TSO relieves fibromyalgia, IBS and rheumatoid arthritis

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    I am 48 years old and live in the USA. I have fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, and rheumatoid arthritis, all of which were out of control.

    Decades of illness

    I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 26 years ago, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) 33 years ago (it was called spastic colon then) and rheumatoid arthritis 6 years ago. I had been really ill with these combined conditions for over ten years, and the lowest points were when I needed help to take care of basic needs.

    In addition to my physical decline, my mental health went down a dark road and I started picking out a new wife for my husband David. It is hard enough to feel imprisoned in my body but I am trapping my husband in there with me. He can't just go out for the weekend with friends like he used to. Everything in our life has to be planned because I need help.

    In the last year I have had two attacks of costochondritis arthritis which affects the cartilage that connects the sternum together. It feels like someone is stabbing you every time you breathe or move, or when something touches your chest. The last attack was in February this year and the pain was overwhelming. All I could do was cry, at home and in the emergency room, and I dislike crying in public.

    Trying different treatments

    David has found many experimental options in hopes they will calm down one of the conditions. He found low-dose naltrexone (LDN) about seven years ago to help my fibro and help me sleep, and I can't live without this now. We showed our doctor the studies demonstrating that LDN worked, and after this he was willing to write the script. We tried sour cherry and ginger juices, probiotic supplemental foods, turmeric bombs, and inflammation diaries.

    For a while it seemed that David was just finding new ways to make me gag!

    Then he found CBD oil with low amounts of THC marijuana and this helps my relapses. The problem is it doesn't take away the pain, it just helps me forget how bad it is.

    So now we are on the Tanawisa TSO helminths.

    We talked to our doctor, who is open to alternative care, but wasn't sure how he felt about the worms. Nevertheless, he supported our choice to try something new, as did my Mom, who is also all for trying new things. My father actually said “No” to helminths, but he had also said “No” to my biologic, Simponi. He doesn't understand the hurdles I will jump to help have a better life.

    Early mild side effects give way to symptom relief

    I started Tanawisa TSO on 17 March this year, taking a dose every two weeks on a slow titration - 500 TSO for each of the first two fortnightly doses, then 1000 TSO every two weeks. We chose slow titration due to reports talking about how badly helminths can interact with fibromyalgia.

    In the first couple of weeks I did have about three days where the fibromyalgia relapsed and was tough. Thankfully it was a short-lived relapse. I also found that the first four doses at the full-strength (2500 TSO), starting on 25 April, wore off a bit before the end of the two week time period, and I was desperate for the next dose. The biggest tell was the return of the IBS and higher pain levels.

    After taking full doses of 2500 TSO every two weeks for four months, it has been more balanced. Even though we are trying a combination of approaches, including diet and other medications, it really seems like TSO is the critical part of the solution, because I can feel my pain and inflammation starting to return during the last few days before I take a new dose.

    Enjoying life-changing improvements

    I had noticed an improvement from the initial two doses during the first four weeks. Even with the reduced dose I could feel changes in energy, bouts of TBS, and reduced pain from both the fibromyalgia and my rheumatoid arthritis. I can't tell you what a difference it has made in my life.

    I didn't want to like the TSO due to the expense, and I am a bit stubborn, but I was amazed at what a difference the TSO has made for me. Not only was I able to walk further than 10 feet but I was able to spend more time on my feet and not in my wheelchair. These worms that I wanted to hate have given me back a part of my life I have been missing for over ten years. It is worth the expense. It has changed my life and I am terribly grateful for it.

    It has also improved my IBS, and I can now spend time away from a restroom.


    By Katie, September 2021.

    Update. Eighteen months after writing this, Katie reported that the TSO had reducing her pain to such an extent that she considered her rheumatoid arthritis to be 40% better than before treatment.