From hopelessness to new meaning and purpose: a celiacs 3 year update

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    When I started this journey, I felt really hopeless. I was willing to try almost any natural treatment that would help me (within reason). I somehow stumbled on an old Reddit post about NA for celiac. And from there, YouTube videos. Then an online group. And, within that group, a support system of friends.

    Three years ago, I was very unhealthy. I was considering applying for disability and was struggling working. I was becoming more and more ill, and I didn’t see a way out. My food options were quite limited and even touching irritants would cause a flareup.

    I was struggling in my relationships because I was so sick and they didn’t understand. Many people thought that I was just mentally ill and didn’t believe me. But people in the group did, and were very patient.

    My life was already changing at only 15 weeks. Celiac issues had ceased. Gluten ataxia had ceased. But my life now looks very different again. Much more fulfilling. I’m able to work almost full-time, consistently. I no longer feel hopeless. I have different relationships in my life because I’m able to maintain them.

    I’m beginning to have goals for my future. Because now I feel like I will have one. My life doesn’t circle around illness. I still have flareups. I still have autoimmune disease. I still have allergies. But they’re manageable. And my life doesn’t have to walk on eggshells around them.

    Life has meaning and purpose now. It feels good. And it’s because of a few little worms. That get shipped to my door from a far away country. That then become my best friends.

    (Shared in a private group online, April 2022.)