in general and my head is a lot clear. I’m not in a haze the whole time. And best of all, I seem to be improving over time still … It probably took 15 months before I really started to feel WELL.” [633]
    • “I have lupus bloods but all symptoms can be explained by sjogrens. I started helminth therapy in August last year (7 months ago) and have had 2 doses of 25 HW… my fatigue has improved - I would guess it is only about 10% of what it was. I think because of this my 'brian fog' has gone. All other SS symptoms still progressing though - but early days and I intend to have 1 or 2 further top ups in the next few months.” (Link expired) Full media article here.
    • “(I have) Lupus, Sjogrens, MCS and Food Allergies. I had diagnosed positive to Schrimers test as well as dry eye exam with split lamp. I'm ANA positive speckled SSB AB. I’ve had 25 NA for 1 year. I would go days without speaking to people because I had such significant mouth pain and my throat was so dry I could not swallow, tongue would be burned at the tip just from talking. It really took quite some time for the worms to get in their stride, but saliva and mucosal protection is now astounding. My dry eye also improved where before it felt like plaster. Joint pain is also improved. Heat regulatory system is better as well and not as much swelling in the hands. I itch, but no swelling or internal burning. But, just given the mouth benefits are life changing.” [634]
    • “I was diagnosed with Sjogrens about 15 years ago, after several years of symptoms, particularly dry eyes, photophobia, brain fog, inflammation and fatigue. Food intolerances began about 10 years ago. Eliminating wheat and dairy improved symptoms somewhat, but not entirely. I started with NA two years ago, seeing positive results after 9 months. Dosage has been conservative (4 doses of 5, 5, 10, 5) and inconsistent. However, I can clearly see improvement in all symptoms. When viable doses were not available, I saw a return of symptoms.” (Link expired)
    • “I lived for many years with Sjogren’s Syndrome - fatigue, dryness, joint and muscle pain, cognitive limitations, food intolerances. Hookworms have saved me from a deteriorating life. Positive results were slow to come, but so worth it. (Nine months and 3-4 inoculations of 5 worms each.) Ultimately, I know that I need worms to function well. I am 66 years old and walked 85 miles in 6 days - historic Cotswold Trails. Never could have managed this without worms.” [635]
    • “HT has been the most useful treatment, helping reduce most of my symptoms, particularly flares.” [636] Full 10.5 month update here.
    • "I started with 3NA in January of 2020 then 5NA in May of 2020 but didn't feel much response. I know it can take up to 2 years but the pain was really impacting my whole life (especially as a marathon runner, it was devastating to not be able to even walk with a crutch). I added 2500 TSO every 2 weeks for 10 doses starting in July of 2020 and I haven't had a major flare since. I still dose about 600 TSO every 2 weeks and 10-12NA 2-3x per year and I'd say I've achieved about 90% improvement." [637]

    Sleep apnea

    Also see Helminthic therapy and sleep.

    • The following two reports are about the same person.
      • "My sleep apnea has all but dissapeared and I'm breathing through my nose better." (Link expired)
      • "Thom began to breathe through his nose for the first time in decades… he has mostly stopped kicking and thrashing during the night. He's sleeping more soundly…" (Link expired)

    Sleep, problems with

    Search the rest of this page for “sleep”, and also see Helminthic therapy and sleep.


    • “I've lost that 'tired but wired' feeling that stopped me relaxing properly, and I've started to sleep better. I get less stressed by ordinary events, and almost never use my inhalers any more." (Reported in a private discussion, Feb 2013)
    • “My hookworms came, I put them on a bandaid, and applied them to my skin. My reaction was immediate and intense. Any feeling of stress that I felt went away - completely. I was stressed from my son being sick, but I also had other normal stresses; and they all went away too. I could look at the same situation, and I could not feel stressed about it.” (Link deleted)
    • “Last night we went to a business dinner for my husband's work and for the first time in many years… I was able to drink wine, eat almost normally and enjoy myself rather than feeling stressed. All of this is thanks to HW.” [638]

    Sweet syndrome (SS)

    (Acute febrile neutrophilic dermatosis)

    Tendinopathy (tendinitis / tendonitis)

