Helminthic therapy and multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS)

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    Helminthic therapy can certainly be helpful in cases of MCS, and the helminth species that has proved to be the most beneficial to people with this disorder is the human hookworm, Necator americanus (NA). The ova of the porcine whipworm, Trichuris suis (TSO), can also help in treating MCS, but generally to a somewhat lesser extent than is usual with NA.

    Whichever species is used, results may take a long time to materialise, [1] and, in the case of TSO, results may prove to be only temporary. [2]

    Since MCS is one of the conditions that require a modified approach to helminth dosing, great care is needed in how it is managed. Whichever species is used, very careful attention must be paid to dosing, especially in the early stages of treatment. See Hookworm dosing and response and/or TSO: recommended dosing regimens.

    Personal stories

    For reports by individuals with MCS who have tried helminthic therapy, see the following page.