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    All the Queen's doctors
    And all the Queen's men
    Couldn't give Johnny
    His health back again.

    But then he met Wriggly,
    Who knew what to do.
    So Johnny felt better,
    And so too might you!

    Over a thirty year period, I gave both mainstream medicine and the alternative healthcare sector every opportunity to resolve the numerous health problems to which I had fallen prey and, in the process of meeting dozens of doctors and therapists, I was fortunate to encounter a few who went out of their way to try to help me. Sadly, however, none was successful in arresting the seemingly inexorable decline in my health.

    Then, by chance, I met a truly remarkable healer who was descended from a long line of immunology specialists – so long in fact that, between them, they had gathered millions of years of practical experience in the management of the human immune system.

    Dr Wriggly, as I affectionately call my new specialist, is a worm – a one centimetre long, thin-as-a-hair hookworm – but what he doesn't know about the human immune system is clearly not worth knowing.

    With silent determination, he set to work on the catalogue of health problems that had defeated the best human healers and, after thirty years of steadily declining health, the tide was finally turned and Wriggly gave me back the life I had lost and thought I would never see again.

    My problems had begun in early childhood with allergic asthma, which segued into perennial rhinitis in my teens and sinusitis in my twenties. Then, in my thirties, I began to experience difficulty tolerating food, at which point I consulted some of the best allergists in the UK.

    This led to a diagnosis of food intolerance and IgE-mediated allergies to a number of foods as well as to many environmental allergens. I then tried all the treatments that orthodox medicine had to offer, including less common options such as desensitisation, and a slew of complementary therapies, but all to no avail.

    Eventually, my food intolerance became so overwhelming that it threatened my survival [1] but, just when things were looking really bleak, my luck changed as a result of being given yet another diagnosis, this time of Crohn's disease. This led, fortuitously, to me joining the Hookworm Therapy in Crohn's Disease clinical trial at Nottingham University in late 2007. [2]

    This study was not originally designed to assess the efficacy of treatment with hookworms, but merely to gauge whether it is safe to give Crohn's patients 10 hookworms each for 12 weeks. Nevertheless, the experience proved to me that these tiny creatures could be effective against food allergy and food intolerance because, with the help of my ten hookworms, I was once again able to tolerate a few normal foods.

    After my involvement with the trial was complete and the trial team had declined to provide me with a further hookworm infection, I began to search for some other way to renew my relationship with this organism.

    Eventually, I found a commercial source [3] and inoculated myself with a fresh dose of Necator americanus larvae, with astonishing results. After 12 weeks, I was able to resume eating a few normal foods and, by 70 weeks, I was enjoying a full, normal diet for the first time in almost thirty years. (For full details of the transformation, see Wriggling out of total food intolerance, M.E. and Crohn’s disease.)

    In addition to the miraculous reversal of the food allergy and food intolerance, all my environmental allergies have completely disappeared, so that I can now spend all day outdoors during the summer without even the slightest hint of a sniffle, even when the pollen season is at its height. The catarrh and sinusitis that had been such a bane for so much of my life are also completely gone. [4]

    My Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) is now sufficiently diminished for me to be able to tolerate perfume again, and I have even been able to resume using spirit-based paints with no ill-effects whatsoever. [5]

    My Crohn's disease is in remission, my eczema is much less troublesome and the severity of my M.E./CFS has been greatly moderated. My previously daily headaches and regular migraines have been dramatically reduced, [6] and my Restless Leg Syndrome has completely disappeared. [7]

    Although the majority of people have still not heard of the remarkable healing skills of Dr Wriggly, there are already many thousands of individuals who are enjoying greatly improved health due to his ministrations, and hundreds of them have related their success stories online. [8]

    By John Scott. (Originally published in March 2012 on the Foods Matter website. [9])

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