    • "With my husband’s first attack (of tendonitis), the doctor said it's probably nothing. With the second, he said if he gets a third attack odds are it will be permanent. Well, he hasn't needed the crutch for his hands in 6 months and he's been on NA for 8 months. It never even clicked that it could be autoimmune (the doc didn't say so either). His issue was small, he only had two fingers on each hand that were prone to this, off and on, but the doctor wasn't optimistic after having had so many 'attacks'. Especially since his father has it too on his wrist." [639]

    Testicular atrophy

    • “One positive sign I have not mentioned thus far has to do with my passionate parts. Yes, my wobblies. For several years, I have noticed that my testicles were getting smaller and lighter. I did not like it, but wrote it off as a natural consequence of aging. Almost immediately, after I began taking worms (HDC), this situation began to reverse. My testicles began to grow and grow, getting heavier, and heavier. Now, I haven’t been weighing them on the bathroom scale, and keeping a chart of their progress, mind you. It’s just something a feller notices. Anyway, now they are a normal size, like when I was younger, my “reproductive health” has increased significantly. Quite interesting. [640]


    Also see Ménière's disease / endolymphatic hydrops, above, and the separate page, Helminthic therapy and tinnitus.

    • “For years tinnitus was a constant scream and, at about 5 months (post-inoculation), had intermittent easing. Then, at about 8 months, was gone. Now it just reoccurs for a few days with (each) inoculation…” [641]

    Travel sickness

    • "One major new development is that, as of about 10 days ago, my car sickness seems to be cured. I have never been able to read on the bus, in stop and go traffic, without getting nauseous." (Link expired)

    Trimethylaminuria (TMAU)

    • “I have a case which I think is a first for helminth therapy. The case is a young man in his twenties who suffered from Trimethylaminuria (TMAU), and whose family became so desperate they decided to try (HT). After a dose of 10 NA, all symptoms started to disappear after just 3 weeks. He is totally in remission and has not had to re-dose at this stage. It has been 8 months.” [642]

    Ulcer, leg

    • "I have a long history of cd and … I had a pyoderma gangrenosum on my leg… when I did the hooks my ulcer healed. This is the only treatment that has worked for me." (Link expired)

    Ulcerative colitis

    Also see:

    The first seven reports are more detailed than the quotes that follow.

