The effects of NA and TTO on Crohns colitis

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    The following image and comments were posted to the Facebook Helminthic Therapy Support group in June 2019. (Link expired)

    Colonoscopy images of a Crohn’s colitis patient after 5 years with NA and TTO.png

    Until 2014, this individual had severe Crohn’s colitis in his colon. Then, within 3-6 months of starting helminthic therapy using both NA and TTO, he found himself in remission.

    It was a night and day life transformation - one that I’ll forever be grateful for on so many levels.
    I went from bedridden to 95% functional in about 6 weeks, [1] but continued seeing improvements all the way up to 3-6 months to the point of being probably 99% recovered. [2]

    He went back to living his life and only returned to his doctor to get a colonoscopy in early 2019. The results of this are shown in the illustrations above.

    My GI said he saw no signs of disease save for scarring from very old past inflammation. He also said he saw a handful of my little buddies in there! No sign of Crohn’s / inflammatory markers in blood tests either!

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