Treating SIBO and metal allergy with helminthic therapy

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    I am 60 years old and live in the Central Valley of California. I have been extremely allergic to many things all of my life. Animals, plants, fish, nuts, dairy and wheat.

    A replacement spinal disc triggers cobalt allergy

    About 20 months ago, I had surgery to replace a disc in my thoracic spine that had been crushed in a work-related fall. At the time of the surgery, I notified the surgeon that I had allergic reactions to metals and was concerned about the cobalt metal in the replacement disk. I notified him twice during our preliminary discussions and he tried to assure me that 'no one' is allergic to cobalt. I went ahead with the surgery and within 1 week of the surgery, I was in full asthma attack and was massively inflamed. I notified the surgeon who refused to acknowledge that this reaction was related to the metal that had been installed in my neck.

    My condition worsens and my diagnosis becomes terminal

    In the following 20 months, I went to 3 medical practitioners to try to determine what was wrong with me. As time went on, I spent 15 thousand dollars and lots of time and work. During this time, I began having severe allergic reactions to many foods that had previously been fine for me. Eventually, I was only able to eat certain kinds of lettuce and grass-fed lamb with only minor reactions. At times, I felt so bad when I ate, I only ate every other day, just to get some relief from the inflammation and allergic reactions. I also lost 40 pounds during this time. My liver was not filtering well and my kidneys were wasting. I was down to 102 pounds at 63 inches tall. All three of my medical practitioners had on separate occasions told me that I was dying. I was very sad and in pretty dire straits. I had lost my job, my career, my home and my health. I felt very isolated and alone, with no hope for finding any help. 

    Hookworms are brought in at the eleventh hour

    One of my practitioners decided to pray about finding something that would help me since they had all agreed that I would not make it past 3 months, if that. Five minutes after she prayed, she was searching for answers on the internet and was directed to the Helminth therapy. She was very excited about this and asked that I call her to discuss her findings. I was overjoyed to hear that there was such a natural and organic solution. 

    After further discussion and request for rush shipment, I received my treatment of 3 hookworm larvae. I placed them on the bottom of my foot and within less than a day, I felt almost giddy and stronger and was breathing so much better. I started eating foods that I had so sorely missed and had very minimal reactions. I was elated to find something that brought a glimpse of hope to my dismal state of health.

    Later I was scheduled to have a shoulder replacement surgery and insisted that I have a metal allergy test. Sadly, the testing showed an extremely severe allergy to cobalt, which was what was implanted in my neck all those months ago. At that point, it was an emergency situation that required the metal to be removed and replaced with something I would not react to. It took about a month to determine that I was not allergic to titanium and I had surgery to replace the first metal implant. 

    Due to the health benefits that the helminth treatment provided, I had gained almost 5 pounds but was still not really up to par for the rigors of major surgery. I also was surprised to find that my health increased even though the offending metal was still in me. I did some digging and found that the worms actually absorb heavy metals in our bodies. [1] That was astounding to me. What a miracle! 

    More worms, and light appears at the end of the tunnel

    Despite a diagnosis of SIBO and Mast Cell Activation, I was starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. After the offending metal was removed and replaced with titanium, I had my second dose of worms with 5 larvae. The reaction to this dose was a little less positive than the first dose of 3. I had 3 or 4 days of wheezing and coughing up phlegm and lots of joint pain. I was not pleased with this, but after it passed, I have had no more negative reactions. Five weeks after my second dose, I have gained 6 more pounds and am feeling very strong and recovering from my neck surgery very quickly. 

    After going ahead with this treatment during a very dark time in my health and life, I cannot recommend this highly enough. It has changed my life and given me my health back. 

    A sceptical doctor is won over by the worms

    One of my practitioners was dead set against my going forward with this and was upset that I would not follow his pharmaceutical related treatment plan. I told him that I refuse to take any more pharmaceutical related treatments. He knew that I was adamant and he had no way of stopping me. After my treatment and subsequent positive health increase, he has started to share my story with his colleagues, letting them know that I am "on the cutting edge" of this treatment and it has really turned my life around.

    More challenges await, but I now have little helpers!

    I am not out of the woods yet, as I have two more surgeries to go to fix body parts that were damaged in my work-related injury. After each of these surgeries, I will need to have another treatment as the antibiotics inherent in the surgery processes will kill off the worms. I am more than blessed to have been introduced to this therapy and highly recommend it to anyone with autoimmune related issues. It is amazing and life changing.