    • "... the great thing, the amazing thing, the wonderful joy is that when i need to go that it is not urgent." (Link expired)
    • "...all the bleeding was gone, Stools were well formed, Frequency decreased to only once or twice a day. I feel completely normal now. What a change! I attribute this completely and wholly to the Whipworm.” (Link expired)
    • "Repeated colonoscopies revealed that wherever worms colonized his colon, the symptoms of colitis were significantly reduced or nonexistent." [643]
    • The following two reports are by the same person, 14 months apart.
      • "I previously tried TSO and it dampened the UC somewhat, but not to the extent that human whipworms (TT) have." (Link expired)
      • "I undertook helminthic therapy with open eyes and the realization that it doesn't work for everyone. So, regretfully, I am probably going to kill off my human whipworm (trichuris trichuria, TT) infection soon after around 1.5 years. Unfortunately, the critters have not had any noticable benefit on my Ulcerative Colitis after all this time." (Link expired)
    • The following two reports are by the same person, 7 months apart.
      • "Over the last two months, I have had perfect bowels, every single day. One BM per day, solid, no mucus, no pain. Every time I go into the bathroom it’s like christmas morning." (Link expired)
      • (At one year post-inoculation) "I’ve literally even invited people into the bathroom to look at my stools they look so good… The quality of life I enjoy is better than at anytime since I was diagnosed back in 2005." (Link expired)
    • "I have been suffering from UC for two years now… having 6-8 terrible, bloody and painful BMs nearly every night… I took my first dose of human whipworm this past June, and in the past two weeks I have been seeing my symptoms simply disappear… I have even forgotten to take my meds several times because I AM NO LONGER IN PAIN! I have my life back." (Reported in a private discussion, Jan 2012)
    • "I had UC for 5 years and was in a clinical study in Iowa city that changed my life. I've been in remission for 8 years now. No sign of the disease on my last colonoscopy. Thanks to the Trichuris Suis worms. These worms saved my life also!" (Reported on a Facebook page. [644])
    • "This treatment has put my UC in complete remission and I am prescription free (yippie). I was able to get completely off prednisone, 6-MP, and asocol. I am medication free and symptom free. I feel and function completely normally! I would not have graduated, or have a career, or a normal life in any way had it not been for this therapy. I can't say enough good things about it!!!" (Reported in a private discussion, May 2012)
    • “I was diagnosed with UC in 2008… Started HT therapy in May 2011... and I've been in complete remission for over 6 months now. I'm very happy and very grateful. I just graduated from a graduate program in May 2012 and I'm starting a new career. It would not have been possible without this treatment. HT gave me my life back.” (Reported in a private discussion, Jun 2012)
    • "I suffered from a serious case of UC… I've been hospitalized several times with serious bleeding and infection, the doctors told me to evaluate surgery if it ever flared up again. After starting HT (human whipworms) my UC is completely gone, so is my asthma, and my allergies and hypoglycemia as well. I still can't believe it. It actually started working 2 weeks into therapy after the first dose (improvement in pain/stool/stomach activity/rumbling etc.) so I feel like it's a miracle… It's so nice to able to live again! (I work again and function normally) It feels like I can hardly remember how it was to be 'normal' … as I see it the whipworms saved my life :-)" Edited from two posts. (Links expired)
    • “Helminthic therapy has put my UC in remission with only minor symptoms every now and then. Before HT I was not able to eat very many foods and would have never been able to hold down a job.” (Reported to the Facebook Helminthic Therapy Support Group [645], Jul 2012)
    • "I was on 6mp when I started HT. I was also on 40mg prednisone daily. I was off both drugs in about 6 months… I had ulcerative colitis." (Reported to the Facebook Helminthic Therapy Support Group [646], Aug 2012)
    • “My UC is now 100% in remission. it was months ago i saw any bleeding or mucus.” (Reported to the Facebook Helminthic Therapy Support Group [647], Aug 2012)
    • "I dosed with 750 whipworm over 5 months starting in january. saw great results after one month. in june, I had one of the most stressful situations of my life at work, and flared again … 750 WW wasn't enough to temper the effects of that much stress on my system. I'm dosing again, and have already seen very positive results." (Link expired)
    • "Everything is going great. A year after starting whipworm, I'm off drugs again, hoping it continues as i'm loving living life drug free and feeling awesome!" (Reported in a private message, Mar 2013)
    • ☹️ "I tried various worm therapies, including human hook and whipworms, for around three years and never had any success whatsoever with them for my UC-leaning IBD- well, I had some very mild dampening with TSO, but both HW and human WW just made my symptoms worse. Tried various innoculation strategies, tried aiding the innoculation and suppressing the side effects with high dose prednisone - they did nothing." (Link expired)
    • "I am off all drugs for my colitis which has been so bad at times 8 pentasa a day wasn't working and even prednisone started to be less efficient! Now it's been a year since starting Human Whip worm and i'm feeling amazing, off drugs as of 2 weeks, hoping to hold my helminth community and monitor keeping an amazing quality of life i have back!! … VERY HAPPY helminth host, thanking them everyday i wake up!!!!" (Link expired)
    • "Hookworm working, feeling great! I feel ‘normal’ again… better than I have in about 15 years. Seriously!" [648]
