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    Viagra alternative?

    One helminthic therapy self-treater has reported a remarkable effect following the use of TSO.

    Right from starting to use TSO (250 ova every 2 weeks) I always got a sexual thing going on - a “viagra feeling”... in a big way.

    It’s a very strong energy that starts inside the vagina, goes all around the base of my spine and lower gut area, and then up the spine. It then shifts and is anchored back in my body, producing a clearer head and leaving me feeling bouncy, happy and energised. It usually happens at night, can be quite charged, and, not surprisingly, is very pleasant. It’s a powerful experience that produces an amazing sense of well-being - a really heart-felt experience.

    I need to take a new dose of TSO every 11-12 days and this experience surges strongly after re-dosing, then again to some extent in the middle of the dosing cycle and then, finally, the strongest surge of all comes at the end, when I need to top up again.

    If I took too much TSO while I was experimenting with the dosage, this would overcharge the energy and it could become a bit too much to cope with. No one wants a viagra feeling they can’t switch off! But then, perhaps one shouldn’t complain about having too much of a good thing, especially when you’re 60 years old and are having feelings like a teenager again. (Comment received via private message, January, 2021.)


    Increased libido

    A number of people have reported an increase in libido after commencing helminthic therapy.

    I have unrelenting morning erections (embarrassing, yes, but an improvement more men should know about). (Reported at 12 weeks post inoculation with 5 NA) [1]
    Hookworm and Prescript Assist are both libido enhancers for me. [2]
    One other unexpected side effect (regards) libido and sexual function. I didn’t really think there was anything wrong with me before. I just thought when you get old you slow down in that arena. I believe helminths have had a major effect on me in a positive way. If more men knew about this, we’d probably have a worldwide shortage of NA. [3]

    Also see: Rhinitis can ruin your sex life, but a few worms might restore it.

    Decreased libido

    There have been a few reports of reduced libido limited to the early side effect phase of the therapy.

    I feel that I have lost some libido since start of treatment, but I also just turned 40 so you never know. Definitely think HW has impacted my hormones so possibly related. [4]

    This possibility is more likely to arise after inoculation with larger-than-recommended doses of hookworms, especially with large initial doses.

    I took 25 hookworms about 15 weeks ago. It has reduced my IBS symptoms, but I definitely have a lowered libido. [5] I had the same thing happen when I took HDC. [6]
    I inoculated myself with 25 NA... Since then i've lost my libido completely. The correlation is there, but I can't say if it is the worms or not. [7]

    A decrease in libido during the initial stages of helminthic therapy may be related to the fatigue which can be experienced at this time and is fortunately temporary.

    Week 3 to Month 2 - The positive effects wore off and my MS symptoms started to return - like a slow burn. A general malaise took over. During this time I experienced fatigue, mild stomach pain, mild gas and lower libido which might be attributed to the fatigue. [8]
    My Libido remained unchanged after HDC and I am in week 8 with 3-4 NA. I did not notice differences in that regard. Though I have to say that I have had bouts of fatigue from both species so that I have felt pretty exhausted for many days in between and because of that exhaustion I felt having low libido. Also because of my health situation my libido is somewhat lower than it used to be when I was very healthy. But I still have it and definitively did not lose it completely. [9]


    Impotence has been claimed to be a possible side effect of moderate-to-heavy NA infections [10] and there have been a few reports of temporary impotence from hookworm self-treaters who have inoculated with doses that were larger than recommended.

    Shortly after beginning HW therapy, I started noticing impotence problems that I never had before.” (Via a private message from someone who had inoculated with a first dose of 35 NA larvae.)

    Impotence has not been reported by helminth self-treaters who have followed the hookworm dosing guidelines presented on the Hookworm dosing and response page, and one hookworm host has reported, privately, that, following his third inoculation with NA, his wife noticed a "huge increase" in the volume of his ejaculations.