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    Positive effects

    Several helminthic therapy self-treaters have noticed positive changes in their dental health, including the following beneficial effects on periodontitis.

    Despite a good oral hygiene routine and diet I have had stubbornly inflamed gums for a few years, and the problem is now 99% gone according to my dentist... I'm 9 months in with HDC and 15 weeks with just 12 HW. [1]
    I am prone to gum disease but I noticed a lot of improvement since I host NA. A lot less bleeding than before hosting. I suspect a shift in mouth flora as I also have less dental plaque build up during the day. The change is pretty profound and I can not address it to any other change in lifestyle. [2]
    I got improved oral health (less gum inflammation and plaque) around 3 months in. [3]

    Other benficial changes in oral health have also been noted.

    About a week ago my teeth suddenly started feeling extra slick and clean despite no change in brushing or flossing habits (no changes in diet, exercise, or medication either). I am on day 94 of first dose of 3NA (trying to treat PANS, allergies, and some skin issues). [4]

    This individual later confirmed that this effect had persisted, along with other beneficial changes.

    NA affects my hormones (period symptoms change), dental health (less inflammation), and skin (less keratosis pilaris). [5]

    A mother has commented on the difference in dental health between her two children, one of whom has had NA from an early age to treat eczema.

    I notice my daughter's teeth are way healthier than my sons. Their diet/lifestyle is so similar, but their mouth structure is different. (His teeth are closer together). I highly suspect her NA makes a difference. [6]

    Transient adverse effects

    One self-treater observed a transient eruption of Lingua geographica (geographic tongue) following a dose of TTO, [7] and also after inoculation with NA. [8] A different self-treater who experienced geographic tongue also noticed less plaque following inoculation with TTO.

    Another inoculation and again Lingua Geographica for me! Also again reduced dental plaque. [9]

    It has been suggested that these effects may be due to a microbial shift in the mouth relating to the introduction of helminths in the gut.

    Another self-treater has mentioned experiencing mild temporary dental discomfort following inoculation with TSO.

    The one sort of weird thing is an ache in my teeth in areas where I’ve had crowns or other dental work before. It’s not bad, it’s just something I’ve noticed each time I take TSO. [10]

    This latter effect has also been observed in users of other species, and probably results from the action of the worms on the immune system, in which case it should reduce over time. For examples of this phenomenon in those self-treating with NA, see Recapitulation of old injuries, illnesses.