    • "I've been taking the doses (of whipworm) since May 19, 2013 and I got blood test results today and for the first time since I was diagnosed with UC six years ago, I am not anemic nor do I have low vitamin D levels (another recurring problem). At some points during the last six years I've had to recieve iron infusions because my iron levels were so low, but now my iron is actually on the high side of normal. I have one dose left and still have some UC symtoms, but overall things have improved and the lab results are really quite surprising." (Reported in a private message, Aug 2013)
    • “Unless the other foot is about to drop, my worms have absolutely changed my life. Off of immune modulating drugs and in remission. New years eve was an emotional night out feeling like I have my life back. Whipworms and hookworms treating my once severe ulcerative colitis.” [649]
    • “I have had this monster for 13 years and I am almost at 2 years of combination therapy with NA and TTO for a long list of symptoms I won't go into as it can get lengthy. I was a year and a half into HT at the start of the year and flaring. My GI wouldn't do my colonoscopy because I was so inflamed he thought I would perf. He thought I should be admitted for IV steroids and started on Remicade (but) I have been in complete remission for the past two months and have never felt as good.” [650]
    • “I have UC and I take HDC (30/month) and made dietary changes. I am now symptom free.” [651]
    • “Just before starting treatment with TTO I had colon biopsies that showed dysplasia (precancerous cells or cell changes due to severe disease). After 7 months of TTO treatment I had a repeat colonoscopy which showed healed tissue in the colon and only mild inflammation in rectum. I just got the pathology report of the biopsies which showed no sign of dysplasia! Yippie!” [652]
    • “I got the TTO and was thrilled with the results. I went from being threatened at having my entire colon removed, to eating and feeling normal. As long as I keep my colony, I feel good. My GI was amazed to do a colonoscopy and my insides looked great. It's been about 5 years. I do not take any medication now.” [653] [654] And an update two years later: “I have NO symptoms and colonoscopy shows a happy healthy colon!!!” [655]
    • “Going on almost two years of NA for ulcerative colitis. I started with 10 NA and that put me in remission within 2 months. My symptoms seem to flare when NA gets low. I keep adding 10 NA every 4 months and that seems to be working out. No side effects aside from inoculation rash. I think NA helps tamp down inflammation overall and gives the TTO a chance to take hold. I think NA helps with stool formation while TTO heals colon ulcers, thus stopping blood and mucus loss, restoring gut wall. Not taking any other meds. I'm amazed and grateful.” [656] [657]
    • “I have Crohns Colitis — all my inflammation has been in my colon and rectum. I spent ungodly amounts of money over several years working with elite functional medicine docs. And I eventually came to the conclusion it wasn’t going to work for me… I’ve been doing helminths for about 2 years, and I am completely symptom free and have almost weaned off meds entirely (I take 25mg of 6mp/daily). I used to eat strict Paleo but now I eat 80% really clean and the other 20% I don’t worry as much about. Last night I had vodka, beer, bread, and a donut at my friends wedding. I’m fine today. Crohns Colitis really doesn’t impact my life anymore. Last colonoscopy was basically squeaky clean and my doc is ok with me going off all meds in March if nothing changes.” (Edited from two posts: [658] [659])
    • “At my worst flare, I had 15 ulcers in my colon. None of my colon was functioning, it was just trying to survive the attack from my immune system. The HDC was remarkable! My response to them convinced me to try the NA and TSO. My first colony of NA did not survive my immune response. However, the TSO was like a miracle drug. I felt better almost after the first dose. TSO really help when a flare is coming on. I calmed 2 flares using those. After taking the TSO for a year, I have decided to give the NA another try because the cost of the TSO is not sustainable for me.” [660]
    • “For the first time in my chronically ill life has my scope been NORMAL! No inflammation. I have had this illness since I was 12 and, till 24, I have been having scopes yearly or every 2 years at max and they always always have shown either mild, moderate or severe inflammation. At my worst, I was recommended to take Humira/ Remicade due to severe illness that put me out for about 2 years. I refused it and was on the verge of total collectomy… Before I started Hookworms, I was at the beginning of a relapse and had pain, nausea, cramping, diarrhea and constipation alternating each other and a lot of fatigue etc. After my first dose - 3 weeks into - I started to feel a positive difference and it's been upwards since then.” [661] “UPDATE: I went in to my doctor today (and) what shocked me and my doctor are my biopsy results. I am clinically free of Ulcerative Colitos and have zero inflammation on a cellular level. My doctor is now working on taking me off Immuran/Azathioprine as my status has gone from having moderate to severe colitos to IBS!!!” [662] Hookworms have saved my life. [663]
    • “Week 25 (with 10 NA). Probably my most consistent month since having colitis. So glad i did hookworm. I have to say that i rarely get a fart that smells now, something i have to attribute to them, they have sorted whatever was wrong in my digestion. As soon as i get my pancreas/liver issues sorted i believe i will have near perfect digestion.... UNBELIEVABLE... 6 months ago i would never have thought this.” [664]
    • “I am at week 16 with the first inoculation of 5NA. My UC symptoms are normalizing… urgency has lessened *significantly*, blood/Diarrhea have normalized almost completely. I have not taken my Asacol in months... I seem to feel like a normal person again, not realllllllyyy worrying about traveling, car rides, social activities, etc!! (although some of the learned anxiety still remains).” [665]
