Rheumatoid arthritis and ulcerative colitis relieved by TSO

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    My medical history

    I have been taking TSO for seven months now (2,500 ova every 2 weeks), and I wanted to wait for quite a bit of time to pass to talk about how this has helped me.

    Before starting, my issues were rheumatoid arthritis, ulcerative colitis and Hashimoto’s (autoimmune thyroid). I am 44 and have had these issues for years. I was diagnosed with UC last year but the other two issues have been 6-7 years probably, and I’ve been having constant symptoms from both the RA and UC for probably the past several years. Never had a break.

    I normally suffer from joint pain, especially hands and wrists, and constant digestive issues. I take supplements, thyroid hormone replacement and LDN, none of which have changed.

    My TSO experience

    So here’s what I’ve noticed. At first, I would drink the TSO right before bed, wake up with some cramping and achy stomach issues for a day or two and have very dark stool. If I ate anything with sugar I would cramp pretty bad. After two months of taking TSO, I had no stomach issues at all, and I actually feel 100% normal at this point.

    The biggest change would probably be my stomach issues, and the lack of them. As far as my joint pain is concerned, it’s currently gone. It’s warm outside at the moment, and I typically have more pain when it’s cold, but I have absolutely none. My hands feel normal, and I have used none of my pain relief gel in probably two months.

    I don’t believe anything has changed with my thyroid. I can normally feel if I go a little hyper and just stop my thyroid meds for a few days so I can’t really say if it has helped in that area. But, I do feel more alive, more normal, no pain, no running to the toilet, and I can use my hands and hold a cup. It’s actually really amazing. I haven’t had any medication changes, and the relief is new since taking the TSO.

    I haven’t been back to my gastro because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but I am sure he will be shocked at the improvement. I told him I was doing this and he was actually really interested.

    An unexpectedly positive response to surgery

    I had breast lift surgery 12 day’s ago, and I normally have a really hard time with anesthesia - I throw up a lot - and have a hard time catching my breath. I just really don’t do well. I even asked the doc if I could do a local but he said no.

    Anyhow, the day after surgery - which was 3 hours under anesthesia - I could walk up the stairs without trying to catch my breath. Last time I had anesthesia I had to stop and breathe and it went on for probably two weeks like that. So there was a clear difference in how I recovered.

    As far as the pain level goes, it was a zero, right from the moment I left the surgery center. They gave me a bottle of Percocets, but I didn’t touch them. I was extremely itchy from 2-3 day afterwards, and went back to have that checked out. The doc said itchiness is healing and was shocked that I had that so early. He was also shocked that I had no pain, no bruising and clearly quick healing. I had no trouble at all, and if it weren’t for the itching, it would feel like I’d had nothing done at all.

    By Kiki Bloom, July 2020.

    Three year update

    It is still working for me. I don’t use it as frequently now, I only use it if I feel bad or like a flare up might try to happen. So far, none in a long long time. So yes, 100% worth it and will keep doing it as needed.

    Updated, October 2023