Helminthic therapy and Ménière's disease

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    Ménière's disease - also known as Ménière's syndrome and idiopathic endolymphatic hydrops [1] - may have an autoimmune component, and allergy can also be involved. [2]

    Several members of the Helminthic Therapy Support group on Facebook have reported that this condition is triggered in their cases by pollen and food allergies.

    I think almost without exception my attacks / hearing loss are triggered by food allergies… [3]
    Mine is definitely triggered by allergens, mainly food. [4]
    I too have Ménière's disease. It is triggered by pollen allergies. [5]

    Given that helminthic therapy can be very helpful in treating allergies, it may be worth trying by anyone with Ménière’s. The details on the following wiki page will help in selecting the best worm species, depending on which type of allergy is experienced.

    For a report by someone who has had success using helminthic therapy to treat Ménière's disease, see the following page section.