    • “My husband has UC and we have had great success with the TTO for the past 3 years, he takes 400 every 4 months. Was able to get off of prednisone. Thank goodness for this page and the info! It’s saved my husbands colon!” [666]
    • “I've been using TSO for UC and it was a little rocky starting out but after about 10 doses I'm feeling the best I've felt in 2 years.” [667]
    • “My son who is hosting TT for UC had a scope on Wednesday and has had a dramatic improvement since the last one 2 years ago. Only change in what we are doing is the HT which he has been on for 17 months. I have been quietly confident it was helping as his bloods have been perfect and he has been growing this last year much more that before, but still really great to see inside and confirm.” [668]
    • “I have UC and, after several years of the usual drug therapies, was on track to have my colon removed ten years ago. Started helminths in combination with maintenance drugs. Sure it’s a sample size of one, and sure it’s anecdotal, but I still have my colon, and I lead a pretty normal life.” [669]
    • “I have UC, inoculated 6 months ago and again 3 months ago. I was in the middle of a pretty severe flair. I’m in complete remission now. I haven’t had a colonoscopy to confirm, but I’m symptom free. This treatment is the real deal. I will be forever grateful for these worms!!!” [670]
    • “Moderate colitis since age 23. Ulcers, urgency, the whole digestive problems. Inflammatory arthritis so bad I couldn’t walk from the car into my classroom. Sores in my mouth, on my eyelids, fatigue mental and physical. Extreme food sensitivity, emotional distress as a result. I tried dietary modifications, acupuncture herbal therapy, massage, mental health therapy, western meds… A bunch of stuff. I am now on (human) whipworm and hookworm and have a completely different quality of life. I can go biking, skiing, skateboarding, backpacking... All sorts of different activities that I couldn’t do beforehand. I can eat a great variety of foods and even cheat a little bit on my anti-inflammatory diet. I stay away from gluten, soy, dairy, and eggs. But I can cheat on the gluten soy and eggs with minimal digestive rumblings. The greatest benefit has been to my anxiety about daily life. I have a regular digestive function now and can, for the most part, go about my life without worrying. I can’t say enough good things about the therapy and it’s consequences for me.” [671]
    • “I am 40 years old and was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis about 20 years ago. About five years ago, my gastroenterologist wanted to start discussions about removing a portion of my colon because of several precancerous polyps found during a colonoscopy. Not long after that, I started HT with 50 HDC every 2 weeks, and have continued that regime for the last 5 years. I started seeing improvements almost immediately. The day after my first dose I had fewer urges to go to the bathroom and, after a week or two, I had no more blood in my stool. I also take TTO at about 600 ova every year, 50 bi-weekly until I have taken all 600, or about 12 weeks. I’ve done that every year(ish) for the last 4-5 years. I have achieved 5-6 years of remission, and I am 100% better today compared to before I started taking helminths. My gastroenterologist was skeptical until he had confirmation through a colonoscopy. I've since had other colonoscopies and still found to be in remission.” [672]
    • “I will reach the 3 month mark this week. Treating IBD (Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis) with 5 NA. Unbelievable the improvements. Heart palpitations gone, vertigo significantly reduced, abdominal gurgles/gas/pain gone, dry eyes gone, headaches, joint pain gone, normal digestion… This is the best I have been since falling ill 7 years ago. Life changing.” [673]
    • “Going on 6 years hosting hookworms for colitis, along with TTO. Helminths are part of the regime keeping me in remission. I plan on hosting a colony for life.” [674] Update, June 2022: "I've been in a good remission for a year now, got a stable colony of hookworms and whipworms (seen on my colonoscopy last year). I add 10 hookworms once a year now, although I added them every 3 months for a couple years. [675]
    • "I have been building my colony (NA) very slowly for a year now, and no longer have colitis which is fantastic. No more head fog either and my joint pain is majorly reduced. I can eat broccoli and cooked apples and cooked onions now! [676]
    • ☹️ "Stopped the helminths... due to expense, and they seemed to lose effectiveness. [677] First (I used) TTO then TSO for a total of 4 years. About 2 years on both." [678]
    • "In 2018, I was starting the conversation with my doctor to remove my colon. Prednisone wasn't having any effect whatsoever. That experience was what pushed me to pull the trigger on hookworms (and they) turned off my ulcerative colitis and celiac disease like flicking a switch. I was able to get back on an unrestricted diet 40 days after inoculation. I had known about hookworms for years as a treatment for IBD but it took the real possibility of bowel surgery in my near future to push me to pull the trigger. I felt immediately relieved and silly at the same time. I had endured so much unnecessary illness when I had the answer the entire time." (Edited from three posts: [679] [680] [681])
    • "I've had UC for 18 years, mostly mild to moderate. Azathioprine finally got me into remission, but I couldn't stay on a higher dose that would keep me in remission. Finally started helminthic therapy beginning in 2012. Took me several years, but eventually settled into a dosing/treatment regimen that keeps me in clinical and endoscopic remission with no diet restrictions of any kind. I take 25-50mg azathioprine daily and 250 TTO every 12 weeks." (Edited from this post)
    • "11 doses of TSO in, my father is cured from his colitis." [682]

