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    Online journals (blogs/vlogs) can be more revealing than discussion group posts, with bloggers more likely to 'tell all', but helminthic therapy blogs tend to be rather short-lived due to the high success rate of the treatment. Once a blogger starts to feel better, their attention refocuses away from the treatment and onto their lives, with which the therapy allows them to reengage more fully.

    Worm-hosting bloggers typically begin posting enthusiastically and continue to record any early side effects, but then their posting slows while they wait to see results, which can take at least 3-5 months to appear and even be delayed for up to 2 years in a few cases.

    Once benefits have begun to appear and been reported, or if there are none to record, that will probably be the end of blogging for that self-treater, except perhaps for an occasional update. Fortunately, a number of helminthic therapy blogs remain online.



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