Hookworms treat anaphylaxis and salicylate intolerance in a 5-year-old

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    Our 5 year old daughter has anaphylaxis to peanut, egg and milk, and she also has salicylate intolerance.

    We opted for several smaller doses of helminths because she has anaphylaxis. She began with 5 hookworm larvae in august 2012, then had 15 more in November 2012, and another 25 (when only about 10 got in) in March 2013. We may give her a maximum of 75 if needed, otherwise less if her allergies go.

    She used to eat a low salicylate diet which was very limited. We also tried the Weston A Price low carb diet prior to starting helminthic therapy and that helped her somewhat but eventually plateaued.

    Her reactions to salicylate were eczema and very depressive mood swings. She was always crying. We have mostly had her eczema under control with the low salicylate diet since she was one year old, but we have had to use cortisone about twice per week to manage the condition.

    It was 4-5 months after the initial dose that we started to see changes. She became more emotionally in control of herself, more confident, less oversensitive and able to participate in normal activities for her age group. In the past she was very hypersensitive to sound and lights, etc., and had separation anxiety pretty bad.

    It's now 7 months since we started the therapy and we are already seeing a good reduction in her salicylate intolerance. She is eating high-salicylate foods in greater amounts, like tomato sauce, mandarins, grapes, broccoli, nectarines, tinned salmon and lemonade ice poles, with no reaction.

    Her stomach aches have also now gone and so has her eczema. We were able to stop using the cortisone cream for her eczema in about Nov 2012, and she is now even able to have bubble bath because her skin is not so dry anymore.

    We tried many different alternative therapies in the past including NAET, homeopathy, naturopathic herbs, elimination diets, kinesiology and a few other expensive things, and nothing has really worked until now. We are very pleased, and people who haven't seen our daughter for a while are surprised by how different she is now.

    (This account has been edited from several online posts written by the child’s mother, and has been approved by her for publication here.)

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