    Ulcerative proctitis

    Also see Microscopic colitis, Lymphocytic colitis, Pancolitis and Ulcerative colitis.

    • "The litmus test occurred yesterday when I went into the bathroom and found something most people would shudder at, an un-flushed poo. It was gloriously solid and normal." (Comment by the patient's wife. Link expired)
    • “My problems mostly disappeared within few days with HT. My health significantly improved and I felt completely healthy although very few times some blood appeared… I started another course 10x2500 TSO with even better results than before. I’m completely without any problems, my blood tests at my GI showed I’m in complete remission.” [683]

    Undifferentiated connective tissue disease (UCTD)

    • “… after taking the TSO for about 6 months, the inflammation in my intestines which my gastroenterologist told me was connective tissue disease, disappeared. How do I know this? I have MRI’s and CAT scans prior to taking the TSO which show and mention it. Then, I have one 6 months later which doesn’t show or mention it. I really don’t think this is a coincidence. The abdominal pain was greatly reduced also.” [684]

    Urinary tract infections (UTIs)

    • “My chronic UTIs have been alleviated (at 3½ months post-inoculation with NA). As have my bladder control issues. I would not have ever associated this with autoimmune issues. But I’ll take it.” [685]
    • “When the (NA) colony is working at 100%, the UTIs practically disappear.” [686]


    • “I have just come back from driving 900 miles in the last two days and don't feel in total melt down. I'll be tired tomorrow, but in the past I'd have had several days where my vertigo was a problem after this sort of journey. I've been hosting (NA) for a year and it has changed my life.” [687]


    • “HDC has stabilized my vitiligo. It did not progress anymore. However, hookworms made both (vitiligo and alopecia areata) progress even faster again, especially in the beginning.” [688]


    • “Since inoculating (with NA) less than six months ago… two pesky warts I've had for over a decade have disappeared.” [689]
    • “I did notice a wart on my foot that has lived with me these past 8 months is completely gone!” (While taking HDCs.) [690]

    Weight, excess

    Also see the separate page, Helminths, appetite and body weight.

    • “I actually lost weight from decreased inflammation as did my husband. No problems, though. I'd never realized how much water for inflammation I was carrying around - about nine pounds.” [691]
    • “My appetite also decreased, and the weight that I have gained while being sick started to drop away.” [692]
    • “Even though he was taking (hook)worms to soothe his terrible heartburn, seasonal allergies, and IBS, it helped him lose the extra weight without doing anything.” [693]

    Weight, insufficient

    Also see the separate page, Helminths, appetite and body weight.

    • “In the last 28 months since my wife started helminthic therapy she has gone from 70 to about 85 Kg, even if the amount of food she consumes has not changed much.” [694]
    • “With the use of HDC, I gained 15 pounds (despite eating exactly the same).” [695]

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