The effects of NA and TTO on ulcerative colitis

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    The individual whose details are shared on this page had had ulcerative colitis for 11 years when he began helminthic therapy. He then had to wait for 22 months after introducing the human helminths, NA and TTO, before his disease responded to the treatment.

    At 24 months, he posted the following message to the Facebook Helminthic Therapy Support group. [1]

    I have been in complete remission for the past two months. That's right friends. Work of art solid loggers every morning! 200 decibel farts with ease instead of trying to eek things out as calmly as I can praying I don't shit myself every time. ZERO dietary restrictions. I am about 80/20 now on the PHD and will probably always stay that way as I know real food is key. . . but I've got healthy little kids so every now and then in social or family settings guess who partakes of things like pizza and ice cream. . . this guy!

    I am almost at 2 years of combination therapy with NA and TTO for a long list of symptoms I won't go into as it can get lengthy. If there is any pearl I can offer anyone out there, the biggest one with worms would be patience. We are all different and figuring out dosage can take a long time. I have always been positive for NA ever since starting but I burn through TTO like crazy. I upped my dose of TTO to 50 every week at the start of the year and this is barely enough to keep me colonized and I do mean barely. Monthly fecal floats have been key for me in determining this. Lots of NA eggs every time and barely any TTO (usually 1-2 eggs in the whole slide & sometimes none which always sucks cuz then you don't know if you have any or if the infection is just so light you are missing them). This info was what helped me and my provider up my TTO. I will probably stay at 50/wk since I seemed to have found the lowest dose that seems to work. . . unless I suddenly find tons of TTO on my floats down the road now that I am in remission. I suspect that many with colonic issues who fail helminthic therapy aren't taking enough worms for a long enough period and would probably have negative fecal floats if they were done.

    I can't give all the credit to the worms though. I do a lot of other stuff still. I am still on Asacol and I still take a few probiotics (VSL#3, Sach B., PA, Megaspore), prebiotics (Bimuno, apple pectin), eat real food ***most of the time - see above***, and take a few other supplements like Uni Liver, Mag Malate, vitamin C, and vitamin D. Things like exercise, sleep, water, avoiding caffeine and doing what you love seem to have helped too.

    To recap. . . patience guys. I was a year and a half into HT at the start of the year and flaring. My GI wouldn't do my colonoscopy because I was so inflamed he thought I would perf. He thought I should be admitted for IV steroids and started on Remicade. I have had this monster for 13 years and have never felt as good as I have in the past two months. The only time I have ever had a solid lasting remission for months on end was years ago when after being on 6MP for a few years I got really neutropenic and my white count dropped to 1. No bloody diarrhea (remission) but weekly labs and constant fear by my doc and myself of ending up septic from one of the many mad bugs I get exposed to at the hospital where I work. Thanks 6MP. . . not! (Yeah I don't take that one anymore). Somehow the combo above is working. I am just so happy right now. This is from the guy who was really depressed in January. I felt like I tried everything. Worms, multiple fecal transplants from multiple donors, LDN, medical marijuana, acupuncture, every kind of probiotic, prebiotic, herbal supplement, and/or fermented food I could get my hands on. Thousands of dollars on hundreds of treatments over the years. I've squirted more things up there than I care to discuss.

    I've found that there are so many beautiful people and things in life I wasn't into before, when constantly struggling to get by rather than really living life. I'm playing music again. I look forward to traveling instead of fearing the lack of bathrooms.

    Still disease-free after 5½ years with helminths

    The first set of images below was posted to the Facebook Helminthic Therapy Support group 16 years after diagnosis and 5½ years after the first introduction of NA and TTO.

    I've been in remission for years so I don't frequent this group very much anymore but thought you'd all enjoy some pics of my normal colonoscopy last month with whipworm in there doing their thing. Wish I had pics of the hooks in my small intestine too but as you guys know the scope doesn't go that far. My GI doc went & got his medical student to come in the room just to see them because here in the USA "you don't see these anymore". LOL! [2]

    Colonoscopy images of a colitis patient after 5½ years with NA and TTO.png

    Still disease-free after 7½ years with helminths

    The following set of colonoscopy images was posted to the Facebook Helminthic Therapy Support group 7½ years from the first introduction of NA and TTO.

    Hello wormaphiles! I don't frequent this group very much anymore as I have been extremely blessed with a life of remission for years now but thought I would share my screening endoscopy results from last week (I've had a UC diagnosis since 2002). New GI doc this time said, "your exam was completely normal." I waited for microscopic biopsy pathology results to come back before posting here, which were also normal -- yay!!!. Best wishes for health to you all. [3]

    Ace Wilkins' colon at 7½ years with NA and TTO.png

    The commentary accompanying these images reads as follows.

    Normal mucosa was noted in the whole colon. No polyps, masses or AVMs seen. Random cold forceps biopsies were taken in the ascending colon, transverse colon and descending colon.

    Normal mucosa was noted in the terminal ileum. Cold forceps biopsies were performed for histology in the terminal ileum.

    Small non-bleeding internal hemorrhoids were noted.

    Final diagnosis:

    A. Colon, Ascending, Transverse, Descending, Biopsy:

    B. Terminal ileum, Biopsy:

    Comment: There is no evidence of active or chronic ileitis or colitis, and there is no intraepithelial lymphositosis, abnormal subepithelial collagen, or granulomas. No ischemia, eosinophilia, dysplasia or malignancy is present.

    The history of ulcerative colitis is noted.

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