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    Hookworms may make tinnitus worse in the early stages of the therapy.

    I seem to have developed tinnitus soon after my third inoculation with NA. I had 3 inoculations - 5/15/10. All was well after the first 2, then all hell broke loose after the third one. It has been 9 weeks now and there is no reprieve. (Link expired)
    I have reached a point where I have no tinnitus (but) during weeks 3 - 8 after a dose my tinnitus is worse. [1]

    One individual who was enjoying a significant improvement in his Crohn’s disease as a result of hosting hookworms, decided to terminate his colony because of persistent tinnitus.

    I developed tinnitus in my ears over the past 5 months, which increased to the point of being unbearable. I remember that it started one month after inoculating myself, so I made the hard decision to terminate my colony, within a week the tinnitus was gone. [2]

    Over time, hookworms may reduce tinnitus.

    I’ve had tinnitus probably 5 days a week in the 2 year hiatus from HW hosting. I'm at day 17 after a new 50 HW dose, and the T is a bit worse than usual, BUT - and i remember this clearly - i first noticed the HW flared my T in 2011, and over time the worms made it disappear completely. [3]
    Yes, a definite modest improvement. [4]

    For more examples of the beneficial effects of helminths on tinnitus, see: Helminthic therapy personal stories: Tinnitus.

    There have been no reports of tinnitus from users of TSO. [5]