Helminthic therapy and homeopathy

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    Compatible treatments

    Helminthic therapy and homeopathy are generally compatible. Neither appears to have any adverse affect on the other except in the case of a few homeopathic remedies, listed below, that have anti-parasitic properties.

    Homeopathic remedies with anti-parasitic properties

    These particular remedies could potentially be harmful to the worm species used in helminthic therapy, although no reports of such effects have been received.

    • Cina (a homeopathically potentised form of Eurasian wormwood - Artemisia cina)
    • Cuprum oxidatum nigrum
    • Indigoz
    • Podophyllum
    • Sabadilla
    • Santoninum
    • Spigelia
    • Stanum
    • Teucrium marum

    Homeopathic remedies used to relieve side effects following the introduction of NA

    The details below have been provided by a self-treater with a lifetime’s experience of nursing in many parts of the world. Homeopathy was commonly used in some of the areas in which this nursing sister had served, so she was very familiar with this treatment modality and turned to it to ease the side effects she experienced in the first 70 days following her first inoculation with NA. For full details of how and when her various symptoms arose, see her very detailed account of her hookworm experience on the following page.

    When she submitted the following list for inclusion in this wiki, she stressed that the remedies listed are those that she selected to help ease her own side effects, and that they may not be appropriate for others, due to everyone being very different in their physical make-up, needs and reactions. This section is therefore not a prescription for anyone else but merely a record of the remedies used by one individual medical professional to treat herself.

    • Intermittent itch at site of inoculation

    Rash and itch at site of inoculation appeared within 12 minutes after the first inoculation. The second time, there was no rash apart from very slight pink spots occasionally with the mildest of itches, with no treatment being necessary.

    Combudoron Lotion. (Weleda). Spray as required.

    This is an Anthroposophic medicine for the relief of insect bites and allergic rashes.

    Constituents: 100 ml contains Ethanolic Extracts of Urtica Urens, Herbu (1=2) 95ml; Arnica Montana Planta tota (1=2) 5ml. Nominal Ethanol content 36% v/v.

    Directions (for adults and children): spray affected area and allow to dry. Repeat if necessary until itching and swelling have eased.

    I found this to be very effective. It worked immediately, although I did not like its smell, and my husband said it was like pig manure!

    • Nausea

    Intermittent waves of nausea from day 4. These varied from mild to strong over the following weeks, sometimes lasting for several hours. I found this to be more of a problem than the frequent diarrhoea. Nausea was barely a problem the second time round.

    Natrum Phos (New Era Biochemic Tissue Salts)

    (As with all homeopathic remedies, New Era Biochemic Remedies are prepared from safe, natural and non-habit forming ingredients. They are based on Dr. Schuessler's Nutritional Biochemic System of Medicine.)

    Active Constituent (in homeopathic potency) sodium phosphate Ph. Eur.6x. Also contains lactose.

    Directions: Dose: adults 4 tablets, children 2 tablets, and infants 1 tablet. Chronic cases 3 doses daily. Acute cases every half hour until relief is obtained, thereafter 3 doses daily.

    Tablets should be dissolved on the tongue and, as with all homeopathic medicines, half an hour should be allowed to elapse before or after eating, drinking or teeth cleaning before taking the remedy.

    This remedy helped with the nausea and also with the build up of the gas that the helminths frequently caused, which resulted in a lot of belching and general flatulence.

    • Gas

    This occurred from day 4, with lots of wind (flatus). Gas with bloated abdomen, from day 5, persisted, with mild to painful cramps, for many days.

    Magnesia Phos 

    Active Constituent: (in homeopathic potency) Magnesium phosphate B.Hom 6x. Also contains lactose.

    Directions and dosage: as for Natrum phos, above. The only difference is for acute episodes, when Magnesia Phos given in hot water is particularly helpful, as heat aids the action of this remedy.

    This was very effective, especially for the bloating and gas, as its biochemical action is anti-spasmodic. I also find it most effective for the "classical migraine" which milk products cause in my case.

    • Diarrhoea

    This started from day 3. This was often urgent, explosive, frequent, offensive and preceded by strong cramps.

    Arsen. Alb. 30c (Nelsons). 2 pilules sucked twice daily helped to ease these symptoms. I only took these for a few days, when the nausea was most marked (no actual vomiting) at the same time as the very frequent, explosive, foetid diarrhoea, and when I was often also desperate for lots of warm water to drink.

    Argent Nit. 30c (Nelsons). 2 pilules sucked twice daily on a few occasions when there was diarrhoea only.

    After the second batch of helminths, I only had diarrhoea on two occasions, although there were loose stools intermittently, at which times drinking rice water worked well.

    The diarrhoeal response to the helminths with my first inoculation was so severe on many occasions that the homeopathic remedies could only reduce the severity rather than stop the diarrhoea. They did, however, help me to cope with the situation better.

    • Cough, sore throat and "head cold"

    A dry cough during the day, that was also troublesome overnight and was not helped by sips of water, occurred on days 8 and 9.

    Felt generally out of sorts, with a mild sore throat and "head cold" from day 56 to day 60.  

    Aconite 30c (Nelsons). 2 pilules chewed once a day for 4 days.

    • Exhaustion

    There were almost 20 days of feeling totally exhausted, "shattered", or just very tired, with little energy to do anything. Often this was because of marked diarrhoea, nights disturbed by gastric and other symptoms. Otherwise I always slept soundly.

    Kali. Phos. (New Era Biochemic tissue Salt)

    Active constituent (in homeopathic potency) Potassium Phosphate Ph. Eur.6x

    Dosage as for other tissue salts, above.

    The homeopathic remedy, “Necator americanus L3 larvae"

    Although it is arguable that therapy using living worms is preferable to treatments employing substances extracted from dead helminths, or synthesised from their excretory/secretory products (see Living helminths are better than helminth-inspired drugs) it has been shown that the use of helminth antigens, extracts and secretions can nevertheless modulate the immune system in animals to treat and prevent disease. [1] [2] [3] [4]

    This prompted one of this wiki’s editors to wonder whether a homoeopathically potentised version of such a substance might also be effective in some way. To put this idea to the test, he had the “Necator americanus L3 larvae” homeopathic remedy produced by Helios, a leading homeopathic pharmacy in the UK, from a sample of distilled water that had held hundreds of living NA L3 larvae for several days.

    The anecdotal evidence

    Only a few people have used this experimental remedy so far, and their experience is summarised below.

    Easing of the side effects following inoculation with living hookworms

    One hookworm self-treater who has been hosting NA for many years began taking this remedy a few days prior to his quarterly inoculation with 30 NA, and has reported a significant reduction in his usually very strong skin response. The itching and rash were reduced in severity, and the length of time that the skin response persisted after inoculation was also reduced.

    This experience may suggest that taking this remedy before hookworms are first introduced might also help to reduce the severity of any initial side effects. In order to test this, a new hookworm self-treater would need to commence taking the remedy for at least a week before their first inoculation with live NA, and continue taking it during the first three months of treatment. If this proposed use of the remedy proves to be successful, the result would be in line with how homeopathic allergodes (antidotes to allergens) are used to prevent allergic or intolerance reactions to substances such as foods. [5] Only, in this case, it is the immune response to living hookworms that is being modulated.

    No adverse effect on living worms

    The remedy appears not to have any adverse effect on any living hookworms being hosted by someone taking the remedy. Their worms continue to deliver benefits and produce eggs at a similar rate during, and after, taking the remedy as they did before.

    A sparing effect on a colony of living hookworms

    The remedy appears to have a sparing effect on an existing colony of hookworms, possibly extending their effective life by as much as 50%. In one case, someone who was mostly taking a single daily dose of the remedy at the 6X potency (occasionally substituted by a 4X dose) and who had previously needed to re-dose with living worms every 7-8 weeks, was able to increase this interval to 12 weeks.

    Enhancement of benefits from living hookworms

    The remedy may enhance the benefits of a colony of live hookworms.

    • A hookworm self-treater who took the remedy (3 doses each day of the 200C potency) for a few weeks in addition to continuing to host live NA, reported that it appeared to help maintain the worm benefits during a bout of flu, when the heightened immune response to the virus might have been expected to overwhelm the efforts of the living colony. (See How infections impact on the benefits of helminthic therapy.)
    • A self-treater who had experienced many benefits while hosting hookworms, but was still getting persistent headaches, wondered what effect, if any, adding the NA homeopathic remedy might have on this situation. So he began taking a dose of the 200C potency 3 times each day and very soon found that this completely resolved the persistent headaches.

    Dosing is very individual

    Dosing appears to be very individual, as is the case with living worms. While the last-mentioned user took 3 doses daily of the 200C potency without experiencing any side effects, someone else reported developing a puffy face and brain fog after taking just one dose at this same potency.

    Obtaining the remedy

    The Necator americanus L3 larvae remedy, which is very reasonably priced in comparison with the cost of living helminths, can be ordered direct from Helios. However, this remedy is a "special", so not in their online catalogue. One needs to telephone and ask for the remedy by name: “Necator americanus L3 larvae", and explain that they do have it in stock and that it is one of their "special" remedies. One purchaser has reported, "The staff were confused, but very kind. The operator asked the pharmacist, then was able to enter the order manually."

    The remedy can be supplied in 6C, 30C or 200C potencies (200C being the most potent), in whichever form is preferred - tablets, pills or granules, or liquid, which is 23% alcohol diluted in distilled water. Anyone who prefers liquid but has a problem with alcohol can add the liquid dose (3 or 4 drops) to a little water and leave this for a few minutes to allow the alcohol to evaporate before the dose is taken.

    Until further dosing guidance becomes available as a result of more people taking this remedy, it might be wise to order small quantities of all three strengths (6C, 30C and 200C) to permit experimentation. Experience with other homeopathic remedies suggests that it may take at least 5-7 days for any effect to be noticed, so a minimum of 21 doses (3 doses per day) of each potency might be a sensible initial order. Adverse effects from this remedy are unlikely, especially at the lower potencies, but if someone were to start with the 200C potency and experience side effects, either the 30C or 6C potencies could be tried instead.

    Reporting personal experience with the remedy

    The editors of this wiki would be grateful for reports, whether positive or negative, from anyone who tries this remedy. These can be submitted directly to us via our Contact page or posted to the Helminthic Therapy Support group on Facebook.